Corrosion Control Assistance Team (CCAT) Evals

As the CCF (Corrosion Control Facility) NCOIC, Sergeant Mosely got the CCF Marine Corps program back on track and received a grade of 96% on the current CNAF inspection and an "ON TRACK" on the ALMAT. Supported 6 MAG-31 squadrons and two squadrons from outside MAG-31 (VMFA-112 & VMFAT-101) with 46 maintenance actions on aircraft and 230 maintenance actions on other components. Introduced Cadmium Plating to MALS-31 which lead to 13 maintenance actions in direct support of Depot Level maintenance. Managed inducting Brake Rider, Tow Director, and Tow qualifications to the I-Level, which allowed CCF to tow aircraft themselves and not have to rely on the squadrons. Increased overall man power from six to a total of 13 Marines. Increased the number of Aircraft Paint Qualified Marines from three a/c painters to a total of nine a/c painters.

Petty Officer Lavender was selected to lead MITSCHER's Corrosion Control Tiger Team, which led 10 Sailors in completing ship-wide preservation. Saved the Navy over $20,000 in repairs due to corrosion. Contributed to Mitscher's success during Light off assessment. In addition, he completed four Corrosion Control Inspections where he managed a group of five junior sailors in the correction of over 100 RBOs.

As the Corrosion Control Logistics Working Group Lead, LCDR Sullivan spearheaded the effort by identifying extended life expectancy products, exploring alternative corrosion control technologies, as well as force demand for all classes of surface ships, resulting in a 25 percent overall lifecycle cost savings.

As a Corrosion Control craftsman onboard Mid Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center, his expertise aided in the completion of over 2,300 maintenance packages, enabling 75 ships to maintain mission readiness. Additionally, he sustained positions as Corrosion Control PQS/JQR coordinator, Repair Parts Petty Officer, Divisional Career Counselor, and Mentorship Coordinator. His efforts were instrumental in the success of NAVSEA inspector general inspection, two assessments, and two Workcenter in the Spotlight inspections.

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