Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) Program

- DILIGENT MANAGER. Aligned the ship's ESWS instruction with the new Commander, Naval Surface Force directive, ensured a 100% enrollment rate, coordinated X training hours, organized X walkthroughs, scheduled X written exams, directed X boards, and qualified X Sailors.

- EXCEPTIONAL COORDINATOR. Hand selected by CMC to revive my struggling Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) program in support of X Sailors! Implemented a new command tracking system by streamlining reporting processes, leading to a 100% qualification rate, allowing the command to fly the ESWS pennant.

- ASTONISHING PROGRAM MANAGER. Led my Enlisted Surface Warfare (ESWS) program to new heights! Selflessly devoted his off-duty time in conducting X walkthroughs, X study sessions, and setting up X qualification boards, resulting in X% ESWS qualifications.

- COMMAND ADVOCATE. Stood up my Enlisted Surface Warfare program! Her sage counsel and guidance led to an aggressive campaign in qualifying X Sailors.

- METICULOUS MANAGER. Instrumental in developing an Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist study guide aligning the program with current Commander, Naval Surface Force directive. Chaired X boards, conducted X walkthroughs, and qualified X Sailors.

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