BALTOPS Eval Statements

Hand selected as lead mechanic for BALTOPS exercise MAY - JUN 2022, CM2 provided mechanical support to CTF68 and 16 countries which featured 47 ships, 89 aircraft, and 7,000 multinational personnel and troops in the Baltic Sea. Responsible for the staging and offloading of 82 units of CESE, Naval Expeditionary combat support equipment and supplies valued at $32M. Hosted logistical support for eight joint nations' task forces totaling delivering a total of 2100 gallons of fuel and 40 tons of mission critical equipment to operations during the joint nation exercise. Additionally, CM2 made an on-site repair to a downed forklift utilizing locally sourced parts and quick repair keeping a 100% equipment readiness for the missions. Furthermore, Petty Officer X conducted the field expedient recovery of EOD Light Service Support Vehicle, 7 Meter Ridged Hull Inflatable Boat and unmanned watercraft off a beach ensuring a timely recovery of crucial equipment. CM2's flexible management skills and keen knowledge allowed for the development of new partnerships leading to the successful completion of the joint logistics mission BALTOPS exercise. CM2 showcased the Battalion's flexibility and ability to respond during real world exercises and 21st century warfighting capabilities while forging new alliances across host and partner nation forces.

As CM01 work center supervisor he led CM01 in multiple system repairs to Ship Self-Defense System (SSDS) in support of BALTOPS 2015. He identified and repaired over 20 critical console faults and spent over 200 man hours in trouble shooting failed equipment to maintain a current Combat Systems Tactical Picture. During AW/SW certification, he led CM01 in 300 hours of trouble shooting and obtaining $400K in replacement parts for Battle Force Tactical Trainer (BFTT) and SSDS consoles.

AG2 Petersen served as Forecast Duty Officer during his embarkation on USS MOUNT WHITNEY in support of the multinational exercise Baltic Operations (BALTOPS) 2016.

-While serving aboard USS MOUNT WHITNEY for the entirety of BALTOPS 2016, he produced and disseminated over 30 detailed meteorological/oceanographic (METOC) forecasts to the USS CARTER HALL and USS TRUXTUN, which provided a day-to-day estimate of the weather and the impacts to operations, improving the overall safety and awareness of over 700 joint personnel.

-Assisted the USS MOUNT WHITNEY by providing over 70 METOC forecast updates and verbal briefings, ensuring the navigational safety of the vessel and its personnel.

-Worked closely with Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO), providing over 30 briefs throughout the exercise, enhancing the mission readiness of over 40 naval units from 17 countries participating in BALTOPS 2016.

-While working with Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO), she coordinated with the amphibious cell and mine-countermeasure cell to provide METOC support for amphibious landings and air-drop exercises.

-Provided 27 Solar and Lunar Almanac Predictions and aviation forecasts to Helictopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 28 which resulted in more than 100 mishap-free flight hours. He also efficiently forecasted the weather for the first landing of an MV-22 Osprey on the flight deck of an Amphibious Command Ship (LCC).

-He produced six daily communications briefs for the Commander 6th Fleet (C6F) Joint Intelligence Center (JIC), providing LINK-11 and LINK-16 communications status and ensuring basic communications between shore and ships were not interrupted.

-Provided a basic METOC knowledge and Space Weather brief to the C6F Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) Strike Cell, improving the overall knowledge and situational awareness of five personnel and improving targeting accuracy.

As Commander, Second Fleet Intelligence Watch Assistant during BALTOPs 19, PO1 Casey provided 40 hours of training to six vital watch stations resulting in the qualification of six Sailors. He authored 30 intelligence briefs for two COCOM and four staff commands and developed C2F's new MIOC watch SOP.

As Beach Party Team Commander, CWO4 Johnson led his beach party team through a rigorous Amphibious Warfare Certification, certifying his team on the first iteration. His foresight and relentless attention to mission readiness directly contributed to saving over $150,000 in maintenance vehicle parts. During USS IWO JIMA ARG and BALTOPS, he was directly responsible for the safe movement of 3,200 tons of rolling stock, vehicles, and 570 personnel. Dedicating over 400 hours of Integrated Beach Training operations, he trained and qualified 14 personnel in higher qualifications and his mentorship led to a 95% retention rate of first term Sailors in the command.

As Beach Party Team One (BPT-1) Leading Chief Petty Officer, he directly managed 33 Sailors and led 13 integrated beach training events, delivering 920 instructional hours on Craft Landing Zone and Conventional operations, qualifying 9 Ramp Marshals, 6 Traffic Controlmen, 5 Flank Petty Officers, one Salvage Officer, and one Senior Ramp Marshal. Spearheaded the salvage of Landing Craft Utility five six during BALTOPS 2018 Gydnia, Poland and continued the operation by transporting 40 Polish reconnaissance team members, 40 combat-loaded Marines, and over 150K tons of rolling stock across the beach safely to complete the execution of the Assault-Phase in a timely manner.

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