Navy EVAL Bullet Examples

-METICULOUS MANAGER. As EKMS Custodian, she flawlessly managed seven local elements consisting of over 500 Controlled Cryptographic Items (CCI) and 450 high-valued C4I assets. She ensured an astounding 100 percent CCI accountability, ZERO Practices Dangerous to Security (PDS), and ZERO Communication Security (COMSEC) Incidents. Additionally, she managed the CCI loadouts of four SDV platoons in support of the execution of six National Taskings.

DEDICATED TO MENTORSHIP. Revised the Command Mentorship program by implementing a highly effective speed mentoring event,ensuring all existing and 37 newly reported personnel were paired with an effective mentor. Created a fiscal calendar of mentor and protégée events and developed a mentor database,enabling protégées an easy way to screen for the most effective mentor to fit their needs.

DEVELOPMENT OF SUBORDINATES. Dynamic trainer and thorough systems knowledge yielded six Collateral Duty Inspector s,one Plane Captain, and six Fuel Cell Entrant/Safety Observers. Follow-me leadership style inspired three Release and Control Team Members, seven ESWS, three EIDWS and two EAWS qualified personnel.

- Gifted leader and mentor. Actively involved in the professional and personal growth of subordinates, ensuring completion of critical training. His/Her aggressive efforts and positive mentorship contributed significantly to the squadron's exceptional safety record and impressive XX percent sortie completion rate during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

- Inspirational team builder. Promoted group effort to accomplish all maintenance tasks and objectives. His/Her efforts greatly enhanced the work center's productivity and efficiency.

- Independent and effective night shift crew leader. Produced exceptional results with complex tasking by Maintenance Control and ensured exacting standards of quality, requiring zero rework. His/Her efforts contributed to the squadron's impressive success and XX percent sortie completion rate in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

- Capable team player with praiseworthy leadership skills. His/Her coordination and supervision were instrumental in the timely completion of XX phase inspections, XXX scheduled maintenance actions, and XX unscheduled repairs. His/Her hard charging leadership style, positive attitude and persistence were vital in the complex and time intensive fitting/installation of five night-attack windscreens with minimal aircraft down time.

- Meticulous program manager. Completely revamped his work center's Tool Control Program, dramatically improving the material condition and accountability of required tools. His/Her efforts resulted in a grade of "on track" during the workcenter s most recent Quality Assurance Audit.

- Determined and devoted. His/Her effective use of available resources, ability to prioritize, and exceptional foresight resulted in a decrease of outstanding maintenance discrepancies by XX percent. His/Her dedication and keen technical skills have contributed significantly to the success of the X Division during an extended combat deployment.

Exceptionally talented and versatile technician, dedicated to mission accomplishment.
- Technical expert. Instrumental in the repair of 121 electronic components and the Wire Test Set (WTS). Efforts contributed to a 93 percent repair rate and a 50 percent increase in cable testing capability.
- Expeditiously repaired wire braiding machine to full mission capability, ensuring uninterupted cable repair support for flight line operations.
- Superb organizational skills. Flawlessly inventoried and tracked 66 Individual Material Readiness List (IMRL) items, valued at over $312K. Attention to detail resuted in a zero discrepency semi-annual Quality Assurance audit.
Fall 2010 PFA not performed due to member being onboard less than 10 weeks.
Continually exceeds expectations and is ready for advancement.

- Technical expert. Performed 69 Quality Assurance final inspections for 620 Branch, contributing to the repair of 815 components and an 11 percent reduction in backlog.
- Team player. Trained five technicians on troubleshooting procedures for electrical control panels, stick grip assemblies, and Night Vision Goggles, increasing technical proficiency of the Avionics Electrical Shop by 25 percent while deployed.
- Command involved. As Command Indoctrination team member, instructed 361 Sailors on General Military Training, ensuring 100 percent compliance with annual training requirements.
- Community volunteer. Devoted 30 off-duty hours supporting Cooke Elementary School's "Back to School" activities.

Technical expert with keen administrative skills.
- Mission oriented. Repaired two Electro-Optical Sensor Units and three Consolidated Automated Support System Test Stations during COMTUEX deployment, ensuring uninterrupted support to four F/A-18 squadrons.
- Attention to detail. Managed the work center's Tool Control program and 231 Individual Material Readiness List line items valued at $13.9M, resulting in zero discrepancies during the semi-annual Quality Assurance audit.
- Exemplary leadership. Trained 10 Sailors on the troubleshooting, repair, and safety requirements for the Infrared Receiver Test Program Set, improving work center proficiency by 45 percent.
-BLOCK 20: Spring PRT not performed. Member onboard less than 10 weeks.
Highly recommended for advancement to Petty Officer First Class.

Motivated and resourceful technician who performs well in a demanding environment.
- Lead technician. Led 8 personnel in completion of 518 maintenance actions, resulting in a 14 percent reduction in backlog while maintaining a 95 percent repair rate.
- Dedicated to mission. Devoted 23 off-duty hours implementing a First Pass Yield maintenance concept, resulting in a 40 percent reduction in transmitter backlog.
- Excellent mentor. Trained nine Sailors on all facets of APG-65/73 RADAR component repair, contributing to a 26 percent increase in qualified personnel.
- Committed to development of subordinates. Provided instruction to three Sailors, contributing to qualification of one Collateral Duty Inspector and two Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialists.
Recommended for advancement.

Petty Officer John is a highly motivated Sailor who is dedicated to not only improving himself, but encourages both junior and senior Shipmates to strive for their best as well.

- As CRSP teammember, he inspected over 400 sea bags, 225 footlockers, 2700 weapons, 2200 tri-walls and inspected more than 225,000 total items

- Volunteered to organize and review training records, his proactive analysis revealed several qualification problem areas which led to revising the training program and ultimately produced the best overall certification rate in Group.

- Superior performer! Integral to the delivery of over 30M gallons of DFM fuel to more than 1,000 ships annually. Responded to over 1200 servicings, maintained an impressive 15-minute average response time

- Enterprising and motivated instructor, achieved MTS x months ahead of standards

-Proven leader-Successfully filled in as workcenter shift supervisor on several occasions, directly contributing to the 100% sortie completion rate during TSTA IV.

- EXPERIENCED LEADERSHIP. Management and supervisory skills command maximum performance and ensure combat readiness. Dynamic leadership of Communications/Watch Department throughout the ship's first Persian Gulf deployment, safely traversing 12,000 nautical miles, can be summed up in one word: Magnificent!

OUSTANDING VOLUNTEER. Volunteered in numerous base and community events to include this year's Naturalization ceremony for 35 active duty, reserve, and dependents.

-Keen ability to learn rapidly and adapt quickly to varying situations. Thorough knowledge of ordnance and avionics procedures were evident while attached to the Integrated Weapons Team, where his expertise greatly contributed to full mission capable combat ready aircraft.

- Outstanding Instructor. Ensured smooth operation of classroom instruction, curriculum developement, and course administrative requirements. Donated over 200 hours of off-duty instruction and extra study for 90 students in NSVT and ISSM courses. Unflagging efforts lowered attrition rate to zero.

- RECOGNIZED EXPERT: A dedicated hospital corpsman, maintains focus on primary job providing best possible medical care to Navy members and their families, he is often sought out by junior personnel for advice and counsel.

- DEDICATED TO NAVY's CORE VALUES. Ensured that all Sailors are challenged with opportunities to excel within the workcenter, thereby increasing in-rate satisfaction and ultimately, retention.

-Demonstrates the highest standards of behavior by example; an impeccable Sailor and extraordinary leader who communicates by example.

-A self-assured manager, he has the courage to state his opinion and the patience to present his views logically.

Possesses a high degree of technical knowledge and skill. Works well with all work center members and supports senior personnel in their decisions. Committed to Navy Core Values and displays outstanding military bearing. Petty Officer Smith consistently demonstrates great proficiency and a determination which makes him a valued Sailor and an asset to any department.

- Devoted to mission accomplishment. Volunteered to serve as squad leader for a 6 man security team providing force protection for base and surrounding housing areas.

Impeccable demeanor and role model. He is the true image of Navy Core Values. He taught and practiced exemplary Equal Opportunity and contributed to the high morale of the crew.

- Active Community Member. Participates in numerous volunteer activities including umpiring for Virginia Beach Little League and donated numerous hours in the construction of Kids Cove Activity Center at Mt. Trashmore, Va Beach.

-Provides an excellent role model for subordinates through individual production and resilient character. Scored OUTSTANDING on PRT.

- Skilled technician. Troubleshot and repaired a faulty disconnect high compression radar connector on aircraft 506, returning the aircraft to a full mission capable status in minimal time.

-Helped reorganize section into efficient, streamlined shop--zero late reports for all training requirements

-Volunteered to serve as Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer, an O2 duty; provided failsafe coordination between Fire Control Party and multiple firing platforms. He ensured personnel and equipment safety while raising targeting accuracy to record levels.

-Diligent material validation efforts led to the recovery of nearly one million dollars in DLR assets previously considered lost or destroyed.

PO1 Smith is a dedicated team player who possesses outstanding leadership and management skills that are the driving force behind the detachment's success. SELECT FOR CHIEF NOW!!

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