AWSE Evals

Aviation Weapons Support Equipment Production Supervisor. Led 10 personnel through an Aviation Maintenance Inspection on 542 pieces of Weapons Support Equipment and associated 4790/52 records. Led 51 Sailors and Civilians in the safe break out, maintenance, and issue/receipt of 650 tons of conventional ordnance valued at more than 90 million dollars in support of 26 Second Fleet Commands. As Quality Assurance Representative, he was directly responsible for the upkeep and verification of 151 publications, conducted 20 ESSA Program Audits, 6 evolution audits, and 6 wood shop SOP audits resulting in strict procedural compliance and safer working environments.

As Aviation Weapons Support Equipment (AWSE) Leading Petty Officer, he flawlessly led 5 sailors through the successful maintenance program assist preparation. Meticulously identified four critical discrepancies, greatly improving the command's readiness. His actions greatly impacted the command and led to a grade of On-Track during the most recent MPA.

As the Aviation Weapons Support Equipment (AWSE) Supervisor, he prepared, inspected, and maintained over 650 pieces of AWSE equipment valued at over $1.7 million. As the AWSE Program Manager, he ensured ready-for-issue equipment records were maintained and all MAG-24 equipment was accounted for by performing six pre-inspection inventories resulting in Ordnance Department receiving an overall grade of "On-Track" during the 1st Marine Aviation Wing Inspection. As a Collateral Duty Inspector, he inspected the maintenance and repair of 217 Maintenance Action Forms (MAFs) in support of six local and three transient squadrons resulting in zero rework during Lava Viper and Rim of the Pacific exercises.

AO2 ******* FLAWLESSLY SUPERVISED 12 TECHNICIANS IN THE HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL OVERHAUL OF 663 AWSE ASSETS ENCOMPASSING 3,980 MAINTENANCE ACTIONS AND 10,754 TOTAL MAN-HOURS ACCOUNTED DIRECTLY SAVED THE NAVY $2.2 MILLION IN DEPOT LEVEL REWORK AND NEW PROCUREMENT COST WHILE TAD TO FLEET READINESS CENTER SOUTHWEST "BLDG 801" REWORK Facility. As the scheduling manager he coordinated and led eight SE on/off loads with zero mishaps and meticulously tracked the Paint booth delivery and return of 1,500 plus sub-components with 100% accuracy.

AO1 managed the resources and production efforts of 13 technicians across two facilities in the highly successful overhaul of 663 AWSE assets encompassing 3,980 complex maintenance actions and 10,754 total Man-Hours accounted for while TAD to FLEET READINESS CENTER SOUTHWEST “Bldg 801 rework facility” during an EXTENSIVE six-month Planned Avalibility Increments period. AO1’s Superb leadership saved over ***K in new Support Equipment requirements and Depot Level rework costs while increasing mission capibilities by extending SE service life for future deployments.

Displaying exceptional technical expertise, she played a vital role in the complete overhaul of XXX Aviation Weapon Support Equipment (AWSE) items accumulating ##### Man-hours in the completion of XXXX Complexed maintenance actions in lieu of USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT's seven-month Planned Availability Increment period saving the NAVY over $200K in Depot Level rework, new procurement costs. As the ADU XXXX Team Leader, AOAN XXX was personally responsible for the Full-cycle rehabilitation and inventory management of XXX ADU xxx valued at XXXXXX ensuring all maintenance tasks were completed with the highest degree of quality and workmanship to extend Support Equipment service life for future deployments.

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