Quality of Work Examples

Standard of Work; Value of End Product

Negative Examples for substandard performance

QUALITY OF WORK: Managed 41 LIMDU personnel across 2 battalions and generated vital statistics to a regiment-wide LIMDU tracker, providing battalion leadership accurate weekly accounts of the progression of limited duty Marines.

Energetic Self-starter- Seaman sailor has proven time and time again his dedication to duty by responding to over 200 calls including attempted suicides, unattended deaths, medical emergencies, uncooperative patients and larceny. sailor's meticulous attention to detail has resulted in no less than 450 citations issued including expired registration, underage drinking and possession of a firearm.

He has assisted with over 5 dental treatment procedures and over 5 prostodontic procedures as well as assisted with the set up. He has successfully, taken over 162 PA s, 420 panoramic films, and 1,196 bitewing x-rays, reducing the number of retakes. He is the image Corpsmen Up by supporting medical in over 5 medical coverages and assisting them in over 3 shot calls and blood draws.

- Made maximum use of pre-operational phase by acquiring new qualifications: completed the Senior Enlisted Propulsion Engineering Course (SEPEC), Fuel Testing, RODP, Fire fighting, and ADAMS for Supervisors.

- Performed flawlessly during NEPTUNE WARRIOR training course--increased interoperability among NATO coalition forces, facilitated flow of intel between allied ships and fleet.

- with the CRSP team he inspected over 400 sea bags, 225 footlockers, 2700 weapons, 2200 tri-walls and inspected more than 225,000 total items

- He trained and qualified 11 newly assigned personnel at several watchstations to improve watchstander efficiency and readiness.

- Trained 12 Base Communications Center operators on new SARAH and MDT equipment and software--resulted in over 99% accuracy rate

- Identified broken pin on a S-3B main tank boost pump cannon plug. Expert troubleshooting saved more than $4,000 in unnecessary boost pump replacement

- Performed program review on own initiative, maintained 100% pass rate on all 10 sectors during formal inspection

- Calibrated more than 30 high-use, critical maintenance equipment, was directly responsible for improved accuracy and performance

- Repaired Fuel Quantity Test Set for NAVAIR Lakehurst maintenance unit--on-site fix saved Navy /3K in parts and ensured uninterrupted fuel support

- Calibrated Submarine Launched Cruise Missile Warhead Squib Test Set needed to verify Tomahawk missile operation and reliability using new method, skills promoted confidence in operational readiness

- Performed weekly preventive maintenance on complex submarine communications equipment resulting in zero comm failures in 12 months!

- Performed Quality Assurance sound analysis and vibration measurements for 12 submarines during overhaul and repair. Identified undocumented sound short that transmitted noise through the ship hull, coordinated the modification to all similar class subs. Ensured fleet superiority.

- Reprogrammed USS Bainbridge navigation control computers, prevented unneeded replacement, saved over $60K in unnecessary replacement costs

- Revised and updated all workcenter continuity books; key to excellent rating during Pacific Fleet inspection 2007

- Served as witness for NCIS & Legal Office in UCMJ actions; provided bullet-proof documentation, ensured standards were upheld

- Electronically mapped over 200 water main valves and updated USS Bainbridge database. Dedication and foresight ensured quick identification of failures and restoral during emergency

- As a team member of the USNS Yukon food service crew, contributed directly to their selection as recipient of the 2008 Captain David M. Cook Food Service Excellence Award

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