Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO)

His exceptional dedication and leadership while serving as Enlisted Watchbill Coordinator and Casualty Assistance Calls Officer at Aegis Training and Readiness Center improved morale exponentially. His executive influence on Command Climate, meticulous management, and phenomenal management of the most difficult trials faced by sailors and families made him a cardinal asset to the successful accomplishment of the ATRC mission.

His leadership led to the successful accomplishment of all missions, to include sending Marines overseas, providing community outreach, and conducting funerals. He supervised the mobilization and recovery of a detachment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and numerous overseas exercises. In addition, he was on the notification team for three Casualty Assistance Calls and supervised the proper conduct of over 500 funeral honors details.

As an official representative of the Secretary of the Navy as a Casualty Assistance Calls Officer, he provided resources and support while executing a vital role in paying final tribute for two fallen Sailors and their families.

Chief Walker efficiently managed the Casualty Assistance Calls Program for the entire Mariana islands region encompassing 81 assigned UICs.

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