Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) Evals

EXPERT MANAGER. Directed 12 Sailors in the repair of CFFC HQ SLQ-32 training RADAR components, reducing the work center backlog by 23 percent while maintaining a 96 percent repair rate.
SKILLED TROUBLESHOOTER. Repaired and verified 24 Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) Operational Test Program Sets, saving $380K in repair costs and increasing Support Equipment availability by 21 percent.

Consolidated Automated Support Systems (CASS) Instructor for the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit (CNATTU) North Island. He instructed 13 CASS classes, graduating 39 qualified CASS technicians through the delivery of 1,123 instructional hours. As a subject matter expert, he chaired the AN/USM-676(V)2 Pin-Point Infra-Red Receiver (IRR) Test Station West-Coast Conference between Wyle Corporation and the Department of the Navy concerning the addition of Pin-Point into the CASS pipeline. He reviewed the Pin-Point IRR Test Station Maintainer Manual (RIAC TAT-237, dated 11 AUG 2014) submitted by Wyle for accuracy and CASS troubleshooting applicability and ensured Fleet Feedback was submitted in a timely manner. As an ATE command advocate, he assisted in creating and teaching a new CASS Refresher course to 18 Navy and Marine Corps personnel transferring to Miramar to ensure that CASS instruction was uniform and consistent throughout the entire MTU.

A Consolidated Automated Support Systems supervisor assigned to Fleet Readiness Center Mid-Atlantic Detachment Norfolk. He demonstrated his technicial expertise providing instrumental experience for 15 sailors contributing to the successful completion of 2,789 maintenance actions in support of 18 squadrons with a 95 percent ready-for-issue rate and a depot level cost avoidance rate of $17,046,701.

As workcenter supervisor (nights) and Consolidated Automated Support Systems technician, Fleet Readiness Center West. Demonstrated exemplary leadership and intitive providing xxx maintenance actions, xxx broad arrows, involving xxx man hours across 6 avionic work centers, providing 80% readiness.

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