Chief Petty Officer Eval Bullets

- COMMITTED DECKPLATE LEADER. Led and mentored 3 CPOs and 19 Sailors in the training management for 1,400 Sailors. Inspired cooperation and focus on mission accomplishment by leveraging the talent of all Sailors and civilian personnel in the execution of Corrun and Indoc, Barracks Inspections, training, schools, and PQS Audits. Active member of the CRT, he incorporated and inspired change during the Command Climate Assessment process and focus groups, promoted equality, diversity, and cultural competency.
- CPO MESS CONTRIBUTOR. Served as FY-20 Chief Selectee Leadership Course, Training, PQS and Fund Raising Committee Chairs for 16 selectees and 163 Mess members.
- COMMAND WIDE LEADERSHIP IMPACT. Proactive in the development of our leaders, organized Petty Officer Leadership Indoctrination for 85 Sailors, and Fleet Forces CPO Leadership course for 124 CPOs and 311 First Class Petty Officers.

Maintenance Control Chief in VAQ-137. Demonstrated a can-do attitude and an unsurpassed ability to achieve miraculous results with limited resources. He was a key factor in the successful completion of 125 combat sorties in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.

Despite an increased workload, an undermanned division, and a hectic ship's schedule, Chief Pyle met the challenge as demonstrated by his impressive SMC grade. He is an outstanding example for his subordinates and deserves official recognition for his high level of performance.

Chief Sweeny demonstrated exceptional leadership and managerial skills by supervising and mentoring 33 military and civilian instructors across three courses of instruction. His superior performance and unsurpassed results increased the quality and fleet readiness of more than 2000 active and reserve enlisted and officer students.

Chief Lightfoot's exceptional leadership was directly responsible for OHSU Bremerton, Det O being awarded the BUMED Health promotion Bronze Star Award. He led Sailors in Physical exercise for one hour each drill weekend, demonstrating exercise techniques and preparing briefings and demonstrations for over 400 Sailors during quarters.

Served as the leading Chief Petty Officer of Deck Division. BMC Fearless demonstrated exemplary leadership and performance. His division continually performed above all other divisions as a result of BMC's devotion and unparalleled commitment to excellence. Over 200 extremely dangerous deck operations have been conducted flawlessly under his supervision.

Chief Nelson demonstrated rare management skills and dedication to his Sailors while acting as Leading Culinary Specialist, a supervisory position normally assigned to a Senior Chief Petty Officer. He enthusiastically and effectively managed a successful division despite manning being reduced from 22 to 13 Sailors due to increased deployments and rotations.

Leading Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Expeditionary Logistics Forward Armory in support of Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom. His foresight and insightful leadership was responsible for the security and inventory of over 10,000 small arms during an arduous deployment. He implemented the Navy's Material, Maintenance, and Management (3M) system for all NAVELSG Forward weapons which had an overwhelming impact to the command readiness.

As Leading Chief Petty Officer, she demonstrated superb leadership and mentorship within her Department. She supported the Electronic Warfare community by taking her leadership role outside of her own division to ensure mission readiness was never compromised. Her hands on leadership style resulted in zero incidents during an extremely "High Risk" evolution.

As a Senior Engineer and LCPO, she provided sound technical advice and words of wisdom to encourage our Navy's future leaders.

Chief Petty Officer Nolan's motivated leadership and diligent management of assets made the constructon of two PTDS sites in Zabul Afghanistan possible. This mission was critical to allowing ISAF Forces the freedom of movement and situational awareness required to effectively project combat power across the Zabul battlespace.

Displayed exceptional leadership and management acumen while serving as the rear party Communications Chief. He demonstrated exceptional public affairs expertise and unparalleled resourcefulness while managing intense and highly visible projects such as the region's Toys-for-Tots program and the Eastern Pennsylvania Toy Run. His professional insight and ability to communicate effectively across widely varying communities helped keep the area's IRR Marines engaged and motivated.

Chief Horner's technical acumen and vigilant oversight during LPD 22's main engine and main reduction gear installation, alignment, and testing ensured every major milestone throughout construction was successfully accomplished. His leadership ability and unwavering standards of quality production contributed directly to improvements observed in care and protection and in the overall first time quality among the LPD 17 Class.

Exemplified the Navy's ideals of a diverse leader by serving as a Department Head and Leading Chief Petty Officer for several Departments. Served as Training Chief Petty officer and maintained the unit's readiness at a superior level allowing them to meet all assigned tasks. Served as Maintenance and Repair Department Leading Chief Petty Officer and Vehicle Maintenance Department Head. During this period he successfully completed the unit's Final Evaluation inspection allowing it to mobilize in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Chief Keeton's exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication to the unit positively impacted the command's exceptional readiness status and support to NSA Bahrain. His attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills helped the command maintain the highest overall mission readiness and mobilization ready status.

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