Educational Services Officer (ESO) Evals

As Command ESO, she ordered and proctored 142 advancement exams with zero discrepancies.

As ESO, her mentoring led to 48 college hours completed and 75% advancement rate.

As the ESO, he executed 4 Navy-wide advancement exams for 300 candidates, resulting in advancements being 5.56% higher than the Navy's average. Under the direction of his supervisor, he provided training and weekly reports to the command to ensure all exam eligible personnel completed their EAW ahead of the deadline.

As ESO, she was instrumental to the seamless implementation of the NSIPS Enlisted Advancement Worksheet. She led XX Sailors and XX Command ESOs in the processing of XX advancement worksheets in preparation for the XX 2019 NWAE.

Command Career Counselor and Educational Services Officer for U.S. Navy CENTCOM Forward Headquarters, Afghanistan.
FORCE MULTIPLIER. Established a country-wide, 23-member retention team, which increased and expanded career support for Sailors. He completed over 770 Career Development Boards, 600 Perform to Serve applications, 21 rate conversion packages, 236 reenlistments or service extensions, and tax-free bonus packages totaling over $400,000.
MOTIVATING PRESENCE. As Educational Services Officer, provided educational services for a rotating population of over 1,500 Individual Augmentee Sailors and traveled over 7,000 miles across Afghanistan and endured 13 indirect fire attacks to support Sailors. Processed 1,657 advancement examinations to ensure all personnel were given the opportunity to meet career milestones and advance their careers while forward-deployed.

As Educational Services Officer, his administrative skills were essential in managing over 300 advancement exams for a crew of 180 Sailors.

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