Navy EVAL Bullet Examples

-Conducted monthly inspections of 63 fire extinguishers, four generators, ensuring base Fire Marshall and NAVFAC compliance in support of command emergency preparedness. Aided in the timely Completion of maintenance trouble tickets supporting 13 departments, assisted quality facilities sustainment.

-DISCIPLINED TECHNICIAN. Personally responded to five base wide, 12 building specific, and 4 planned power outages totaling 68 hrs maintaining 24/7 availability of critical power for mission completion. Conducted the troubleshooting, repair, and replacement of 128 capacitors, 8 power control boards, 2 interface and 2 power boards supporting MUOS UPS critical power systems, increasing overall system reliability and totaling $25.1k.

-CAPABLE WORKER. AO3 Stenback's work ethic and attention to detail were crucial while conducting duties for Weapon Station Yorktown and Cheatam Annex. AO3 Stenback maintained high standards while cleaning and maintaining one main headquarters building and five Entry Control Points. Due to the high standards maintained, AO3 Stenback and Port Operations received praise for successful change of command ceremonies and admiral base walkthroughs.

-DEPENDABLE WORKER. MA3 Kelley prioritized and initiated the self-help and overhaul of the Port Operations building. Petty Officer Kelley's willingness to assist with the self-help project saved $3,000 in labor costs resulting in an increased flexibility in upgrading shop equipment.

-INVALUABLE MEMBER. EOCN Collon has been an instrumental member of Port operations while making sure we were able to provide the best hotel services to arriving and departing warships and submarines. Because of EOCN Collon's forklift and tractor-trailer versatility, Port Operations has been able to increase productivity while mitigating the risks.

COMMUNITY INVOLVED - Assisted BOSS with construction of a house for Habitat for Humanity. Trained and mentored Cadet Recruits for the CSRA Sea Cadets. Volunteered for MWR at the Columbia County Fair to raise $2600 in funds to benefit Sailors. Assisted the Special Olympics by creating a fun environment for people of all ages.

-SAFTEY MINDED. As a part of the safety team for corrosion Petty Officer Johnson routinely corrects his shipmates on the proper use of personal protective equipment creating a shop climate of awareness and a more unified focus on teaching junior personnel the importance of safety gear.

Planned and executed 5 readiness drills that led to 88 additional qualifications, which resulted in a 325% increase of qualified personnel and significant operational rediness of the unit.

- ON THE DECKPLATES. Fostered a culture of development, led 78 daily AIR topics increased exam score average from 48 to 54, and 100% CTT advancement. Led 15 analysts, mentor for four FCPOs; conducted seven CDBs, efforts resulted in one STA-21 submission, one MESAP selection, four JSOQ, three SSOQ, one spot NAM, and two Chief Petty Officer selections.

Petty Officer Smith is the Godfather of all Yeomen!

NATURAL LEADER. Deftly supervised 7 sailors while serving as Craft ALPO. He oversaw day to day activities such as training, maintenance, preservation, and administrative duties. He provided invaluable input to the craft POAM and supervised many of the implementations.

- Command Involved. Assisted SCPOA members in the staging and clean-up of the Battalion's sports day event which promoting a positive Command climate for 300 attendees.

Lets Sailors Lead Sailors. Pushes leadership to the lowest level, improving productivity and morale. Ensures all Sailors have buy-in to Command priorities. Pushed for the establishment of a second-class petty officer association, increasing advancent rates by 35%.

Meticulous Manager. Quickly corrected three years of ammunition inventory errors as SHIP's ROLMS Database manager, a duty normally shared by senior Sailors. Rectified 56 out-of-balance, 114 stale requisitions and managed over $75 million in ordnance.

- Exemplary supervisor. Directed the efforts of 11 technicians in performing 913 maintenance actions, 633 Quality Assurance final inspections, contributing to a 96.5 percent repair rate.
- Resident expert. Trained three Production Supervisors and 14 technicians on all aspects of F/A-18 avionics component maintenance, leading to a 43 percent reduction in backlog.
- Team leader. Coordinated the restructuring of the ancillary equipment storage room, resulting in 100 percent accountability of 433 support equipment assets and a 15 percent increase in throughput.
- Command involved. Played a key role in collecting and processing 4,153 urinalysis samples, ensuring 100 percent compliance with the Navy's drug testing program.
Invaluable member of the FRC Mid-Atlantic team. He has my strongest recommendation for advancement to Petty Officer First Class.

- Astute supervisor. Driving force behind the completion of 577 electrical and instrumentation components and the expeditious repair of 82 items in support of OPERATIONS ENDURING FREEDOM and NEW DAWN.
- Gifted instructor. Trained 35 technicians on all facets of F/A-18 electrical components and aircrew survival equipment maintenance. Efforts contributed to the qualification of five Collateral Duty Inspectors.
- Team player. Spearheaded the repair of 10 sets of Night Vision Goggles for the Ship's Security Force, ensuring watch team effectiveness during restricted maneuvering operations.
An outstanding performer in all respects. Highly recommended for advancement to Petty Officer First Class.

- Outstanding leader. Directed and trained 18 technicians onboard USS DWIGHT D EISENHOWER (CVN 69), resulting in the completion of 506 component repairs with 97 percent repair rate.
- Technical expert. Performed 413 Quality Assurance final inspections, contributing to Carrier Air Wing SEVEN's successful completion of 3,136 sorties.
- Program minded. Maintained the Metrology and Calibration program ashore and afloat, resulting in a 97 percent calibration readiness rate.
- Community advocate. Dedicated 12 hours to Windsor Oaks Mentorship program, 27 hours to the Virginia Beach SPCA, and coordinated the Holiday Assistance Program, providing meals for six families.
Superior work ethic and knowledge set the standard for all to emulate. Highly recommended for advancement.

- Highly knowledgeable technician. Routinely called upon to help diagnose and repair seven complex avionics systems, contributing to the work center's 98 percent repair rate.
- Meticulous and observant. As the Leading Petty Officer of First Lieutenant, he supervised 14 personnel, ensuring 41 FRCMA spaces were "inspection ready" at all times.
- Innovative resource manager. Effectively managed, and operated within, the command's First Lieutenant budget despite a 50 percent cut in allocated funds.
- Submitted 63 facilities trouble calls, directly resulting in expeditious repairs of building systems.
Recommended for advancement.

Motivated and resourceful technician who performs well in a demanding environment.
- Lead technician. Led 8 personnel in completion of 518 maintenance actions, resulting in a 14 percent reduction in backlog while maintaining a 95 percent repair rate.
- Dedicated to mission. Devoted 23 off-duty hours implementing a First Pass Yield maintenance concept, resulting in a 40 percent reduction in transmitter backlog.
- Excellent mentor. Trained nine Sailors on all facets of APG-65/73 RADAR component repair, contributing to a 26 percent increase in qualified personnel.
- Committed to development of subordinates. Provided instruction to three Sailors, contributing to qualification of one Collateral Duty Inspector and two Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialists.
Recommended for advancement.

- Excellent leader. Supervised five technicians performing 437 avionics component repairs while deployed onboard USS DWIGHT D EISENHOWER (CVN 69), contributing to a 97 percent repair rate.
- Technical expert. Completed 273 maintenance actions, contributing to a 60 percent reduction in backlog while deployed.
- Program manager. Performed acceptance and verification of 136 Maintenance Assist Modules and 152 Individual Material Readiness List items, resulting in a 25 percent increase in repair capability.
*Block 20: Spring 2010 PRT not conducted due to deployment.
-A motivated leader with a positive attitude. Highly recommended for advancement to Petty Officer First Class.

-Energetic leader. Directed the production efforts of nine Sailors performing 1,248 maintenance actions onboard USS HARRY S TRUMAN (CVN 75), resulting in a 94.4 percent repair rate.
- Meticulous manager. Re-organized the calibration induction process and maintained accountability of 110 items, contributing to a 100 percent calibration readiness rate and resulting in zero semi-annual Quality Assurance audit discrepancies.
- Goal oriented. Spearheaded the repair of the 20 mission critical ALQ-99 Universal Exciter Upgrade assets, alleviating three squadron EXREPs in support of combat missions during OPERATIONS ENDURING FREEDOM and NEW DAWN.
A proven leader who excels in all areas of responsibility. Has my highest recommendation for advancement to Petty Officer First Class.

- Rapidy took charge as Admin Officer. Identified and corrected many long-standing discrepancies.

- Contributed 100 hours to environmental data migration; reviewed 16 HAZMAT shop folders; exceeded COMSUBLANT goal.

- Efficiently prepared his department for an East PAC deployment. Ensured NAV/OPS department was always stocked and ready for immediate deployment and sustained performace at sea.

Petty Officer Smith is a superlative example of a second class Petty Officer. He is an ambitious self-starter who sustains a high level of motivation and resourcefulness in his performance. He demonstrates a mature and personal concern in his work with students, assisting them with career and advancement information and studies.

- Reprogrammed USS Nimitz bridge digital systems control computer, negated need for civilian technician aid. Saved over $60K in repair costs.

-Superior leader. Work ethic and hands-on training greatly enhance the workcenter's productivity while decreasing the squadron's unscheduled maintenance man-hours by 40%.

Outstanding PO. Crisp military bearing and appearance. Exceeds standards in military courtesies, fitness, and job performance.

Community leader. Volunteered over 40 hours for the base blood drive and the Seattle Seafair. Active FCPOA member sets the tempo for peers and junior Sailors.

-the only first class petty officer to qualify and stand communications watch officer at COMSUBPAC

-Trained 4 SCO successors in half the usual time required; increased shift expertise 75%.

-Unparalleled enthusiasm; possesses an out-in-front leadership style and the attributes of today's model CPO and leader.

-Devoted many hours of off-duty time to ensure unit's training requirements were met; all shop trainees fully qualified in minimum time, significantly improved section's effectiveness

-Exemplary management skill and organizational foresight, he personifies command allegiance, military bearing, and a strong code of ethics

- Revised and verified recall roster information, retrained personnel, reduced emergency recall delays by 75%.

-AGGRESSIVE SUPERVISOR. Trained and directed a very inexperienced ordnance crew in the short-notice preparation of the highly demanding Conventional Weapons Technical Proficiency Inspection (CWTPI) resulting in a grade of 90.4.

-Managed 20 personnel workcenter in direct support of U.S. Pacific Command--exceeded all assigned goals!

-Firmly supports squadron. Single handedly resurrected a demoralized first class association and established "can do" spirit. Intimately involved in planning and executed numerous successful fund raising projects.

-Mature leader; won't compromise standards, enforced highest USFLTFORCOM standards of conduct

-Sound and decisive troubleshooting. Directly responsible for Aircraft 502's expeditious aft fuel cell repair, greatly reducing aircraft downtime.

-Ensured his sailors were qualified in at least two positions--increased watch readiness!

- Athletic. Maintains top physical condition. Consistently scores outstanding on physical readiness tests.

-Excellent technical abilities; motivated and self-confident seaman; consistently performs high quality work

-Implemented a workcenter physical training program which increased their PRT average by 30% while deployed.

- COMMAND-WIDE IMPACT! Focused the efforts of 20 Program Managers and system admins to achieve 100% Information Assurance compliance for the first time in 4 years! His commitment was integral to the diligent tracking of over 100 alerts which ensured zero security intrusions.

- Key to successful participation in JTFEX OPERATION BOLD STEP. Vigilant scrutiny of 100% of message traffic ensured reaction to changes, threats to fleet. His close coordination of efforts prepared ship for any contingency--increased crew confidence, battle ready!

Demonstrates the confidence needed to face the Navy's toughest challenges. Promote to his potential.

CAPABLE PROFESSIONAL. Was selected to act as Anti-Air Warfare Commander (AAWC) during critical joint exercise NEPTUNE WARRIOR; stalwart efforts streamlined communications with other members of Strike Group; 100% identification of and immediate response to threat.

- Takes exceptional pride in personal image and has a meticulous military appearance, wears immaculate inspection-ready uniform on daily basis with a positive attitude and outlook.

-Superior military image led to selection as the USN representative during the SPAWAR tree lighting ceremony

My best CIC Watch Supervisor! Developed and maintained an efficient and motivated watch characterized by professionalism and pride. PROMOTE TO CHIEF NOW!

-Strong Community Involvement. Supporter of CFC and Navy Relief. Volunteered off duty time in the VITA program, assisting 76 individuals in the preparation of Federal and State income tax preparation. Assists NAS Oceana Youth Development Program as soccer referee.

-Exhibited quick decision making ability during Bahrain Crisis Response exercise scenarios. He executed post attack UXO sweeps and Self Aid and Buddy Care.

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