MOS 06 Communications

- Supervised a total of three subordinates for 14 days resulting in two radio networks on six radios and bilateral support of two geographically separate sites.

- Operated as the senior Transmission Systems Operator (STSO) to provide the most remote location with the most experienced communicator for the 15 day duration of (Name of exercise).

- Maintained accountability of four pieces worth $20,000 of Controlled Cryptographic Items (CCI) in accordance with III MEF and Navy Security Guidelines.

Radio operator LCpl Clark showed great initiative and creativity while attached to Motor Transportation Company and supporting 13 tactical convoys. He quickly applied his knowledge of radio communication to give the convoy multiple, redundant means of communication in every scenario and developed a method to change radio batteries while the convoy was in motion. Due to his efforts, the convoy was able to maintain secure loads and ensured internal and external communications were always operational.

0671 Data Systems Administrator

Facilitated the FC/CY training for 32 Marines

Validated and facilitated the readiness of the IIMEF IRF Marines (20) in their CIF gear, annual training, and personal readiness

Validated, supervised, and executed the transfer of Systems Platoon's CWIX gear (ASM V2 & LSM) to Division

Executed plan to belt up 6 Marines (5 to gray, 1 to green)

Ensured the pack out of Nordic Response 2024 Systems and Network platoon's gear was thorough, complete, and accurate

Jan to March Accomplishments

As Quartering Party for Nordic Response 2024 Detachment, I assisted in the planning of both the Nallads and the Caves, and establishing network and system requirements prior to ADVON's arrival, ensuring a seamless setup could occur.

Supervised the startup of our three server stacks, teaching 2 Marines how to properly execute without corrupting our virtual environment.

Supervised the setup of both the Nallads and the Caves, ensuring accountability of assets was maintained and the validation checklists occurred.

Discovered and fixed why our SIPR OSCP wasn't working

Certificate Revocation List Distribution Point (CDP) could not contact DISA

Supervised the install of 7 Knowledge Base (KB) updates for 26 NATO VMs

Supervised the change in configuration for LCC phones to route through Naples. This helped fix latency issues when utilizing VOIP.

Scrubbed the ISD against our Globally Learned numbers to ensure no duplicates existed.

Learned how to fix the time (to reflect our current time zone) on NATO, taught 2 Marines how to do it and they implemented this on SIPR.

Migrated 421 mailboxes from various servers to our local server stack on NATO, fixing multiple end user issues when trying to access Outlook.

Supervised the migration of 180 mailboxes on SIPR for the same reason

Supervised the rebuild of SIPR Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

Pushed GPO on NATO so all end users in our collection received the ISD and IKMO Smartpack on their desktop

Pushed GPO on NATO to ensure the Bluetooth service was disabled

Pushed GPO on NATO to ensure the Wireless service was disabled

Supervised, pushed, and installed JChat and Java for end user availability

Supervised the install of the TOMCAT cert to our Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Jabber works now.

Certificates for NATO and SIPR exchanges were expired. I requested new certs and uploaded them via PowerShell.

Taught 2 Marines how to do this as and had them do it for SIPR

Supervised and troubleshot the reason why imaging wasn't working on NS. Latency issue, pointed our end clients to NPLS, it works now

Supervised and assisted in the creation of a GPO to restart workstations at midnight so updates could take effect

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