Command Fitness Leader (CFL) Evals

- COMMAND IMPACT. As ACFL, conducted # fitness enhancement sessions, increasing command physical readiness and morale.

- COMMAND ORIENTED. Held # command PT sessions and conducted # official PFAs leading to the command s overall #% passing rate, as well as conducting FEP helping # Sailors.

- COMMAND ENGAGED. As the command ACFL, executed # BCA weigh-ins and # PRT events for # command personnel.

- COMMAND IMPACT. As CFL, trained and supervised # Sailors as ACFLs and was crucial in a #% PFA pass rate.

- COMMAND STANDOUT. Led # ACFLs in conducting a PFA for # Sailors and organized weekly FEP sessions resulting in a #% pass rate.

- COMMAND ENGAGED. Vital in the planning and execution of # PFA events for # personnel, yielding a #% pass rate. Diligently executed FEP for # Sailors to aid them in overcoming Physical Readiness deficiencies.

- SAILOR ENGAGED. As Command Fitness Leader, led # ACFLs in executing # BCA weigh-ins and # PRT events for # personnel.

- COMMAND FOCUSED. Administered # PFA cycles for # Sailors with a #% pass rate.

- COMMAND IMPACT. As CFL, led # Assistant CFLs in the completion of PFA cycle CY-## for # personnel, resulting in a 99% pass rate.

- DEDICATED FITNESS LEADER. Actively engaged in Sailors' physical fitness, conducted weekly fitness enhancement program training sessions to improve strength and conditioning amongst his peers. His dedicated efforts resulted in a 100% pass rate on the PFA.

As an ACFL, led # Sailors through # FEP sessions, which resulted in all Sailors passing the PFA.

As an ACFL, led # FEP sessions for # Sailors resulting in a #% pass rate.

NCHB-8-C ACFL, helped over 150 Sailors at NOSC NYC participate in and complete their PFA over drill weekend 05/2023

- ENGAGED SUPPORTER. As ACFL, was a key player in the administration of the PFA cycle for X sailors with a X% passing rate. Dedicated X off-duty hours to FEP, decreasing overall BCA failures within the command.

- DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL. Facilitated X FEP sessions and X BCAs for X personnel during PFA Cycle X, yielding a X% reduction in FEP and a passing rate of X%.

FOCUSED HEALTH INVOLVEMENT. Led X FEP sessions and assisted X Sailors through X Command PFAs with a remarkable X% pass rate.

- FITNESS EXPERT. As one of my most visible ACFLs, conducted X PFAs and led X Fitness Enhancement Program sessions, resulting in a X% PFA pass rate.

- COMMAND IMPACT. As ACFL, coordinated a departmental mock PFA facilitating quality of life improvements and physical readiness.

- FITNESS DEVOTEE. Constantly promoted a culture of physical fitness in my command! Led X physical training events and X FEP sessions, directly contributing to an X percent pass rate for a command of X personnel and the removal of X Sailors from FEP.

- INSPIRATIONAL LEADER. As Departmental ACFL, led X Sailors during X PT sessions which resulted in 100% PFA pass rate.

- DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL. Facilitated X FEP sessions and X BCAs for X personnel, yielding a X% reduction in FEP enrollment and command pass rate of X%.

- COMMAND PRESENCE. Conducted and facilitated X Body Composition Assessment spot checks on new check-in Sailors per the PFA 365 days a year concept.

He conducted X BCA weigh-ins, led X FEP sessions, and facilitated X PRT sessions for X Sailors resulting in 97% pass rate for PFA cycle 20XX.

- COMMAND SERVANT. As ACFL, coordinated physical readiness for a command of X Sailors, personally administering X BCAs, resulting in a 99% pass rate for the CY 20XX PRT.

- FITNESS ADVOCATE. Organized a health challenge. Dedicated X off-duty hours developing an 8-week at-home workout program that resulted in a collective sum of X% body fat loss during the challenge. As ACFL, vital to the completion of the 20XX PFA cycle for X Sailors. Dedicated countless hours of mentorship and motivation of X Command ACFLs.

- COMMAND WIDE IMPACT. As an ACFL, he was a key player in the administration of the X PFA cycle for X Sailors with a nearly 90% passing rate. Dedicated X off-duty hours to FEP, decreasing overall BCA failures within the command.

- COMMAND IMPACT. Led 10 ACFLs in completion of the 20XX PFA, 42 FEP sessions for 38 Sailors, resulting in reduction of FEP enrollments by 20% and producing a 98% pass rate in the command.

OUTSTANDING MOTIVATOR. Ran a comprehensive Physical Readiness Training Program of well-organized fitness activities and nutritional guidance. His/her dedicated efforts contributed to zero failures during the Spring and Fall PFA Cycle for 900 staff personnel.

Command oriented. Appointed as Assistant Command Fitness Leader during the FY21-22. Administrated 1500 Active-duty BCAs, graded 56 PFAs, and superintended 4 FEP sessions. Promoted fitness and health to his department resulting in deployment readiness of 31 Enlisted and 14 Commissioned Sailors.

As Command Fitness Leader, led 18 ACFLs and 384 Sailors in the CY 2021 and CY 2022 PFAs, yielding a 98.6% pass rate.

As an ACFL, she conducted the PFA during the COVID-19 pandemic ensuring the command was in compliance with COVID-19 measures and ensured Sailors maintained operational readiness.

- HEALTH ENTHUSIAST. Coordinated and led 8 sailors in workouts which aided in 100% PRT pass rate in our department mission readiness.

As ACFL he implemented the new physical readiness test standards across 1 command training evolution, R2 Division's Mock PRT, R1's Division in the spotlight BCAs, as well as 15 Fitness Enhancement Program workouts facilitating quality of life improvements and fitness goals while upholding Navy standards.

As Assistant Command Fitness Leader, he conducted 23 physical fitness assessments for 85 Sailors.

As an ACFL, directly enabled a 100% PFA pass rate.

As CFL, he led 19 ACFL's in the administration of PFA cycles 18-2 and 19-1 for 278 Sailors with a pass rate of 99.2%. He effectively streamlined the Command's Fitness Enhancement Program for 21 Sailors, facilitating quality of life improvements and fitness goals, resulting in Sailors achieving fitness success.

As lead MAG 39 ACFL, he led four junior ACFLs and ensured physical training for 55 Sailors and 15 Officers twice a week. He organized weekly FEP sessions, providing a fitness enhancement program physical training plan, multiple running courses, strength and conditioning plans, and actively engaged each Sailor on proper physical fitness. His dedication to physical fitness resulted in a 99% passing rate for 6 PFA cycles.

-Command ACFL, led 1 command PT, 4 FEP PT, 28 divisional PT which resulted in 1 sailor passing the PRT and getting removed from FEP.

HM1 Corona is a dedicated Sailor and a charismatic leader on the deckplates. He is a role model for junior Sailors and peers alike. He served as Assistant CFL promoting unit health and readiness, while maintaining records and assisting in CFL program coordination. As ACFL for MSC EPU 110, HM1 Corona assisted 8 unit PT sessions which resulted in the unit having a 98% pass rate on both FY19 PFAs.

As Command Fitness Coordinator, she administered the PFA for 62 Sailors, conducted the Physical training program and the fitness enhancement program, resulting in an average decreased run time of 1.20 minutes and a decrease of failures by 40%.

CS2 Abbott consistently achieved outstanding allowing him to be a supply divisional CFL, During the 2017 cycle 1&2 PRT cycle CS2 Abbott was vital conducting both BCAs and PRTs for 2017. He was essential in the processing of over 2,500 sailors completing the PRT

Assumed responsibility for and revitalized DISA-PAC's physical fitness program. Failure rate over the last four cycles has dropped from 30% to zero.

His leadership as CFL inspired a culture of fitness throughout the command and led to his selection as third naval construction regiment Sailor of the Year.

- Fitness leader. As Assistant CFL, she led command physical fitness and FEP sessions directly contributing to a 95 percent pass rate in Cycle 1 and 2 2014 PFA.

As CFL, 75% of the command scored OUTSTANDING or EXCELLENT during semi-annual PFA


-Led and administered the command fitness program flawlessly through four PFA cycles with 100% participation and zero failures.

- Detachment Fitness Leader. Led tri-weekly physical fitness sessions which contributed to 100% Detachment pass rate for both Spring and Fall PFA cycles.

-Sgt Smith as the training NCO took charge of the body composition program and developed a functional fitness program that resulted in 5 Marines out of 6 to come well under their max weight to make body fat and weight.

- MOTIVATED LEADER. Assisted in the management of all elements of the physical readiness program by expertly leading command PT, two PFAs, and performing administrative duties for 80 personnel. Her fitness leadership produced a 98 percent command PFA pass rate.

- FITNESS LEADER. Led 78 Sailors in completing 17 Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP) sessions, 3 command PT sessions, and 3 Physical Fitness Assessments (PFA). Actions removed 8 Sailors from FEP, and contributed to 100% divisional and 98.5% command PFA pass rate.


-PO XXXXXXXXX developed and maintained an intensive physical fitness program that improved morale and reduced the semi-annual failure rate by over 50%!

As Division Fitness Leader, facilitated organized physical training and was directly responsible for the physical readiness and administrative accountability for 25 sailors.

As FWCAD Fitness Leader, her efforts and leadership improved the overall health, wellness, and deployment-readiness of the detachment, leading to a 100% PRT pass rate for the command over two consecutive cycles.

As the Command Fitness Leader, created a fitness culture for the command resulting in zero failures and a 20% average decrease in body fat, keeping 100% of the unit fit for duty.

-Proven results. Active leader for the command fitness program. He created a fitness program throughout the command, resulting in 100% pass rate throughout the command.

He sought out every opportunity to develop a culture of fitness and wellness resulting in increased retention.

PRT LPO: Demonstrated outstanding organizational skills, led 75 Assistant Command Fitness Leaders in providing 900 hours of training for 1200 members resulting in 98 percent PFA passing rate.

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