Professional Knowledge Examples

Technical Knowledge and Practical Application

- Outstanding administrative and management skill. Directly responsible for department receiving outstanding scores during the Navy Region Southwest command assessment.

OUTSTANDING PROGRAM MANAGER. Elevated the commands knowledge of the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP) by providing hands-on training in usage of the Computerized Self Evaluation Checklist (CSEC), resulting in the highly successful 2011 COMSTRKFIGHTWINGLANT Maintenance Program Proficiency Evaluation that produced xx programs graded as "on Track" and xx drills graded as "Sat" with 6 BZs.

Technical Expert: PS1 Smith's technical knowledge, managerial skills, and unusually high level of professional competence have contributed significantly to the unit's triumphant success.

His sage and experienced counsel is sought out by all peers and subordinates within the command.

SUPERIOR TECHNICIAN. Independent of outside assistance, he identified and repaired over 22 major mission degrading casualties to the AN/SQQ-32 SONAR, always ensuring a fully functional sonar.

-Medically supported over 1300 students during multiple high-risk training events. Voluntered to support BRC, RAID, Scout Swimmer, Marine Combat Instructor Water Survival, Naval Gunfire, and Inflatable Boat Operators Courses. His thorough hazard briefs, preparation, and readiness for any eventuality was directly responsible for zero injuries on his watch.

-Volunteered to serve as Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer, an O2 duty; provided failsafe coordination between Fire Control Party and multiple firing platforms. He ensured personnel and equipment safety while raising targeting accuracy to record levels.

-organized and managed annual command-wide influenza innoculations for two separate medical commands. His focused yet flexible efforts produced 100% innoculation rate in less than 3 weeks, made maximum use of finite vaccine resources with zero waste; improved command readiness

-supported Command with over 50 in-office sick call hours and over 670 field sick call hours. Changed office hours in response to needs, improved service availability to ship personnel, increased number of personnel supported by 20%

-deployed and provided over 700 hours sick call service to over 2,500 joint military personnel; multiplied force effectiveness

-helped reduce attrition rates in the Basic Reconnaissance Course and multiplied force effectiveness by directly supporting a critically under-manned MOS for the Special Operations Community

-maintained over ,000 in critical medical diagnostic and life-support equipment; his careful attention produced 100% on-time calibration rate and ensured availability; vital to medical mission success!

- Assisted shipmate in relocating his family to the Sigonella Air Station, obtained room and board, helped with travel, work, and school arrangements to make transition as smooth as possible. Exceptional efforts set the standard which future moves will be compared to and ensured this new family will become a productive member of our Navy family.

- Created a communications status board for the SPINTCOM area, improved tracking of circuit outages, projects, and other critical events.

- Outstanding problem solver. Engineered a technical solution for SOCEUR reach-back communications requirements resulting in a new communications capability, increasing operational flexibility while saving unknown thousands of dollars in developement costs.

- Awarded the National Defense Service Medal for support of Operation DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM

- Established a fire department at a bare-base location on Diego Garcia—obtained necessary vehicles and equipment; operational in 7 days!

- Performed pump tests on 22 vehicles, ensured optimum readiness of vehicle fleet and contributed to an "Excellent" rating in the Operational Readiness Inspection

- Discovered hydraulic leak during panel inspection; replaced lever brake hydraulic line--ensured 99% timely departure rate, FY06

- Developed and implemented a phased training program; reduced required training time of newly assigned personnel by six months

- Managed the Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Program for the VFA-25 Fighter Squadron--zero incidents of RF exposure

- Reprogrammed USS Nimitz bridge digital systems control computer, negated need for civilian technician aid-- saved over $60K in repair costs

- Reviewed, updated, corrected several key Software Installation Plans; proactive oversight prevented critical Command and Control delay

- Selected ahead of all USS Ronald Reagan CPOs for Northrop Grumman Research Company Quality Assurance (QA) program

- Performed emergency calibration of Spectrum Analyzer for NAS Point Mugu Airborne Command and Control squadron; saved mission

- Superior performer! Certified over 60 items of TMDE, key to laboratory's 5 day backlog--lowest backlog in years

- Meticulously accurate with high sense of personal responsibility for quality of work and continually seeks personal growth and development.

- Managed restoral of 3 of the most critical real world Pacific Network communication outages of 2007. His decisive actions restored priority services and established protective measures which minimized future impact to Pacific Network Operations.

- Identified medical deployment deficiency trend, appointed 9 directorate immunization tracking system managers; reduced medical deferrals by 50%, increased deployment readiness

- Top Seaman! Selected as the NAVSURFWARCEN Sailor of the Quarter for the third quarter 2007

- Best in command! NETWARCOM's “Financial Management Specialist of the Year” for 1999

- Trained, established roles for six Battlestaff watch officers in preparation for EUCOM’s largest exercise, DARK ANVIL 07--99% successful tactical comm supporting over 20K troops.

- Worked tirelessly to prepare for INSURV inspection--directly responsible for strong rating received

- Enabled network monitoring within AOR--increased workcenter diagnostic skill--reduced repair time by 75%

- Maintained an impressive 100% fully mission capable rate for Nov 07; shattered SPAWAR record of 98%

- Performed as observer/controller during five marine exercises; integral to overall success of Special Forces assessments

- Volunteered to load baggage, operate step truck for POTUS entourage--showcased Military Sealift Command professionalism

- Modernized section’s outdated process for tracking safety issues. The logging rate is now at 100% for first time.

- Set up forms and publications accounts for six branches--integral to DESRON operations!

- Contributed 20 off-duty hours to environmental data migration; reviewed 10 hazmat shop folders; exceeded MARFORPAC goal by 10%

- Quick decision making during Bahrain Crisis Response exercise scenarios--executed post attack UXO sweeps and Self Aid and Buddy Care

OUTSTANDING CHIEF OF THE WATCH! Managed a watch team of 9 joint service personnel and 19 civilians overseeing operational communications supporting all USCENTCOM fixed sites and the Fifth Fleet ranging over 1000 square miles.

- Recommended use of user-friendly thermostats and filter replacement media--modernized while reducing expense

- Detained military member for DWI, discovered two concealed weapons; ensured safety of all on-scene patrolmen

- Coordinated ground operations for Exercise SAFARI 2008 supporting Nigerian Military and Admiral Crunch--flawless, textbook operation

- Identified, isolated loss of radar to fault in Common Integrated Processor. Reseated card to restore--saved $3900 in unneeded parts cost.

- Maintenance expert, rebuilt interphone cord; 2 hour fix accomplished in 30 minutes--90 marines & 20 cargo tons moved to Iraq

- Discovered P-3 cell pinhole leak; applied patch--eliminated depot requirement, $10K in repair cycle costs

- Utilized existing equipment and spare parts to assemble rack. Improved functionality and saved work center $3K in material costs

- TECHNICAL ABILITY! Displayed decisive management skills during TERMINAL FURY. Engineered constantly changing theater satellite networks supporting ships chopping in and out of AOR with zero delay to real world missions.

- Trained 12 newly assigned personnel on crisis response procedures. Significantly enhanced readiness and war-fighting abilities.

- Volunteered to perform visual tests at local elementary school, promoted health of over 250 community students.

- Revised examination procedures for submarine crew members--incorporated low light requirements--ensured mission readiness

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