Professional Knowledge Examples

Technical Knowledge and Practical Application

1.0 Below Standards 3.0 Meets Standards 5.0 Exceeds Standards

- Marginal knowledge of rating, specialty or job
- Unable to apply knowledge to solve routine problems
- Fails to meet advancement/PQS requirements

- Strong working knowledge of rating, specialty and job
- Reliably applies knowledge to accomplish tasks
- Meets advancement/PQS requirements on time

- Recognized expert, sought out by all for technical knowledge
- Uses knowledge to solve complex technical problems
- Meets advancement/PQS requirements early/with distinction

Possesses a high degree of technical knowledge and skill. Works well with all work center members and supports senior personnel in their decisions. Committed to Navy Core Values and displays outstanding military bearing. Petty Officer Smith consistently demonstrates great proficiency and a determination which makes him a valued Sailor and an asset to any department.

-CONFIDENT IN HIS ABILITIES. Volunteered to serve as squad leader for a 6 man security team providing force protection for the base and surrounding housing areas.

-CAPABLE TECHNICIAN. Supervised computer renewal of four classrooms, replacing 80 workstations and component hardware and software with no loss of training days. Identified and resolved software incompatibility issue which threatened to prevent class operation. Experience, knowledge, and foresight prevented class delays.

-SKILLED OPERATOR. Identified and corrected three discrepancies in traffic handling/routing within his command's co-located sister unit.

- Singled out to assist the local security group activity in the installation and activation and testing of new security monitoring equipment. Close coordination and review ensured project was finished ahead of schedule with 100% of installations completed and operational.

-EXPERT TROUBLESHOOTER. Traced chronic problem on faulty alarm interface panel to open resistor, replaced and restored critical monitoring capability.

-COMPETENT TRAINER. Trained six personnel on baggage X-ray equipment servicing, increasing qualified personnel and reducing boarding delays by 10%.

-QUALIFIED TEAM MEMBER. Hazardous Material Awareness certified. Enhanced skills needed to quickly identify hazardous incidents.

- Evaluated and tested NATO Integrated C2 software. Identified compatibility issues between US and NATO systems which led to improved interoperability and prevented future comm failure.

- Incomparable ambition and fortitude, she is often sought out to solve complex problems and complete demanding tasks.

- Excelled at the intricacies of balancing shop work orders with challenging workcenter training requirements. Her personal involvement was key to leading the shop in eliminating work order follow-ups and complaints.

-INDISPENSABLE MEMBER. Restored over 600 communications circuit/link outages as they occurred across the Pacific theater. Communications link availability remained above 99.99%, an unparalelled uptime rate!

- Directly responsible for ship's mission readiness; best CIC in Destroyer Squadron!

TECHNICAL EXPERT AND EFFICIENT MANAGER! Manages a professional team that manages a variety of cutting-edge communications technologies supporting the entire CENTCOM AOR.

-RESIDENT EXPERT. Quickly replaced a defective diesel-electric engine feed manifold valve while underway. Installed new component in 5 hours, 2 hours ahead of schedule!

- Resolved SH-2 Seasprite fuel low level indication during critical exercise. Adjusted the in-tank level sensor to insure accuracy of fuel quantity readings, enabled immediate aircraft launch and successful exercise completion.

- Expertly troubleshot an arc fault on a submarine electrical distribution switchboard to a broken ground wire. Saved over $30K on unnecessary repairs, prevented potential loss of life!

-EFFECTIVE AND PROACTIVE. Performed end-of-deployment and phase inspections. His attention to detail resulted in least number of discrepancies for ship in INSURV records.

- Rebuilt intercom cord/mic switch on the spot. Two hour fix accomplished in one; navy seal team delivered to Iraq on time.

- Performed complicated frequency converter and amplifier frequency response and gain alignments, enabled 100% operational redundancy and directly responsible for the low satellite link failure rate.

-DETAIL-ORIENTED! Ship Commander packages and manifests always accurate and timely.

- Coordinated the safe movement of over 12,000 civilian passengers with the Deployment Control Center (DCC) and Base Operations.

- Reacted quickly under pressure to reprogram the Mission Display Unit on the USS Coronado. Restored working interface and Tomohawk missile launch capability.

- Troubleshot failure of ship's number 4 aft boost pump to put out low pressure light. Traced to bad pump, replaced and enabled immediate deployment.

- Expert Electronic Standards Section trainer. Trained six technicians on section's most complex test equipment.

- Assisted Air Force personnel with developing calibration capability for their own AN/ALC-99 Frequency Counter, transferred calibration responsibility for 14 units to the Air Force, saved 200 Navy man hours annually.

- Traced long-standing problem between Military Sealift Command system and TBMCS to existing misconfiguration. Correction allowed the two discrete systems to transfer data, saved over 500 man hours per month.

- Reprogrammed USS Nimitz bridge digital systems control computer, negated need for civilian technician aid. Saved over $60K in repair costs.

- Reviewed, updated, corrected several key Software Installation Plans; proactive oversight prevented critical Command and Control delay.

- Corrected several Software Installation Plans; attention to detail prevented certain critical operations failure.

- CAPABLE. Demonstrated quick decision-making ability during Bahrain Crisis Response exercise scenarios. Executed post attack UXO sweeps and Self Aid and Buddy Care.

-SUPERB MANAGER. Programmed/executed recurring work program with impressive 100% completion rate.

- Responded to emergency Class 3 fuel spill by ruptured refuel line, supervised crew in stopping leak, quick response limited effects on environment.

- Initiated the transition of 400 personnel training records from paper files to a digital database, providing a more user friendly and efficient system.

- Designed training program that improved the skills of subordinate observation teams resulting in a 33% increase in capabilities during operations.

- Collected, exploited, and disseminated National Technical Means imagery in support of unit's Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) plan and intelligence reach-back operations.

- Implemented air strike procedures and hotwash methods that increased efficiency and reduced man hours by 50%.

- Developed a cross-training program and self-directed work atmosphere that improved watch member productivity by 95%.

- Maintained an $18 million fixed asset property account with a 96.8% accuracy rating-best rating out of nine sections.

- Identified downconverter automatic switch failure, traced to switch and repaired, restored SHF link to USS Bainbridge.

- DEPENDABLE. Deposited over $20K of Norfolk Air Passenger Terminal's funds, ensured 100% funds accountability!

- Disseminated daily 100% accurate image reports and indexes via SIPRNET, correctly formatted and ahead of schedule!

- Connected remote users to Navy Information Operations Command Maryland via Secure Internet Protocol Network, enhancing operational readiness.

- Implemented a proactive program to reduce tool shortages; over 800 man-hours saved during a six month period.

-RESIDENT EXPERT. Completed scheduled modification of ship USC-38 antenna systems in less than half allotted time.

-Medically supported over 1300 students during multiple high-risk training events. Voluntered to support BRC, RAID, Scout Swimmer, Marine Combat Instructor Water Survival, Naval Gunfire, and Inflatable Boat Operators Courses. His thorough hazard briefs, preparation, and readiness for any eventuality was directly responsible for zero injuries on his watch.

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