CSTT Evals

As Combat Systems Training Team (CSTT) Evaluator, she coordinated 25 drills providing nine Sailors 75 hours of tactical and technical training, increasing Combat Systems casualty response knowledge and watch stander casualty control actions.

As CSTT Lead, provided 10 personnel 176 hours of tactical and technical training, increasing operational capability by 25% and leading to 95% scores during T-3 and T-4 - the highest marks received onboard in five years!

- INNOVATIVE TRAINER. Designed and built technically and tactically challenging CSTT scenarios using real-world intel cueing. These scenarios allowed WASP to complete the Basic Phase ahead of schedule with better than expected results, while improving warfighting readiness.

EXPERIENCED LPO. Directly responsible for ship's mission readiness: As Combat Systems Training Team Surface Warfare Leader and Operations Department LPO, MN1's diligent and thorough knowledge of mine warfare led to the successful certification of Basic Phase certification in the following warfare areas: EW, SW, INTEl, and MIW.

COMMAND TRAINER. As CSTT he oversaw 12 Combat Systems Training evolutions, training five watch teams at three watch stations, qualifying three TICs, five IDSs, two CICWSs, and three CICWOs, contributing to RAMAGE's combat readiness. As STT he oversaw three watch teams during MOB evolutions, and two SAR plotting teams, training 15 watch standers and completing the SAREX certification.

As a member of a highly successful Combat Systems Training team, she personally trained Electronic Warfare Supervisors, Operators and Maintainers to initial certification with a 96.7%.

Combat Systems Training Team leader during C2 assessment of USS GUNSTON HALL (LSD 44). Petty Officer superbly led a team of nine technicians throughout 40 drills and provided 88 hours of training to CSOOWS and CSOSS technicians. His expertise was critical in certifying air, surface, electronic and intelligence warfare areas.

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