Electronic Warfare Technical Guidance Unit (EWTGU)

Leading Petty Officer in NIOC Norfolk. Petty Officer Adams' initiative, personal contributions, and superb leadership were evident in the superior execution of EWTGU's operations. His outstanding performance of his duties culminated in his selection as NIOC Norfolk's 2018 Shore Senior Sailor of the Year. His superb work ethic, leadership, and resourcefulness proved invaluable to the command mission while conducting electronic warfare training and readiness evaluations and training assist visits onboard U.S. Atlantic Fleet combatants.

EWTGU assessor. Petty Officer Ocampo's personal initiative was instrumental during six basic and intermediate phase certifications. Her technical expertise was vital in training 48 Sailors onboard 13 Fleet Forces combatants. Her role and efforts provided operators the means to train future Sailors. She also led the troubleshooting of collection and communications equipment onboard five ships, improving Fleet warfighting capabilities. She is consistently recognized as a subject matter expert across the Fleet Forces, Commander Strike Force Training Atlantic (CSFTL), and the waterfront.

Reviewed and tested MILIUS, the first SLQ-32 (V)6 ship in PACFLEET EWTGU after EW 2.2 day events. Developed procedures on how to load scenarios on the SLQ-32, a process never done before. Coordinated with NSWC Crane to establish procedures and added scenarios provided by EWTGU. The procedures developed and tested on the MILIUS were adopted for use Navy-wide. Provided SLQ-32 (v) 6-equipped ships Navy-wide with independent scenarios to ensure quality training.

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