Navy EVAL Bullet Examples

-HERITAGE CATALYST. Active CPO365 & FCPOA member supporting 2 FCPO events & multiple CPO365 training evolutions. Led 30 Sailors for 2 Navy Ball fundraising events, raising 2.6K.


-TECHNICAL EXPERT. Energetic self-starter saved DOD 113K by processing excess equipment through the Defense Reutilization Management Office for future use/redistribution across DOD.


My #1 LCAC Craftmaster and highly effective SCPO that performs as a MCPO. He is not afraid to speak his mind, toe the line or just get the job done. Very dependable, resourceful and a future MCPO.
-DEDICATED DEPLOYER. Most deployed LCAC Craftmaster at the command. During Talisman Saber 2013, Fall Patrol 2013 and Spring Patrol 2014 he successfully completed over ## flights, during ## missions which resulted in ### mishap free flight hours and the safe transport of ### troops and over #.# million tons of cargo. Deploying again for fall 2014!
-EXCEPTIONAL LEADER. His guidance resulted in 100% advancement for all eligible sailors under his guidance. He Command Advanced a sailor to OS1 (CAP), had another advance to IC1 and had a BM2 selected for JSOQ. His sailors do trust him and listen to his advice allowing them to excel.
-TRUSTED PROFESSIONAL. Handpicked 30 days prior to INSURV to take a craft (LCAC 10) and crew through INSURV, he raised moral, improved production and delivered the best LCAC INSURV results on record for the command. Once again he rallied the troops and delivered results.
-COMMAND INVOLVED. He developed a practice advancement exam for five rates at our command based off repetitive bibliography topics. Exam scores improved by 21% in the rates and advancement improved by 33%. His effort allows rated CPO s to align training and better their sailor advancement.
An exceptional leader, he gets the job done. Not a politician or kiss ass. HE HAS EARNED MY STRONGEST RECOMMENDATION FOR ADVANCEMENT TO MASTER CHIEF PETTY OFFICER!

HIGHLY SOUGHT OUT: OS2 Smothers consistently went above and beyond her required duties to check up on shipmates whom she knew were facing challenges, to ensure that they were taken care of and connecting them with resources that could further assist them. In addition, she repeatedly had sailors seek her out for advice and assistance with highly sensitive issues.


SAILOR'S ADVOCATE. Personally counseled 12 Sailors in all facets of Personal Financial Management. Masterfully planned and developed road maps for their financial security.

CPO MENTOR. Immensely respected leader! Knows how to inspire others to achieve their maximum level of potential. Hand-selected by OPNAV CMDCM to lead, teach, & mentor 125 FY13 CPO Selects the history & traditions of a Chief Petty Officer onboard USS CONSTITUTION.

- Versatile Leader. His hard work, dedication and selflessness not only to his own career but to others as well, have made him a valued leader that continues to build and strengthen our Sailors, giving them the necessary tools to further advance in their Naval careers.

- Superb manager. Directed 11 Sailors completing 815 maintenance actions, contributing to a 95 percent repair rate and a Beyond Capable Maintenance cost savings of $8.96M.
- Mission oriented. Managed six technicians in the repair of 19 RADAR Test Program Sets onboard USS GEORGE H W BUSH (CVN 77), restoring 100 percent mission capability for APG-65/73 RADAR components.
- Meticulous technician. Submitted Engineering Investigation to correct RADAR antenna software deficiency and submitted four Quality Deficiency Reports on defective supply assets, resulting in a cost savings of $301K.
- Excellent instructor. Trained 10 technicians and four Collateral Duty Inspectors, increasing work center proficiency by 43 percent.
Has my highest recommendation for advancement to Petty Officer First Class!

- Superior leader. Directed 43 Sailors and five artisans completing 3,112 maintenance actions. Efforts resulted in a 95 percent repair rate with a Beyond Capable Maintenance Interdiction cost savings of $8.96M.
- Unsurpassed team builder. Led 12 technicians performing 260 RADAR component repairs onboard USS DWIGHT D EISENHOWER (CVN 69), contributing to Carrier Air Wing SEVEN's 98.7 percent sortie completion rate during OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM.
- Devoted mentor. Provided career guidance to 55 Sailors, resulting in a 75 percent retention rate. Implemented a Collateral Duty Inspector training program which resulted in a 55 percent increase in qualified inspectors.
- BLOCK 20: Spring PRT not performed due to deployment.
A true superstar performing now at the level of a First Class Petty Officer.

Top notch technician, dedicated to mission goals.
- Seasoned supervisor. Directed the efforts of 12 sailors in the repair of 59 generators while maintaining a 96 percent repair rate, directly contributing to the embarked Airwing's 98 percent sortie completion rate, in support of operations ENDURING FREEDOM and NEW DAWN.
- Gifted instructor. Trained five technicians on all facets of Generator Converter Unit troubleshooting techniques, resulting in a 21 percent reduction in back-log.
- Skillful administrator. Implemented a "Bad Actor" GCU tracking system, efforts were instrumental in identifying and replacing four problematic generators, eliminating excessive aircraft down-time.
- Excellent mentor. Dedicated 50 hours training Sailors on Maintenance Material Management (3M) and Damage Control, leading to qualification of six Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialists.
Recommended for advancement to Petty Officer First Class.

Managed, prioritized, and oversaw all Camp Krutke maintenance projects from cradle to grave with no lost time due to accidents and zero safety violations and quality discrepancies.

- provided J6 with a copy of MCAS-2 Communications Handbook for their distribution to their deployed elements.

TOP NOTCH deck plate leader with unparalleled potential and solid CPO attributes! PROMOTE TO CHIEF NOW!

Petty Officer McMurry brings a motivating, self-starter attitude with a dedication to her duties and peers that makes her a highly valued member of the security team. She is willing to go out of her way to complete assigned tasks ahead of schedule and to support her subordinates' future achievements toward their physical readiness.

Petty Officer Smith is a self-starter and inspirational leader. Strong moral fiber, respected by subordinates and superiors. A true professional in every sense of the word.

-Top Seaman! Selected as CGC BELUGA’s Sailor of the Quarter for the second quarter 2004; superior example to peers

-Led by example, conducted biweekly PT sessions for 5 departments; increased fitness of entire department

- Excellent leader. Supervised computer renewal of four classrooms, replacing 80 workstations and component hardware and software with no loss of training days. Identified and resolved software incompatibility issue which threatened to prevent class operation. Experience, knowledge, and foresight prevented class delays.

-Outstanding administrative and management skill. Directly responsible for workcenter receiving outstanding grades during the last 3 Quality Assurance Audits.

- By consistent cross-training of ET and Quartermaster personnel, he developed a versatile and effective Navigation Team which successfully piloted the ship through numerous unfamiliar foreign ports under the worst visibility conditions encountered by this group in the last four years.

- Energetic leader. Selected over peers to fill the Operations Group Training Superintendent position, an E7 position. Her management skills focused and integrated the efforts of a division of 25 Sailors and 8 joint service personnel. Her work earned numerous accolades for the yearly IG inspection, resulting in over 250 certifications in 20 watch floor positions. Her diligent supervision lead to her department winning Blue Jacket of the Year and earned the title of Senior Sailor of the Year.

- Worked extensively with C4I Department on several complex interdepartmental equipment networking faults, utilizing his experience to solve them quickly with minimal resultant impact on combat readiness. Received accolades from C5RA assessors for the superior performance of weapons, radar and data systems.

-Displayed exceptional pride in personal image, wears immaculate, inspection-ready uniform at all times.

MENTOR AND LEADER: As Senior Enlisted Leader, solved many housing, medical, & personnel issues; the cornerstone of our team, taking care of our sailors is his top concern.

Technical Expert: PS1 Smith's technical knowledge, managerial skills, and unusually high level of professional competence have contributed significantly to the unit's triumphant success.

His sage and experienced counsel is sought out by all peers and subordinates within the command.

-Talented manager. Superb initiative and keen attention to detail ensured collateral duty was discrepancy free during workcenter quarterly audit.

Innovative administrator. Supported 9 active aviation maintenance activities and 3 detachments with all required tools and parts. His increased interaction with supported units identified expected requirements and dramatically reduced delays due to shortages, lowering the non-capable status to lowest level in 5 years.

-VERSATILE. Acts as Flight Deck Coordinator in the absence of the Chief Petty Officer, obtaining commendable results.

- Organized a goal-oriented office team and encouraged team input to reduce the number of administrative problems.

- Consistently achieves the highest standard of excellence and displays pride in work.

-Community Involved. As Block Watch Captain in Neighborhood Watch Program coordinates watches with Steering Committee and local Police.

SUPERIOR TECHNICIAN. Independent of outside assistance, he identified and repaired over 22 major mission degrading casualties to the AN/SQQ-32 SONAR, always ensuring a fully functional sonar.

-Medically supported over 1300 students during multiple high-risk training events. Voluntered to support BRC, RAID, Scout Swimmer, Marine Combat Instructor Water Survival, Naval Gunfire, and Inflatable Boat Operators Courses. His thorough hazard briefs, preparation, and readiness for any eventuality was directly responsible for zero injuries on his watch.

- Flawlessly researched thirty IMRL inventory discrepancies from past two years, to balance the IMRL excess and deficit report with comnavairlant.

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