Brag Sheet Example

This exercise will give students an opportunity to develop an Enlisted Fitness or Evaluation Report Input (Brag Sheet)


BUPERINST 1610.10 (series), Navy Performance Evaluation and Counseling System, 1995, Annex S.


Develop this brag sheet of your performance over the past three months.

Administrative Data:

Full Name: Caic Ramalho de Lima

Rate: HA

Social Security Number: XXX-XX-1799


Date Reported to Present Command: 28DEC2020

Ending Date of Last Regular Report:

Date of Rate: 18DEC2020

Duties assigned and number of months assigned during this report period. Listed by duty title:

Hospital Corpsman MICC/DNS

Primary Duties:

Hospital Corpsman responsible for screening first and second dose patients for COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer and Moderna), draw vaccines, immunization, distribution of vaccines, proper disposal of patient private information, educate patients for adverse reactions and common side effects, assessing patients with suspected adverse reactions, recording vitals, escorting patients to DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic, daily restock of medical supplies, documenting procedures and oversee the accuracy and proper storage of documentations.

Collateral Duties:

Watch Standing Duties:




Significant Periods Not Available for Duty, if any: N/A

Job Information

Principal Activities and Responsibilities

Include Equipment Operated or Qualified to Operate and "Customers" served, if applicable.

Managed supplies for COVID-19 Vaccination such as, needles, vaccination cards, masks, hand sanitizers, chux pads, normal saline (for vaccine reconstitution), alcohol pads, gloves, Cavi whips and sharps containers for approximately 35,000 patients between 02FEB2021 and 11MAY2021.

Conducted daily supply reports for LPO and OIC.

Individual Accomplishments, Including Experience Gained and Contributions to Team Achievements.

Provided assistance in assessing Out-patients with suspected adverse reaction to COVID-19 Vaccine obtaining vital signs and patient information in accordance with provider's orders. Assisted with 7 patients between 02FEB2021 and 11MAY2021.

Managed documentation station in the absence of team lead to ensure proper documentation, handling and storage of sensitive information for approximately 4,200 documents between 02FEB2021 and 11MAY2021.

Responsibilities for Classified Material.

Provided assistance in documenting vaccination forms, screening and immunizing approximately 35,000 patients between 02FEB2021 and 11MAY2021.

Supervision and Leadership

Personnel Directly Supervised

Personnel Supervised Through Subordinates

Equipment and Material for Which Responsible

Size of Budget Managed

Leadership Activities and Accomplishments

Performance as Instructor (Classroom or On-the-Job)

Counseling Given (Formal or Informal)

Retention Efforts and Results

Special Achievements

Qualifications Achieved During Period or During Prior Period if Not Mention in Previous Report.

Educational Courses Completed and Diplomas or Certificates Awarded.

Primary Professional Military Education (Enlisted)- Block 1- 23APR2021

Hospital Corpsman Personnel Qualification Standards- 07APR2021

Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine- 29APR2021

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting- 29APR2021

You Call the Shots: Vaccine Administration- 29APR2021

You Call the Shots: Storage and Handling- 29APR2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Training General Overview of Immunization Best practices for Health Care Providers- 29APR2021

Adverse Events Following Immunization- 29APR2021

Hospital Corpsman (HM) - NAVEDTRA 14295B- 22MAR2021

Personal Awards and Letters of Commendation or Appreciation Received.

Off-Duty Activities

Education Courses Attended

Civic Activities

Voluntary Public Relations on Behalf of the Navy

Reservist's Civilian Employment (Note Promotions or Special Accomplishments during Period.)

Future Duties/Schools Desired

Planning to submit a C-School package for Reconnaissance Independent Duty corpsman.

Other Items for Consideration

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