Sailor 360 Eval Examples

VERSATILE AND MOTIVATED- As divisional career counselor she coordinated 19 career development boards and organized the re-enlistment of two personnel. Additionally, as secondary sponsorship coordinator, she assisted in the mentoring and transition of four sailors before checking in to command. Furthermore, she performed 52 muster reports and processed 127 administrative documents.
COMMAND ORIENTED- Entirely committed to excellence and training. As training petty officer, organized and managed 33 monthly training reports, RE/CE's, 47 training jackets as well as facilitated 179 exams and boards resulting in 179 qualified sailors increasing the overall mission readiness of Beach Party Team ALPHA. Maintained mission readiness while in support of three CLZ teams from Beach Party Team ALPHA where deployed by tracking trainings, updating RE/CE's and ensuring the proper routing of 13 qualifications.
As president of the Coalition of Sailors against Destructive Decisions, she organized 7 events to help prevent junior sailors from making destructive decisions and increased unit cohesion.
A go-to sailor with strong work ethic and leadership skill, scored Beach Party Team Alpha 100% for training on DITs.
Vital member to Beach Party Team Alpha, the extent of her knowledge and experience was critical to BPT Alpha's training cycle.

- EPITOMIZES SAILOR 360 LEADERSHIP. Actively led the coordination efforts of 8 CPOs and 11 FCPOs, facilitating 40 hours of leadership indoctrination.

Spearheaded and coordinated the Sailor 360 program leading four Sailors in developing and facilitating 36 relevant and relative training evolutions delivered to 212 Officer and Enlisted Sailors.

Researched and facilitated a Sailor 360 training event for 13 CPOs and 27 PO1s.

His efforts as SAILOR 360 PT Lead resulted in 41 successful command PT sessions and contributed to a 95% passing rate for PFA CYCLE 19-1.

Her insight and maturity as a command SAILOR 360 coordinator was a major factor in the development of TRIDENT REFIT FACILITY'S SAILOR 360 Instruction and the organization of 30 Command Physical Training sessions and 13 Command Training sessions.

LED 36 peer and junior Sailors in support of training, heritage, physical education, and laying the keel SAILOR 360 committees. Led four SAILOR 360 committees which benefited 1100 Sailors and raised over $900 for the Navy Ball committee.

As the Sailor 360 COMREL CHAIR, she organized quarterly volunteer projects resulting in 200 hours allocated and 47 Letters of Appreciation, improving the morale of more than 1200 service members across the Southeast region.

Served as an instructor for the Sailor 360 command program for over 50 Junior to Senior Sailors.

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