Junior Enlisted Association (JEA) Evals

- COMMAND IMPACT. As JEA mentor, led X Sailors in X command food, coin, and patch sales events that yielded $X and contributed to command cohesiveness.

- COMMAND IMPACT. As JEA Event Coordinator, worked X breakfast events, earning $X in sales. Additionally, she coordinated the red carpet photo booth for the command's Christmas party, boosting command morale.

- PEER LEADER. As Vice President of the Junior Enlisted Association, she organized and led 16 Sailors collecting 190 pounds of trash on Norfolk Naval Station.

- LEADER AMONGST PEERS. As Junior Enlisted Association President, she led X junior Sailors in chaperoning X school functions and established a reading program for X children. Coordinated and led X fundraisers, raising over $X for the Children's Holiday Party.

- INSPIRATIONAL LEADER. As Junior Enlisted Association President, led X Sailors during X fundraising events which raised more than $X directly leading to increased command morale through X volunteer events, X bowling tournaments, a command picnic, and Holiday Party.

- COMMAND PILLAR. As Junior Enlisted Association Secretary, provided detailed information regarding fundraising, training, and community service events in addition to meeting minutes and information to her peers.

- COMMAND INVOLVED. Selected by her peers as Junior Enlisted Association Vice President. Instrumental in the coordination of a very successful Children's Holiday Party.

- MESS INVOLVED. As Junior Enlisted Association Master at Arms, revised the by-laws, enhancing camaraderie and esprit-de-corps across a highly diverse group of junior Sailors.

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