CPO 365 Coordinator Evals

- NAVAL HERITAGE LEADER. Planned and executed FY 20XX CPO selectee trip to the USS Constitution for XX selectees and XX genuine CPOs, including a group run through Boston and a tour of "OLD IRONSIDES." His efforts instilled and promoted a sense of heritage for the Navy's current and next generation of leaders while generating positive feedback from the citizens of the City of Boston!

Leader in the CPO Mess. Elected by her peers as a CPO 365 Phase 2 Committee Lead for 3 consecutive years. She coordinated, trained and led fellow Chiefs, ensuring more than 30 CPO selectees received essential training in accordance with MCPON guidance. Her direct leadership was essential to executing a solid training plan and upheld the Navy's highest standards of customs, traditions, and heritage.

While balancing his responsibilities as FCPOA President and other collateral duties, he was an active participant in the CPO 365 program, expanding his knowledge base and helping to shape future leaders.

-ACTIVE MESS LEADER: Led FY17 CPO 365 Phase II evolutions, sponsored a CPO select, and mentored 3 additional SRP CPO Selects.

As Senior Enlisted Leader for Surgemain Albany, his leadership led to a 100% improvement on career development boards. He wrote and implemented the Northeast region CPO 365 training program used by seven NOSCs which resulted in over 5,100 hours of leadership training for 220 First Class Petty Officers.

while serving as Reserve Component Administrative Officer for Naval Construction Group TWO, Chief Parker successfully completed 128 E7 and below Personnel Evaluations over a two year period. Her tireless dedication provided over 1,100 classroom training hours of CPO 365 training to 96 board eligible PO1s resulting in 14 selectees chosen for Chief Petty Officer for NOSC Minneapolis.

Fully engaged in CPO 365; provided training and guidance to 77 future Chief Petty Officers. His involvment in Career Development Boards, rate training, and team building achieved two SOQ's, a 75 percent advancement rate, and a 76 percent retention rate. He was the driving force behind the DoN mandated SAPR stand-down for 1,333 personnel dispersed across five sites.

-Leader. Facilitated 11 FMF classes, 10 EAP classes, and two CPO 365 classes. Authored one NAM, three CERTCOMs, and two BJOQ packages. His coordination of all CPO 365 training greatly enhanced the leadership of all Sailors who attended.

As Vice President of the First Class Petty Officer (FCPOA) Association, he revitalized esprit de corps within the Association and helped arrange more time for CPO 365 training, monthly social functions (team builders), COMREL projects, and fundraisers which directly contributed to a positive command climate.

Fully supports CPO 365. Led five CPOs in Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles training for fourteen Selection Board Eligible First Class Petty Officers with four being selected. Led Petty Officer Leadership training for four sailors to be frocked. Provided Sexual Assault Prevention and Response training for 200 unit members, meeting time sensitive CNO deadlines both at Headquarters and in the field.

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