Navy EVAL Bullet Examples

-TECHNICAL EXPERT. As the Global Command and Control System-Maritime (GCCS-M) and Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES) System administrator, she completed 882 maintenance checks, 10 vulnerability scans, 259 trouble calls, 158 account creations, and resolved 23 outages, ensuring a 99 percent uptime of CANES network and GCCS.

-METICULOUS MANAGER. As the Divisional Training Petty Officer, she ensured the completion of 129 PQS, supervised 79 training topics, and generated 10 monthly training reports for 20 Sailors. Through her training and leadership efforts, she reduced the DINQ list by 60 percent and raised the standard for the division's training program.

-SECURITY FOCUSED. As the primary Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Trusted Agent, led 15 Sailors in the management of the PKI program ensuring the proper inventory, creation, and issuance of 45 tokens and 15 pin resets. Drastically improving the command's cybersecurity posture, ensuring DoD compliance with multifactor authentication on Naval Networks.

-MISSION FOCUSED. As the only qualified GCCS-M System Administrator onboard, she completed 360 hours of maintenance, software upgrades, troubleshooting, and tech-assist support resulting in the closure of 3 CASREPs and a successful upgrade to Microsoft Security Update 3.0. Due to her consistent dependability, she was hand-selected to ensure the continued functionality of GCCS-M during Cruise Missile Tactical Qualification. Her efforts ensured the Strike team maintained system readiness and completed an extremely successful certification.

-INSPIRED LEADER. As the primary PKI Trusted Agent, she led 3 Sailors in creating, allocating, and distributing 85 tokens and submitting 40 PKI Acknowledgement forms. Her actions resulted in FORREST SHERMANS's ability to maintain 99 percent accuracy with Cyber Security, and her selection to create ARLINGTON's primary PKI Trusted Agent token.

-EXCEPTIONAL TECHNICIAN. As a CANES System Admin, she was vital in the smooth start and shut-down of five CANES enclaves. She completed 737 hours of maintenance and installed 13 updates to mission critical systems, maintaining compliance with the DoD policy.

-EXPERT ADMINISTRATOR. Flawlessly managed the administrative requirements and professional development of 101 Sailors, processing 963 leave requests, 85 TAD requests,107 awards and other related correspondence with zero discrepancies.

-SAILORS ALWAYS. An untiring advocate for both the personal and professional growth of his Sailors. His dedication to developing Sailors precipitated a SOY FY 11 and two JSOQs.

-DEDICATED. He vastly exceeded his qualification requirements by completing almost every PQS available to him and nearly a year ahead of schedule, whilst working towards his Masters Degree in Physics and flawlessly performing all of his collateral duties.

- Outstanding supervisor. Directed 12 Sailors in troubleshooting and repair of 324 avionics components with no rework required. Efforts resulted in a 94.6 percent repair rate with a 22 percent reduction in maintenance backlog.
- Exceptional mentor. Trained six technicians on seven Communications/Navigation systems, enhancing work center proficiency by 26 percent.
- Highly motivated. Qualified as Collateral Duty Inspector (CDI) within six weeks of reporting, increasing CDI coverage 50 percent.
- Attention to detail. Maintained the Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) program and instructed four technicians on handling procedures, ensuring zero discrepancies during seven consecutive weekly HAZMAT walk-through inspections.
- BLOCK 10: Fall 2010 PRT not performed. Member onboard less than 10 weeks.
Highly recommended for advancement to Petty Officer First Class.

Displays potential to excel at any task.
- Gifted technician. Performed 60 high quality component repairs with zero items returned for rework, contributing to a 35 percent reduction in backlog.
- Ability to instruct. Trained four Sailors on proper repair procedures for the F/A-18 Generating Converter Unit, resulting in 27 percent increase in work center proficiency and an eight percent reduction in awaiting maintenance time.
- Outstanding military bearing. Displays a flawless uniform appearance and positive attitude.
Recommended for advancement.

Excellent potential for future growth and advancement.
- Outstanding technician. Repaired 63 electronic components, contributing to the work center's 93 percent repair rate.
- Effective leader. Directed eight personnel conducting daily clean-up of division spaces. Efforts greatly improved morale and material condition of spaces.
- Resourceful. Repaired two stereo-scopes, saving $22K dollars in replacement costs and ensuring minimal impact to production.
Recommended for advancement.

Petty Officer Smith possesses an enthusiastic urge and ability to achieve. He is an intelligent, unique leader constantly thriving on new challenges while transferring goals and objectives into concrete, workable plans.

- Selected by commander for his subtle yet effective leadership style to head up Organizational Climate program

- Senior Chief Smith is a staunch advocate of tradition, loyalty, and strong Naval service. His unwavering support of the chain of command, firm enforcement of military standards, and equitable treatment of subordinates has optimized morale and promoted teamwork and mission accomplishment.

Top-notch technical abilities were key to our mission sucess, ready for increased supervisory responsibility. Promote!

Mentorship. Trained 11 LCAC Engineers/Deck Engineers in efficient engineering administration and sound troubleshooting/repair procedures which reduced maintenance delays due to inexperience by 50%

-Demonstrated superior performance as assistance night check Ordnance Flight Deck Coordinator during the recent deployment onboard USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73).

-Gifted leader. Directly responsible for turning around the production effectiveness of airframes workcenter, resulting in grades of outstanding on QA and COMATKWINGLANT audits.

-Shared years of maintenance experience with LCAC Engineer trainees, saw immediate and readily apparent improvement in repair turn-around time, recognized by Master Chief

-Demonstrated outstanding leadership skills as team chief; increased productivity by 40%

- Extremely diversified. Sought out new ways to aid in Command enhancement and Sailorization, by organizing public outreach opportunities and volunteering hundreds of hours in support of Joint Color guard events, NRC fundraising, and local elementary schools.

-Pivotal in squadron attaining dramatic increase in aircraft reliability and availability. "Fix it right the first time" philosophy resulted in a 40% decrease in unscheduled maintenance manhours and near elimination of airframes related repeat discrepancies.

-Takes exceptional pride in personal image and has a meticulous military appearance, wears immaculate inspection-ready uniform on daily basis with a positive attitude and outlook.

- Seven of nine members attended eighth member's NPME graduation--oustanding workcenter unity and teamwork

Selected from among his peers to serve as Auxiliary Division LCPO for newly-commissioned Arleigh Burke class destroyer, DG-106

CMD DAPA. Headed base-wide alcohol de-glamorization campaign; through aggressive coordination with tenant commands and off-base businesses, his preventive efforts resulted in a 50% reduction in alcohol related incidents.

-Spends numerous off duty hours on workcenter training program, ensuring the workcenter exceeds the required monthly training and that all personnel were technically proficient.

-Distinguished herself from her peers with her initiative and unmatched technical expertise while continuing to learn from others.

-Provided constant training for subordinate personnel assigned to the program management unit. This greatly increased supply support and strengthened lines of communication between tenant commands and the supply department.

Dependable, motivated, and trustworthy--a mature SCPO with the courage to manage without visible support

-Effective manager. Completely overhauled the workcenter training program, making it a model for the rest of the command. His diligent efforts and countless manhours resulted in grades of outstanding on four consecutive Quality Assurance workcenter audits.

-Stellar CPO who leads by example; invaluable asset to the Naval Service Training Command mission; must promote.

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