Navy EVAL Bullet Examples

SAILORIZATION. As the Command Fitness Leader, she expertly led command PT and 2 PFA cycles, resulting in a 99% pass rate. Her leadership skills directly contributed to the success of the Fitness Enhancement Program, with a 100% success rate.

OUTSTANDING COMMAND AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT. Led the 2015 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as the Unit Project Officer and managed 5 departmental representatives. She is an active volunteer reader for students in a local reading program which promotes literacy.

WELL ROUNDED SAILOR. Executed 2 consecutive PFA cycles for over 224 sailors with zero incidents and 99% pass rate. Donated more than $150 in school supplies to a non-profit organization that sponsors education for homeless children.

DECKPLATE LEADER. Although, the most junior first class in the unit, she seamlessly assumed assistant LPO responsibilities leading more than 75 sailors. Her direct support in administrative duties and supervision of 4 duty sections increased work efficiency by 50 percent.


MENTORSHIP: Inspires junior Sailors' progress and goals, conducted 10 formal advancement study sessions that helped 2 Sailors advance to Petty Officer Third Class.

Outstanding Sailor and Ordnanceman. Potential for positions of higher authority remains unlimited. A true and seasoned leader!

- DECKPLATE LEADER. Processed and tracked nearly 2,600 correspondence packages for the installation. Her efforts ensured the timely submission of Site Approval Request packages, Geographical Berthing requests and personnel awards recommendations. Result: the installation conducted numerous base-wide beautification projects while significantly improving the quality of life. Coordinated the initial review and submission of 40 Personnel Security Investigation (PSI) packages, ensuring all Sailors requiring a clearance sustained uninterrupted continuity with zero revocation.

-SUPERIOR TRAINER. Trained two SUWC's, three CICWS's, three Shipping Officers, and one Piloting Officer. As CSTT, he qualified two WCIP operators on NSFS Target Plotter. As Operations Department Training Petty Officer, he developed a training plan for four divisions to enhance in-rate knowledge and command-wide GMT which raised Department advancement rates to 94% with seven advancements, and 100% GMT NKO completed courses. The only thing that Petty Officer Sailor lacks is the Chevrons that accompany the level of responsibility that he has achieved. PROMOTE HIM NOW!!!!



HIGHLY MOTIVATED AND HARDWORKING. XXXXX skillfully managed over XXXXX transactions and supervised XXX personnel.

#1 of 10 PO2s, she challenges herself with new tasks and responsibilities, always completing them earlier than expected and above expectations.

Recommended for advancement.
An outstanding leader who consistently performs at the level of a First Class Petty Officer.
- Expert manager. Directed 40 Sailors and five artisans in repair of 1,981 F/A-18 APG-65/73 RADAR components, reducing the work center backlog by 23 percent while maintaining a 96 percent repair rate.
- Team builder. Led six technicians in the repair of 61 RADAR components while deployed, contributing to Carrier Air Wing EIGHT's 98.7 percent sortie completion rate.
- Community oriented. Dedicated 121 off-duty hours to Girl Scouts of America, Tallwood Elementary PTA, and West Kempsville Youth Athletics, projecting a positive Navy image within the community.
Strongly recommended for advancement or commissioning program.

Aggressive leader possessing strong technical knowledge.
- Exceptional supervisor. Directed the efforts of 12 technicians in performing 593 maintenance actions while deployed. Efforts resulted in a 96.4 percent repair rate and a 17 percent reduction in Time to Reliably Replenish.
- Skilled troubleshooter. Repaired and verified 24 Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) Operational Test Program Sets, saving $380K in repair cost and increasing Support Equipment availability by 21 percent.
- Superb mentor. Trained 16 Sailors in the repair of the APG-65/73 RADAR systems, resulting in 12 proficient troubleshooters and four qualified Collateral Duty Inspectors.
Eagerly accepts new responsibilities. Recommended for advancement.

Competent technician with unlimited potential.
- Attention to detail. Trained three technicians in the management of the Dispersed Technical Publication Library while deployed onboard USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65), contributing to a grade of "On track" during the most recent Aviation Maintenance Inspection (AMI).
- Team player. Contributed to the processing of 126 maintenance actions, resulting in a 97 percent repair rate.
Block 20: Member failed cardio portion of Fall 2010 Physical Readiness Test.
Recommended for advancement.

Recognized technical expert who thrives on challenge and excels in all endeavors.
- Talented technician. Repaired 51 electronic components, contributing to a 93 percent repair rate and a 10 percent reduction in work center backlog.
- Outstanding instructor. Trained five supervisors on effective production methods and maintenance processes, resulting in a 10 percent increase in production throughput.
- Highly organized. Assisted in maintaining the work center's consumable inventory valued at $312K, reducing turn-around time and increasing maintenance efficiency.
Ready for increased responsibility and advancement.

An active member of the Coalition of Sailors against Destructive Decisions (CSADD) and the Heritage Committee, his earnest interest and intervention encouraged smart decisions by military members

- Organized, stored, and maintained over 10 months worth of CIM/Mission reports from 4 different MCATs.

#1 of 20 First Class Petty Officers, this enthusiastic Sailor enjoys challenging herself with new tasks and responsibilities and always overcomes obstacles to get great results!

In his short time onboard, Petty Officer Smith has displayed the utmost professionalism and commitment to mission accomplishment. He demonstrates extreme devotion to duty by seeking and obtaining the skills needed to excel as a Naval leader.

-Superb administrator. Directly responsible for his workcenter receiving an adjective grade of outstanding on two consecutive Quality Assurance Audits.

-Excellent communication skills. Subordinates his pride and reputation for sake of mission goals, insists on further discussion to ensure success

- Sound judgement ensured successful conversion of medical personnel records to the Defense Medical Human Resources System and IAA program; 90% complete, improved data accuracy and reporting, reduced delays in personnel assignment during last five contingency operations by 50%

-TECHNICAL EXPERT. Personally overhauled and reconstructed the ship's UPQ-5 system, restoring it to full operational status for the first time since its installation, providing the Airwing the ability for local bomb damage assessment from aircraft strikes.

Ranked #1 of 5 outstanding Petty Officers! Perfect combination of technical excellence and deckplate leadership. Promote to E-8 NOW!

-Standout performer. Chosen over peers to perform duties as flight line coordinator, a billet normally assigned to a Chief Petty Officer, which he performed flawlessly.

-Directed unit and active duty Navy personnel as team leader during UNITAS deployment greatly improving contingency knowledge and readiness; surpassed all expectations; hands-on leadership was the catalyst for the entire effort

- As Command Managed Equal Opportunity Officer, his effective training and unwavering principles were directly responsible for command climate improvement as measured by an annual assessment.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT. Organized several projects for Waipahu elementary schools raising over $6K for needed improvements

- Quickly replaced a defective diesel-electric engine feed manifold valve while underway. Installed new component in 5 hours, 2 hours ahead of schedule!

- Outstanding role model, his embodiment of Navy Core Values guarantees success. Promoted naval tradition and pride as Master of Ceremonies for two moving retirement ceremonies.

-Enforced military standards and chain of command for Navy and sister services--increased members' pride in service

-Versatile Team-player. Makes his technical expertise a squadron wide asset. Eagerly volunteers to assist any workcenter with any task.

Absolute TOP NOTCH in every respect. The only E-6 to attain the title of Senior Watch Officer, a leader in whom I place extraordinary trust!

-Outstanding program manager. His direction and technical expertise greatly improved the quality of maintenance performed by his workcenter, resulting in "No Discrepancies Noted" on a recent Command Quality Visit.

- Authoritatively led the squadron enlisted members during the COMNAVSURFPAC IMX in June 2007, his efforts were praised by the Nuclear Propulsion Inspection Team inspectors, provided superb leadership inside the Damage Control Center (DCC)

-Superior efforts directly contributed to Phase workcenter receiving Workcenter of the Quarter Award and the squadron's 100% sortie completion rate during a recent airwing Fallon detachment.

- Coordinated 22 priority unscheduled calibrations--actions guaranteed USS Bainbridge deployment with full weapons complement

-STANDOUT MENTOR! An active, dedicated CMEO, led by example and encouraged equal treatment of and opportunity for all Navy members. Climate assessment results demonstrated improved morale and increased understanding of and support for Navy policies.

-Organized the 2007 Hawaii Navy Ball, a hallmark event for over 1000 sailors and their families; reinforced pride in service and committment by families to Navy way of life.

Outstanding Seaman with can-do attitude--always willing to take on more challenging tasks with greater responsibility

-TYCOM asset/recognized expert: as CART/ULTRA LCAC Inspector, conducted AMW/MOB certifications on 5 SURFLANT ships 3 weeks ahead of schedule

-Led by example while executing over 30 challenging training operations; conducted thorough readiness training drills to ensure his Sailors were always prepared for any eventuality.

Phenomenal Sailor; surpassed every expectation in training and duty performance; is overdue for promotion to Chief!

- A play-maker with an indefatigable work ethic. Hand picked to be the only E-7 to attain the title of Senior Watch Officer which is usually held by an E-8. He makes the process of managing Ops Center look easy.

Petty Officer Parker's performance, both militarily and professionally, is nothing short of outstanding. Displays keen interest in work. Contributes full measure to any task, willingly accepts added responsibility. He has my strongest possible recommendation for advancement to Petty Officer Second Class.

- Led the on-station repair of the periscope guide and auto-coupler assembly while deployed enabling the ship to continue operation and achieve its critical mission.

-Undisputed authority: chosen to conduct AMW/MOB certifications on 5 most critical SURFLANT ships, delivered most thorough and complete review to date

- Driving Force of the Navigation/Operations department. His superb leadership, training acumen, and diligent supervison directly contributed to the ship being evaluated as above average during its annual Navigation Evaluation.

-Ready to deploy on short notice, to meet any contingency, anywhere in the world.

-Inexhaustible commitment and determination, he provided sound leadership to 40 Sailors, 15 civilians and 10 junior officers, while providing quality support services to 10 medical service providers; accomplished total joint service initiatives and Navy Medicine’s mission

Top 15% of my CPOs; superior technical expertise paired with unmatched motivation - promote to Senior Chief!

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