Defense Travel System (DTS) Coordinator

- EXPERT MANAGER. As DTS AO, managed a $# travel budget while executing # DTS authorizations and vouchers in direct support of the Navy missions across the globe.

- RESIDENT ADMINISTRATOR. Ambitiously took over the command's award system ensuring decorations were properly annotated into personnel records in a timely manner. As the TDY coordinator, she created and processed over X authorizations and travel vouchers while managing a budget valued over $#K.

- TECHNICAL EXPERT. As DTS clerk, she executed X emergent travel requirements with zero errors.

- SUPERB MANAGER. As Travel ALPO, led a team of X Sailors in the flawless processing and liquidation of over $XK in travel and DTS claims for X personnel with a X% accuracy rate.

As the DTS NDEA, he expertly supervised, screened, processed and executed 10 DTS orders totaling $1200 in support of command training exercises, guaranteeing all travel, entitlements, and reimbursements were in accordance with DOD JTR without compromising accuracy or exceeding the command's authorized budget.

As Non-DTS Entry Agent, he meticulously managed the accounts of 380 personnel ensuring the timely processing and payment of all accounts with an unprecedented 2% error rate.

- TDY EXPERT. He was responsible for reviewing travel authorizations, vouchers, and local vouchers. He ensured over 200 vouchers and local vouchers were processed with minimum discrepancies.

Lead Defense Travel Administrator for FRCSE. During his tenure, AT3 Sullivan successfully coordinated and processed over 250 travel documents with a travel budget of over $1.5M and was able to save the command over $200K in travel costs. As Assistant Sea/P3 OPDET Coordinator, he prepared and arranged pre-deployment meetings which facilitated the successful deployments of 136 personnel and resulted in 29 personnel completing EAWS qualifications.

THE DTS AGENCY PROGRAM COORDINATOR FROM September 2013 - August 2016, Petty Officer Reynolds took responsibility for and ran the Defense Travel System program like a seasoned veteran. He supervised, screened, processed and wrote 1077 DTS orders totaling $130,000 in support of homeport projects, training, and conferences. He guaranteed all travel, entitlements, and reimbursements were IAW DOD-JTFR without compromising accuracy or exceeding the authorized budget. As the Leading Defense Travel Administrator for the FY15 deployment, he was responsible for tracking 15 cross-org Lines of Accounting involving more than $1M. He also managed 1,100 deployment authorizations and vouchers for personnel traveling to 25 countries in support of battalion missions. His commitment led the Battalion to a less than 1% delinquency rate, the lowest of all Naval Construction Force units.

Performance of duties while serving as Defense Travel System Non Entry Data Agent for Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Eleven from April to November 2016. As Defense Travel System Non Entry Data Agent, she meticulously managed the accounts of 165 personnel ensuring the timely processing and payment of all accounts with an unprecedented 2% error rate.

While filling the manning gap of the department travel liaison and superb administrative skills provided critical assistance to the commandís mission. He provided superb administrative support to 13 medical assignment detailers in support of detailer site visits, process improvement conferences, and executive leadership training during staffing shortfalls. His efforts directly contributed to the timely processing of 50 defense travel system orders totaling over 50 thousand dollars. Additionally, his thoroughness facilitated the travel of 7 medical and dental doctors to maintain their mandatory credentials to practice within navy medicine.

Selected as MTOC EIGHTís Defense Travel System (DTS) Administrator and order writer, managing a total cost of 1.3 Million dollars including his support to multiple MTOC/TOC commands across the west coast with DTS. Hand selected as the Petty Officer in Charge of the MTOC EIGHT Keflavik Deployment, with responsibility for all expeditionary equipment operation and acting as liaison between the U.S. Navy and the Icelandic Coast Guard, hosting VIPs from NATO, United States, Norway, Iceland, and England for the continued positive relations between the USN and foreign nations.

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