MOS 03 Infantry

Deployed with the Marine Security Element and Marine Detachment SOTF 511.2 in connection with operations against the enemy in the Philippines, from August 2017 to February 2018.

- CPL Miller consistently maintained a high level of efficiency and continually enhanced the operational effectiveness of his command and gained the respect and admiration of all who associated with him. He demonstrated attention to detail and dedication to duty as well as unfaltering execution of security operations. He displayed outstanding initiative and perseverance despite the extremely adverse conditions and difficulties associated with a high combat ops tempo.

- The integration between Special Operations and Marine Corps elements was flawless during this time due to mission focus, professionalism and flexibility. The six months of uninterupted and vigilant security that he provided for Special Operation forces counterparts and interagency partners allowed them to focus on their assigned liaison and counter terrorism tasks.

- CPL Miller provided over 4,000 hours of base security, 1,400 hours of over night airfield security, more than 1,300 security escorts, and security of six VIP visits, including the U.S. ambassador to the Philippines, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Pacific Command commander.

During operations in the Miribad Valley, PFC Hearst conducted over 20 fire missions, to stop Taliban intimidation of local nationals, which directly led to increased participation in shuras with Provincial Reconstruction Team Uruzgan (PRT-U). Due to the pinpoint accuracy of the fire missions the PRT was able to increase the number of participants by 52. The resulting shuras brought greater security, work, humanitarian aid, and a stronger Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) influence in the Miribad Valley.

During operations in the Miribad Valley, PFC Hearst served as a 240B Machine Gunner providing over watch for the 10 man dismounted CA element conducting reconnaissance and atmospherics in the area. With PFC Hearst providing over watch, the small element was able to engage with over 120 local nationals, a feat which would have been impossible otherwise.

During Operation Enduring Freedom, PFC Hearst instructed U.S. Navy and Australian armed forces on the capabilities, functions, and employment of the 60mm mortar system. His efforts inspired such camaraderie that the Australian detachment agreed to train the U.S. forces present on the 84mm recoiless rifle system.

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