Personal Job Accomplishment/Initiative

Responsibility, Quantity of Work

-Tracked and developed divisional qualifications seizing every opportunity to train. Her vision and leadership resulted in the successful completion of XXXX.

- Unselfish Teamwork. His unrelenting dedication to getting the job done resulted in a grade of outstanding on the Airfield Arresting Gear Recertification Inspection.

- Productive team member--enabled continuous 100% mission support even while 30% of the work center was deployed

- Exhibited extensive job knowledge during exercise VALIANT SHIELD 06; single-handedly solved numerous mission conflicts

- Provided combat planners with extensive and accurate database array. Produced over 200 intelligence products daily--most ever!

- Processed thousands of NAVMACS messages at ship Communications Center under all conditions with an accuracy rate of over 99%

- Built 100% accurate workstations and server databases for local system training exercises, LIGHTSABRE 05 and COMBINED WARRIOR 07--directly responsible for zero failures!

- Enabled network monitoring within AOR--increased workcenter diagnostic skill--reduced repair time by 75%

- Assisted in installation of fiber optic cable-based network for Operation Deployed Data. Provided SEAL contingent with complete and rapid access to air tasking order data, increased force readiness posture.

- Performed System Admin duties on Theater Battle Management Core Systems (TBMCS) suite in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Ensured 12 TBMCS servers, 70 client workstations, and 10 remote workstations continuously operational providing Air Tasking Order/Air Control Order dissemination to all units.

- Overcame all challenges while deployed in support of Operation DESERT STORM. Assisted in the short-notice relocation of Air Operations Center to Eskan Village, Saudi Arabia. Efficient cutover limited data interruption to less than one hour!

- Assisted Air Force personnel with developing calibration capability for their own AN/ALC-99 Frequency Counter, transferred calibration responsibility for 11 units to the Air Force, saved 200 Navy man hours annually

- Calm and affable nature are valuable assets in daily activities.

- Responded to emergency DFM fuel spill, supervised crew in stopping and containing contaminant, quick response limited effects on environment.

- Utilized process improvement techniques; reduced military performance reporting delays by 55%

- Contributes full measure to any task, willingly accepts added responsibility.

- Led aggressive electrical evaluation of carrier-wide HVAC systems; programmed conversion to local 220 VAC/50 hertz

- Oversaw long overdue and complicated preventive measurement inspections (PMIs) on Lago Di Patria satellite equipment. Supervised and trained five technicians on measurements, adjustments, lubrication, and alignments. Completed tests within allotted downtime; ensured 100% reliable communications

- Fully capable of meeting new situations head-on and applying himself in a highly resourceful manner

- Accomplished 270 of 325 qualification tasks; 77% completed on three airframes--25% ahead of peers

- Developed a cross-training program and self-directed work atmosphere that improved employee productivity by 95%

- Revived the unit's Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) program. Aggressive follow-up and adherence to standards reduced errors and increased readiness for unexpected events;best program on base

- Spearheaded campaign to increase training plan efficiency--took charge for covering training inputs and training documentation

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