Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD)

- PEER LEADER. As CSADD Vice President, led # Sailors events, increasing morale within the squadron.

- CIVIC FOCUSED. As CSADD volunteer and event coordinator, organized X volunteer opportunities and X command events providing X sailors a total of X hours of community service increasing community relations within the local community and the Navy.

- COMMAND IMPACT. Drive to succeed and help others enabled to be voted by peers as CSADD Vice-President and President. Efforts have contributed to X successful command-wide events fostering esprit de corps and unit cohesion.

- PEER LEADER. As President of CSADD, spearheaded a community relations project with the Sequoia National Park, restoring campgrounds while providing a venue for Sailors to assist their community.

- COMMAND ORIENTED. As CSADD President, led the team in spearheading a Salvation Army Angel Tree, providing substantial Christmas gifts to disadvantaged children, as well as "Evening Under the Stars", raising $X.

- COMMAND COMMITTED. As CSADD Volunteer coordinator, coordinated a Field Day and Clean the Bay Day events for X Sailors, totaling X volunteer hours.

- PEER FOCUSED. As CSADD President, coordinated and organized a baby drive raising approximately $X in funds and over X baby gifts for expecting families.

-SAILOR DRIVEN. As a member of CSADD, he provided 2 trainings to 45+ junior Sailors on smart decision making skills, ultimately improving overall Sailor awareness on the prevention of destructive decisions.

- COMMAND INVOLVED. As CSADD President, revitalized the association by-laws, promoted command-wide morale and increased membership by 150%. Mentored a peer group of 20 Sailors and spearheaded 7 volunteer and morale events accumulating over 370 volunteer hours supporting the relationship between the Navy and the local community.

Pioneered Command CSADD. Coordinated 13 CSADD campaigns impacting the lives of 300 staff members, 6000 students and thousands more on Facebook. His contributions reduced sexual assault incidents in the command by 50% and improved students' quality of life by 30%. Chief Pettymoore's outstanding contributions in mentorship, leadership, and ability to influence subordinates to make the right decison was instrumental in the command's nomination as the fleet honorable mention of the year.

Dedicated 350 off-duty hours to the USO, CSADD, JEA, Hawaii Meals on Wheels, and the Salvation Army, making her a vital asset to this command. Her efforts directly resulted in Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam (JBPHH) CSADD selection as COMNAVREGHI Chapter of the Year. Her guidance was sought to help establish 26 new CSADD chapters around the region. She educated over 12,000 service members, family members, and civilians on the effects of alcohol, sexual assaults, and domestic abuse, resulting in a reduction of alcohol-related incidents installation-wide.

A key component of command CSADD leadership, HM1 Nazareno coordinated 22 CSADD command campaigns and delivered 20 CSADD PowerPoint presentations which positively impacted the lives of 200 staff members and 1000 students. His resourcefulness created awareness of destructive behaviors and dramatically reduced incidents of sexual assault in the command within the first 12 months of command CSADD inception. He organized two comedy nights, three physical competitions and two ice cream events elevating morale and improving the quality of life for staff and students in the command.

As Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD) President, she led 19 junior Sailors in organizing six Command events, increasing awareness of Sexual Assault Prevention Response (SAPR), the Physical Readiness Test, responsible alcohol use, bystander intervention, and liberty safety. HM1 Portnoy authored 11 Letters of Appreciation to recognize Sailors for their efforts during these effective events.

As the Lead Command (CSADD) Advocate, led 23 instructors and mentored 880 Sailors and Marines in the planning and execution of 78 CSADD events, promoting peer-to-peer mentorship and building morale. He implemented three innovative programs that promoted and provided an alcohol free environment for 5,700 Sailors and Marines, resulting in a 30 percent decrease in ARIs. His efforts in managing over 10,600 volunteer hours also led to CSADD being selected as CSADD Chapter of the Year for 2016.

As Secretary of the CSADD Program, she effectively contributed to the organization of command functions, encouraging positive influence and behavior throughout the command.

A true leader in the Command, he established and led Norfolk Ship Support Activity's first chapter of Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions, providing junior Sailors with knowledge for making positive career and life decisions.

As President of Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions, he established Agana Heights' first road adoption program, giving his Sailors the opportunity to give back to the community and improving community relations.

As Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions rep, HM2 Tyler conducted an event for 120 staff members and organized two hospital beautifications. He also raised over $500 and committed over 800 volunteer hours to the rehabilitation of 100 foster dogs.

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