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Separation Eval Examples

***Evaluation submitted upon member's transfer to USS NEXT SHIP.***

PO2 Sailor is an engaged leader with unparalleled technical and managerial abilities.
-EXPERT TECHNICIAN. As lead AN/SPS-48E technician, she was pivotal in the completion of 415 preventive maintenance actions and the successful repair of six complex system casualties; to include the isolation and repair of a damaged piece of flex waveguide, the replacement of an antenna coupler, and a complex SPS-48 syncro fault resulting in the restoration of the Ships primary air search RADAR.
-EXCEPTIONAL MANAGER. Maintained calibration for 122 individual pieces of equipment as Divisional Calibration PO resulting in a 90% readiness rate. Managed 30 qual-cert records for CS0 division maintaining CS0's ability to safely upload and download over 7,000 rounds of AA61 CIWS Ammunition for the execution of five CIWS PAC fire exercises.
-OUTSTANDING TRAINER. Hand-selected to train 14 Sailors in WSS Area Supervisor watch standing, resulting in a 100% board completion rate and three new qualified watchstanders.
Petty Officer Sailor consistently demonstrates outstanding enthusiasm, resourcefulness and pride in the execution of her duties. She has my highest recommendation for advancement and any program leading to a commission!

Evaluation submitted upon Petty Officer Spruill's separation from the United States Navy. Petty Officer Spruill's technical knowledge will be missed.

GET IT DONE SAILOR. As Deck ACFL, lead Command FEP workouts for 41 personnel, improving their overall health, diets and exercise regiments. Assisted in administration of PFA cycle 14-2 for 348 sailors with a 94% pass rate which included 39 of 41 personnel on FEP passing. Then as ATTT Member evaluated of eight AT/FP drills; conducted individual and command training thus increasing the level of knowledge. Also as Stretcher Bearer participated in 5 Medical Training Team drills and responded to 6 actual Medical emergences.

-Team Player. While performing his duties as Logistics Specialist he managed a budget of over $50,000 coordinating the supply lockers of two divisions utilized by 26 personnel. He executed and validated over 50 purchase orders for the maintenance and upkeep of six Oil Spill Response and 6 Harbor Security Boat assets.
-Motivated. As Assistant Command Fitness Leader, he conducted 29 Fitness Enhancement Program evolutions leading to a 95% pass rate for two command physical fitness assessments. His participation in 2 active duty funerals and 2 color guard events is testament to his outstanding uniform appearance and military bearing.
-Dependable. He expertly and safely rigged 8 Yokohama fenders and 2 Arleigh Burke fenders for transportation and installation to Staten Island and NYC Brooklyn terminals supporting 4 warships and 1 USCG ship during New York Fleet Week 2016.

Petty Officer Spruill has been an invaluable asset to Port Operations. He is highly recommended and will be a benefit to any future employer. BRAVO ZULU!!

Evaluation submitted due to member's separation from the United States Navy.

-MISSION ORIENTED. As a CPC, Petty Officer Morales expertly managed 116 TOPS transactions with little to no supervision. He diligently managed and updated service members' gains, transfers, and separations leading to 93% accuracy. He is always trying to better himself and the command by taking two, three credit college courses through Saint Leo University so he may be a better asset.

-HARD WORKER. He has proven to be a hard worker and a team player. Petty Officer Morales has met all tasks handed to him with eagerness and worked with the rest of the Admin team to complete all tasking to the best of his abilities. He expertly trained the newest addition to the Admin team, guiding him down the road to becoming another outstanding sailor.

-OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. Petty Officer Morales has gone above and beyond to assist all customers that enter the office. As the assistant BAH/BAS coordinator, he has ensured HSC-3 personnel are receiving the entitlements that are allowed to them and corrected any errors that arose.

Petty Officer Morales is an exceptional Sailor and Personnel Specialist and will be missed.

During the four years GM2(SW) Paulson has been onboard he has proven himself to be an outstanding Gunners Mate and an exceptional member of CM division.
INNOVATIVE. He demonstrated his skill as an MK13 technician by repairing over 50% of the casualties found onsite and reducing dependence on outside assistance by 40%. He assumed responsibility for the ship's GMLS system and ensured that it was properly put in lay-up IAW instructions. He also took the initiative to qualify himself on the 76mm and helped maintain all the weapon systems used against boats used to smuggle drugs during the ship's last CDOPS cruse.
TOP MANAGER. He maintained the Armory and the ship's small arms with a level of professionalism rarely seen by the C5RA small arms inspector. While GM2(SW) Paulson is leaving the Navy, his dedication to military service is evident in his using the Blue to Green program to continue service in the Army. GM2(SW) Paulson's work ethic and level of dedication have always been an outstanding example to junior Sailors and his transfer to the Army will leave boots not easily filled by another.

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