Navy EVAL Bullet Examples

OUTSTANDING MANAGER- Reviewed and tracked over 400 Safety of Ship Work Authorization Forms. Resulting in all evolutions affecting safety of ship work, ships conditions, and High Risk Evolutions were 100% compliant. Resulting in meeting SECDEF 75% mishap reduction goal, saving 75,000 in budget costs while manifesting strong safety leadership. Coordinated and maintained the ship safety Officer Status Sheet(SSOSS)for administrative control of ships condition, ship safety and system status.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT- Devoted 85 off duty hours to the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) assisting with various activities to promote and encourage positive rehabilitation habits and growth. She assisted in raising over 15,000 dollars in perishable food items for families in the Hampton Roads Community.


- Exceptional leader. Served as team lead for the Naval Aviation Enterprise Human Capital Event, resulting in a 114 percent increase in throughput and a 21 percent increase in man-hours available for maintenance.
- Outstanding program administrator. Trained and managed 102 Individual Component Repair List (ICRL) Petty Officers performing 3,577 ICRL changes, resulting in two consecutive zero discrepancy Quality Assurance program audits.
- Selected as First Runner-Up for the Master Gunnery Sergeant John Evancho Innovator of the Year Award, recognizing his superb efforts which positively impacted aviation logistics readiness of operating forces.
- Involved in community. Led 25 Sailors raising $314,500 during the Children Hospital of the King's Daughters Radio-thon.
Extremely reliable and hard-charging Sailor. He has my strongest recommendation for advancement to Petty Officer First Class.

- Unsurpassed dedication. As the command's only high-power turn operator for six consecutive months, he was the driving force behind the Maintenance Department's overall production effort making possible the completion of XXX combat missions, X,XXX flight hours and a XX percent sortie completion rate during operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

- Outstanding initiative. Spearheaded the research, design and initiation of two tool deviations to Commander, Strike Fighter Wing Pacific. His/Her dedication and efforts provided the foundation for all hornet squadrons with improved tool containers, vastly increasing the troubleshooter s ability to conduct expeditious aircraft repairs.

-Take charge leader. Consistently sought out by his superiors for the most demanding tasks due to his supervisory skills, personal involvement, and attention to detail.

- Expert manager. Effectively balanced the shop's workload and priorities resulting in the timely completion of over XXX maintenance actions with exacting standards of quality.

- Tremendous initiative and leadership. Superbly coordinated beach detachment personnel efforts to ensure all squadron spaces were rehabilitated and ready for the command's arrival from a combat extended deployment.

-ENGAGED. His leadership is key in all matters pertaining to the welfare, health, job satisfaction, morale, utilization and training of 147 Sailors, promoting traditional standards and accountability. Completed 140 CDB's which resulted in 94% retention, 97% PFA passing, 22% college enrollment, 30% advanced, one PO1 and PO3 CAP, one Blue Jacket and SOQ.

**Front-runner amongst Second Class' who is performing at the level of a seasoned YN1!**
- Professional Knowledge. Flawlessly prepared and processed 670 travel orders and
claims, aranged 300 lodging and 30 rental car reservations. Her untiring efforts
contributed to the overall success of three detachments. Managed a TAD budget of
275K, ensuring 100 percent accountability for every dollar.
- Exceptional Leader and talented administrator. As Assistant LPO, she cross-
trained all Sailors in her department, enabling the timely completion of 120 awards,
150 FITREPS/EVALS, and 300 pieces of mission critical correspondence.
- Consummate team player. YN2 continues to support MWR by initiating and assisting
in two and participated in three 2011 WESTPAC COMREL'S.
YN2______ is the backbone of my Admin shop! She is a rare and unique Sailor
whose superior knowledge, managerial skills, leadership traits and work ethic set
her apart. She has my strongest recommendation for retention and immediate
advancement to First Class Petty Officer.

Reliable and hard working. Shows versatility in task accomplishment.
- Technical expert. Displayed outstanding troubleshooting skills in completion of 92 maintenance actions, maintaining a 90.5% repair rate while deployed.
- Highly respected mentor. Trained nine Sailors in ATFLIR maintenance procedures, improving work center proficiency by 27 percent. Additionally, he provided in-rate training for two Sailors resulting in their advancement.
- Keen attention to detail. Maintained Hazardous Material program, resulting in zero discrepancies on the semi-annual Quality Assurance audit. Recommended for advancement.

Keen technical and administrative skills.
- Subordinate developer. Trained four technicians in the troubleshooting and repair of 65 various F/A-18 electrical system components, resulting in a 15 percent decrease in turn-around-time.
- Performed maintenance on 139 F/A-18 and Support Equipment Batteries, resulting in a rapid turn-around time and maximum continued support to the flight line.
- Meticulous manager. Reorganized the work center HAZMAT program and conducted training for 43 Sailors, leading to a zero discrepancy semi-annual Quality Assurance audit.
Recommended for advancement.

A model Sailor who sets the standard for others to follow.
- Outstanding supervisor. Directed four technicians performing testing and troubleshooting of 196 F/A-18 Generator Converter Units (GCU), resulting in a 29 percent reduction in backlog while maintaining a 93 percent repair rate.
- Skilled instructor. Dedicated 25 hours training 12 Sailors on F/A-18 GCU and Aircraft Engine Component Test Stand repair, increasing work center proficiency by 86 percent.
- Attention to detail. Flawlessly managed the work center's Tool Control Program, resulting in zero discrepancies during the semi-annual Quality Assurance audit.
- Unmatched motivation. Qualified as Collateral Duty Inspector for the entire 620 Branch, establishing himself as a versatile resource for five work centers.
Highly recommended for advancement.


#3 of 30 First Class Petty Officers! My most innovative and productive Petty Officer, she is already executing duties previously held by Chief Petty Officers or staff.

CTT1 Johnson is an enthusiastic and highly motivated Sailor. Always willing to tackle the most demanding tasks completing them will in advance with utmost attention to detail.

Outstanding Second Class Petty Officer with a high degree of professionalism and reliability including an impeccable work ethic and unmatched mechanical expertise.

- Petty Officer Wagner was directly responsible for accomplishing over 322 material discrepancies and the rehabilitation of 12 Arresting Gear spaces in preparation for INSURV. His hard work and dedication were the key elements for a successful inspection and receiving and overall score of 84% on this year's board of inspection and survey (INSURV).

- Volunteered off duty time for 40 hours of combined community service

- Thoroughly reviewed ship capacity and services to ensure incoming personnel requirements will be met or exceeded. Her in-depth analysis identified overlooked provisioning and improved deployment readiness.

NON-STOP SELF-IMPROVEMENT. Completed the USAF NCO Academy in residence Course. Completed 3 credit hours (Sociology) toward AA.

- Highly Dedicated to the Navy. Selflessly volunteered for a nine month IA, certified early as CTF72 Task Force Watch Supervisor and despite demanding schedule, has began his graduate studies.

- A brilliant manager who is committed to total quality. Through his guidance and technical expertise he was directly responsible for the line division receiving grades of outstanding on work center quarterly audits.

STANDOUT MENTOR. His "Stay Navy" attitude was directly responsible for attaining and maintaining 100% retention for entire FY.

-Driving force behind the Squadron's outstanding hazardous material/waste program. Solely responsible for the acquisition/disposal of materials and overall coordination of this Squadron's flawless program.

-Skillful administrator and manager committed to total quality. Responsible for changes in quality assurance audit program that streamlined the audit process and enhanced mission effectiveness.

- An expert technician, traced an arc fault on a submarine electrical distribution switchboard to a broken ground wire. Restored power, saved over $30K on unnecessary repairs, prevented potential loss of life!

- As Command Equal Opportunity Officer, his example and leadership cultivated an atmosphere of understanding, harmony, and esprit de corps thoughout the command.

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