Education Eval Inputs

A champion of education, Petty Officer Fox encouraged her staff to enroll in off-duty education classes or complete at least one NKO or correspondence course a month.

CTT1 dedicated his personal liberty time to CLERC while attending Global Command and Control System-Maritime C-School which directly facilitated the deployable status of XXXXXXXX. CTT1's management of the White 3 Training Program ensured the completion of 55 NKOs required for deployment.

By exploiting his unique experience and abilities, EN1 Klondike exhausted over 100 hours of off-duty time to forge a solid, commendable In-Rate Training Program (IRTP) to lower and eliminate the failure rate within CART III, with the potential to influence CART I and CART III.

Mentored 11 personnel with their advancement exams by giving them pointers and advice on how to improve their study habits.

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