Quality of Work Examples

Standard of Work; Value of End Product

1.0 Below Standards 3.0 Meets Standards 5.0 Exceeds Standards

- Needs excessive supervision
- Product frequently needs rework
- Wasteful of resources

- Needs little supervision
- Produces quality work
- Few errors and resulting rework
- Uses resources efficiently

- Needs no supervision
- Always produces exceptional work
- No rework required
- Maximizes resources

Negative Examples for substandard performance

Provided expert guidance in the repairs of 10 separate MTVR Cargo steering gear boxes returning those mission critical pieces of CESE from deadline status to mission ready! His efforts directly and positively affected NMCB-133 mission capability during recent FTX.

- 100% scrutiny of all message traffic kept center apprised of rapid changes, ahead of fleet. Proved ability to oversee CIC in support of joint ops with allied navies.

- Maintained 100% accountability of all COMSEC material under difficult circumstances.

- Identified satellite link failure, assessed impact and determined cause was unpublished scheduled outage--saved 3k manhours

- His outstanding administration of the divisional 3-M program resulted in zero deficiences during Type Commander 3-M inspections

- Exhibited extensive job knowledge during exercise Fulchi Lens 04; single-handedly solved numerous printer malfunctions

- Reduced delays in patient processing. Built bulletin board instructions; provided 2,000 annual patients with preventive eyecare information, an annual increase of 20%.

- Orchestrated the relocation of primary care clinic's diagnostic equipment with no interruption in service. Reduced patient travel, increased efficiency.

- Streamlined patient inprocess procedures, increased patient face-to-face time spent with medical providers by 25 percent; efforts recognized by Commander.

- Maintained an amazing 100% fully mission-capable rate for FY 07; shattered Second Fleet record of 99%!

- Oversaw critical operations in the Information Collection Section and was responsible for over 200 Requests for Information in less than a week during heightened operations. Section's efforts and dedication was integral to the intelligence effort and mission sucess.

- A diligent and tireless operator, identified unobserved ship movement and approach--led to mission generation, successfull diversion of threat with no loss to battle group.

- Identified cracked UHF antenna base as source of radio outage and repaired after more senior techs were unable to find problem. Restored communications and mission effectiveness

- Responded to emergency Class 3 fuel spill by ruptured refuel line and stopped the leak in less than 5 minutes and contained contaminant, minimizing the effect on environment

- Led the Strike Group in pollution prevention initiatives. Ship had 25% reduction in long-term hazardous waste/material storage with no reduction in capability.

- Supercharged the radiation safety program. Her thorough review of all workcenters ensured 100% Nuclear Regulatory Commission compliance.

- Key to his section's outstanding support for an emergency deployment to assess the damage of Wake Island after Typhoon Ioke struck. His support provided critical assistance to the USAF and directly enabled accurate casualty estimates within 48 hours

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