Mail and Postal Eval Statements

- COMMAND STALWART. As AOMM, oversight directly contributed to the Admin department s passing score of EXCELLENT during the FY-XX mail inspection.

- PREMIUM MANAGER. As Mail Orderly Program coordinator, oversaw the distribution of X pieces of official and accountable mail.

- MISSION FOCUSED. As Mail Orderly, she processed and accounted for X pieces of mail for the command.

- VERSATILE AND MOTIVATED. As Assistant Mail Manager, was responsible for Admin scoring an "OUTSTANDING" during the annual mail inspection conducted by the Regional Post Office.

As AOMM, trained and supervised X Mail Orderlies in the execution of daily operations. Under his leadership, he ensured 100% accountability for the disposition of X certified personal packages as well as dedicated X hours to author the standing SOP.

As AOMM, he organized, delivered and processed over X pieces of mail for a command of Xpersonnel. Attention to detail resulted in spotting misdirected mail and shipping and packaging errors, saving the Navy over $X in wrongfully processed mail.

Distributed ### pieces of official and personal mail, significantly contributing to command morale and mission readiness.

As Mail Orderly, processed over X pounds of incoming and outgoing mail, ensuring mission readiness and improving command morale.

Expedited the transfer and receipt of over X registered and official mail with zero discrepancies.

As the command mail clerk, he was responsible for over X pieces of official incoming/outgoing mail and all registered and certified mail all essential to the command and mission readiness.

As Mail Orderly, oversaw the flawless distribution of X pieces of official and registered mail.

Distributed X official and registered mail parcels vital to various departments across the command.

As mail manager, oversight directly contributed to Admin's passing score during the FY-XX mail inspection.

As a command mail orderly, he helped raise the command's morale by receiving and delivering numerous pieces of mail every day.

As AOMM, trained X mail orderlies and processed a staggering X pounds of USPS, FEDEX, UPS, and DHL accountable packages and letter mail.

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