Central Technical Publications Librarian (CTPL) Evals

As Central Technical Publications Librarian (CTPL), he maintained 16 Portable Electronic Maintenance Aids (PEMA) and an Enhanced Library Management Systems (ELMS) library of 411 technical publications. He incorporated 40 IRACS 64 Revisions, 22 changes and three notices, directly contributing to the 100% accuracy of all maintenances practices. As Support Equipment Planned Maintenance System (SEPMS) program manager, he spearheaded the transition of 73 records to one comprehensive binder and the complete utilization of ALS OOMA Log sets, streamlining the record keeping process.

Assigned as the Central Technical Publications Librarian for the Technical Data Management program at HMLA-775. Responsible for updating and maintaining over 500 digital copies, 30 hard copies of technical publications, and 53 PEMAs that were critical for safe and proper maintenance procedures. His meticulous attention to detail was rewarded with a rating of on-track during the squadron's initial ALMAT inspection and the Commander of Naval Air Forces Inspection.

CTPL and SEPMS at Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Six Two. AZ3 was a meticulous CTPL, taking charge of 364 technical publications and earning a Bravo Zulu from the AMI and recognition as the command with the most up to date publications. His outstanding work in the AZ locker had him taking on the command's first NP2000 mod pickup and making sure all details lead to the success of VR-62 missions and detachments. As SEPMS Coordinator, he kept track of all SEPMS gear in the command, resulting in error free maintenance in all the work centers and on detachments.

While serving at NSWC PCD, as the CTPL Manager, he maintained and updated the Publications and Manuals used by contractors for the upkeep of two MH-60S.

Squadron's Central Technical Publications Librarian, Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 775 (HMLA-775). Integrated nine UH-1Y and 12 AH-1W into the newly activated squadron.

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