BSP Coordinator Eval Examples

Served as Indoctrination Division LPO and Brief Stop for Personnel (BSP) Coordinator for Naval Submarine Support Center (NSSC), Kings Bay. Successfully coordinated 23 BSPs for over 200 prospective and transient gaining personnel. She ensured all necessary documentation and appropriate cross-coordination actions were taken, and ensured all potential problems were resolved, guaranteeing personnel met embarkation requirements. Accomplished her assigned tasks with one hundred percent accuracy and zero incidents or delays during the processing of all 23 BSPs. She also supervised all prospective gains attached to Indoctrination division at NSSC.

Petty Officer Biggs conducted the mission planning, patrol brief, and execution of a BSP for the USS Georgia (SSGN-729). He safely navigated three Patrol Boats to the location and set up static defense while passengers were transferred.

-Ultimate Strategist. Meticulously managd over $350K in food inventory keeping a well supplied galley and wardroom though an entire SOUTHCOM deployment. He coordinated seven Brief Stops for Fuel (BSF), subsistence deliveries, and five VERTREPS totaling $300K in repair parts, 5,000 pounds of mail, $50K of retail stores goods, and 455 requisitions. His efforts kept NICHOLAS mission-ready and crew morale at the highest possible level.

Optimized available resources. Developed algorithm that met personnel requirements while analyzing demand and scheduling BSPs accordingly.

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