Navy Leadership Eval Examples

Organizing, Motivating, and Developing Others to Accomplish Goals

1.0 Below Standards 3.0 Meets Standards 5.0 Exceeds Standards

- Neglects growth/ development or welfare of subordinates
- Fails to organize, creates problems for subordinates
- Does not set or achieve goals relevant to command mission and vision
- Lacks ability to cope with or tolerate stress
- Inadequate communicator
- Tolerates hazards or unsafe practices

- Effectively stimulates growth/ development in subordinates
- Organizes successfully,implementing process improvements and efficiencies
- Sets/achieves useful, realistic goals that support command mission
- Performs well in stressful situations
- Clear, timely communicator
- Ensures safety of personnel and equipment

- Inspiring motivator and trainer, subordinates reach highest level of growth and development
- Superb organizer, great foresight, develops process improvements and efficiencies
- Leadership achievements dramatically further command mission and vision
- Perseveres through the toughest challenges and inspires others
- Exceptional communicator
- Makes subordinates safety-conscious, maintains top safety record
- Constantly improves the personal and professional lives of others

Communicated effectively with subordinates; kept all section members continually informed and involved, reinforcing readiness.

- MESS LEADER. One of three CPO 365 leads for 54 CPOs and 125 FCPOs. Reorganized Phase I into boat teams; coordinated 16 training, PT, COMREL, and heritage events. Led all CPOs and 11 Selectees as CPO-365 Phase 2 Coordinator; developed five scenarios which engaged regional expertise and culminated in a more realistic experience and preparation for CPO.

- COMMAND ASSET. Instituted a CFS training cycle incorporated into DITS, facilitated six BRS sessions, 13 counseling s, resulted in 18 TSP enrollments and a proactive CFS program. Led 14 ACFLs in execution of 128 FEP/Command PT sessions; four Sailor decrease in mandated FEP enrollment, and 100% pass rate. Completed 15 credit hours towards Engineering degree.

-Demonstrated rare leadership and initiative in the establishment of the command mustering program; achieved 100% accountablity of all personnel.

- Shared years of maintenance experience with LCAC Engineer trainees and saw immediate and readily apparent improvement in repair turn-around time

- She coached a skilled team of seven Petty Officers to produce regular and comprehensive After Action Reports for senior leadership which identified problem areas and improved group readiness and performance.

- Spearheaded a USS CONSTITUTION-like CPO inductee event aboard the USS MISSOURI; promoted pride in Navy service

- Standards and professional competence generated immediate confidence and improved subordinate morale

- STANDOUT MENTOR. His "Stay Navy" attitude was directly responsible for attaining 100% retention.

- Stellar CPO who leads by example; an invaluable asset to the Naval Service Training Command

- Stepped up as Acting Leading Chief Petty Officer following the unexpected mobilization of his LCPO.

- Stepped up to the plate in the absence of the CPO. Performed leadership duties in a decisive and positive manner with exceptional results.

- SUCCESSFUL MENTOR. Consistently gets the best from the best. Three Pacific Network Managers of the Month, Two PNM of the Quarter, and One DISA NCO of the year!

- Superb leader. Molded an inexperienced workcenter into an efficient, cohesive team, greatly increasing productivity and morale.

- SUPERIOR LEADER! United a team of joint service NCOs and 14 civilians to man a 24-hour command center providing up-to-the-minute, real-time management of all critical data communications traversing EUCOM. Analyzed impact of circuit outages and directed restorals based on priority and close coordination with organizational Commander.

- Team builder. Ensured the incremental completion of long and short range training plans producing 30 divisional qualifications and enhancing the flexibility of a 24 hour watch bill. Encouraged and supported maximum participation in MWR events, sports, and unit picnics

- The cornerstone of our team, taking care of our Sailors is his top concern.

- United a team of active duty and reserve Sailors into one cohesive and productive organization

- Unparalleled enthusiasm; possesses an out-in-front leadership style and the attributes of today's model CPO and leader

- USS Bainbridge has the best retention rate in the Fleet as a direct result of his hard work, perseverance, and insight.

Innovative administrator. Supported 9 active aviation maintenance activities and 3 detachments with all required tools and parts. His increased interaction with supported units identified expected requirements and dramatically reduced delays due to shortages, lowering the non-capable status to lowest level in 5 years.

Impeccable demeanor and role model. He is the true image of Navy Core Values. He taught and practiced exemplary Equal Opportunity and contributed to the high morale of the crew.

Team builder. Ensured the incremental completion of long and short range training plans producing 30 divisional qualifications and enhancing the flexibility of a 24 hour watch bill. Encouraged and supported maximum participation in MWR events, sports, and unit picnics off-duty.

- By consistent cross-training of ET and Quartermaster personnel, he developed a versatile and effective Navigation Team which successfully piloted the ship through numerous unfamiliar foreign ports under the worst visibility conditions encountered by this group in the last four years.

- Competent Command Master Chief. As Acting CMC, he facilitated base-wide CPO involvement in CPO initiation ceremonies, revitalized the Sailor of the Quarter program, and increased retention by 25%.

-SUPERB MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS. Directly contributed to Power Plants Branch receiving an OUTSTANDING during a recent COMATKWINGLANT inspection.

- Extremely versatile Sailor. Constantly explores new ways to contribute to Command enhancement and Sailorization.

-Expertly prepared his department for a Eastern Atlantic deployment. Ensured NAV/OPS Department was always in excellent material condition and ready for sustained effective performace at sea. A self-starter, he completes many tasks before others realize that they need to be done.

-Standards and professional competence generated immediate confidence/improved subordinate morale

-Oversaw On-the-job training program resulting in seven seamen receiving their upgraded status ahead of schedule

-Spearheaded new USS CONSTITUTION-like CPO inductee event aboard USS MISSOURI--promoted pride in Navy service

-Led tank reseal team; reduced fuel leak delayed discrepancies to 0.6 per aircraft--bested Fleet goal by 80%

-Demonstrated outstanding leadership skills as team chief; increased productivity by 40%

-Superlative manager and instructor. Overall training coordinator for maintenance data system, resulting in a marked improvement in overall mission readiness.

-Instituted new quality control inspection procedures raising customer satisfaction 25%

-Led main repair crew to repair 4" water line; directed damaged line exposure/fix, prevented K in contractor costs

-Expertly led the squadron enlisted members during the COMNAVSURFPAC IMX in June 2007, his efforts were praised by the Nuclear Propulsion Inspection Team inspectors, provided superb leadership inside the Damage Control Center (DCC)

-Mentored 2 PO and 4 joint military. Chaired 3 Career Development Boards ensuring discrepancies were corrected in their official records. Additionally, he developed a Joint Mentorship Program that fosters a climate of camraderie throughout the command providing guidance to over 40 tri-service personal resulting in 80% retention.

-Solid performer; displays exceptional leadership qualities /abilities--recommend promotion soonest

-PO Smith is an outstanding motivator of seamen. He always achieves superior results.

-Led by example while executing over 30 challenging training operations; conducted thorough readiness training drills to ensure his Sailors were always prepared for any eventuality.

-A respected leader, sets and expects stringent, yet achievable, performance standards for subordinates.

-Enrolled every seaman in his workcenter in the CLEP Program to earn college credit.

-Exceptional manager. Trained inexperienced personnel thoroughly and expeditiously, increasing maintenance capability of workcenter and significantly improving material condition of aircraft.

DECK PLATE LEADER AND MENTOR: As the Command Mentor Coordinator, he instituted a Mentorship Program which benefited 50 sailors, resulting in a 100% retention, increased off-duty education by 75%, and improved morale and productivity.

-Gifted leader. Directly responsible for turning around the production effectiveness of airframes workcenter, resulting in grades of outstanding on QA and COMATKWINGLANT audits.

- As BEQ Liaison, his superb, sound and reasoned leadership brought the barracks within MED IG standards. Obtained approval of over k for upgrades, which dramatically improved residents' quality of life.

-PEERLESS LEADER! Selected as vice-president of DISA-PAC Chief Petty Officers Association.

-Displays exceptional leadership qualities; ability to get the job done; recommend promotion/retention

-MENTOR AND LEADER: As Senior Enlisted Leader, solved many housing, medical, & personnel issues; the cornerstone of our team, taking care of our sailors is his top concern.

-Managed 20 personnel workcenter in direct support of U.S. Pacific Command--exceeded all assigned goals!

-SUCCESSFUL MENTOR. Consistently gets the best from the best. Three PNM (Pacific Network Managers) of the Month, Two PNM of the Quarter, and One DISA NCO of the year!

-Mature leader; won't compromise standards, enforced highest USFLTFORCOM standards of conduct

-Selfless Mentor. His counseling and leadership resulted in his only military subordinate earning SOY for DISA-EUR and his efforts on several boards produced both SOY DISA-EUR and Sailor of the Year DISA. Puts new meaning into the phrase "taking care of Sailors".

-Ensured his sailors were qualified in at least two positions--increased watch readiness!

-Briefed junior Airmen at Airmen Leadership School on Navy's Evaluation System

-Superb administrator. Directly responsible for his workcenter receiving an adjective grade of outstanding on two consecutive Quality Assurance Audits.

-Inspired unit to consistently exceed training standards.

-An example to his peers and subordinates. Always placed mission first and has an unquestionable devotion to duty.

-Directly responsible for supervising the Nimitz's personnel office; received commendable rating during Cl

-Effectively led and inspired sub-standard sailors to willingly improve and perform to Navy standards

-Her superb managerial skills pushed our clinic to win the TRICARE Regional Access Award for 2 consecutive years.

-Implemented a workcenter physical training program which increased their PRT average by 30% while deployed.

-Unparalleled enthusiasm; possesses an out-in-front leadership style and the attributes of today's model CPO and leader.

-Proven management skills set him apart from peers; transformed workcenter from sub-standard to compliant or better. Promote ASAP!

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