2M AND MTR Program Evals

Led the 2M/MTR shop in the troubleshooting, rehabilitation, and repair of 123 critical items of test equipment, saving the Navy over $200,000 in outside repair costs and reducing turn-around time by 50%.

As Command 2M Program Manager, his actions were pivotal in prompt repairs to the RAM launchers, AN/SPS-48, Automatic Identification System (AIS) and Furuno RADAR while saving the Navy $177K in repair costs.

His technical expertise was crucial to the repair of over 270 pieces of Exterior Communication and Navigation equipment. As the Departmental 3MA, he led six work centers in implementing four quarterly revisions, receiving an overall score of 97% during the 3M Certification. Managing the command Gauge Calibration and Micro-miniature programs, he was responsible for two 2M certifications and the command being recognized as the top Calibration Center in the fleet.

As the Repair Departmentís LPO, he led 38 Sailors from seven diverse ratings in the maintenance and repair of all electronic, diesel, and structural systems onboard 22 Landing Craft. Using the Defense Reutilization Management Office (DRMO) process, he oversaw the removal of 200 pieces of damaged and obsolete equipment worth over $250,000. Responsible for the micro-miniature and gauge calibration programs, he directed ten Sailors in the process and requirements for certification. His efforts were a key factor in ACU-2 receiving recognition as a top performing calibration entity by the SURFLANT inspection team.

Primary 2M Technician on board USS Ross, Petty Officer Palmer made 88 miniature and 27 micro miniature repairs resulting in savings of $250,000 and ROSS being named top saver on the water front for second quarter.

Petty Officer Cucciniello's leadership and technical expertise guided her Sailors in completing 3721 maintenance checks ensuring 99 percent maintenance completion which facilitated maximum equipment readiness. As leading 2M repair technician, his exceptional troubleshooting skills and astute attention to detail were instrumental in two bench recertifications and a total cost savings of $100,003 while onboard.

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