First Class Petty Officer Association (FCPOA)

FCPOA President

- COMMAND ADVOCATE. As FCPOA Vice President, directed the efforts of # First Classes during # fundraising events and # Sailor Recognition Boards.

As First Class Petty Officer Association president, she arranged 7 events, 3 contests, and taped over 130 hours of United Through Reading videos, boosting morale for Sailors as well as families back home.

- MESS ENGAGEMENT. As FCPOA President, led # Sailors in facilitating the second class ranking board and BJOQ board.

As the First Class Petty Officer Association president, he was the driving force behind a successful CPO-365 Phase I while simultaneously coordinating 100 hours of community service.

As the Command's FCPOA President, she managed the coordination of 4 community events and fundraisers equating to over 20 hours of community service.

- LEADER AMONGST PEERS. Selected by peers as FCPOA President! Led X First Class Petty Officers in coordinating the 20XX Command Holiday party, improving morale for X Sailors and their families. Organized quarterly volunteer beach clean-up event with the city of X, making a positive impact on the local community. Organized five fundraising events and raised $X towards Mess functions.

As President of the FCPOA, led 13 outstanding FIRST CLASS PETTY OFFICERS in the ENLISTED ADVANCEMENT/ MENTORSHIP PROGRAM which facilitated a variety of training topics which positively affected over 60 Sailors and contributed to 26 advancements, 6 BJOQ/JSOQ selections, and 4 college degrees earned.

- LEADER OF PEERS. Stood up the first-ever FCPOA. As President, she provided invaluable training and guidance to 13 FCPOs.

As FCPOA president, she lead 33 fellow Second Classes in command and community functions, built a $2,000 fund balance, helped start up our local CSAD chapter and organize their first fund raiser.

As President of the First Class Petty Officer Association, she spearheaded multiple COMREL projects for 60 personnel that resulted in 2400 off-duty hours for such programs as Habitat for Humanity, Susan G Komen For the Cure, Virginia Beach public schools, and the food banks of Southampton Roads.

FCPOA Vice-President

- MESS INVOLVED. As FCPOA Vice President, led fundraising efforts resulting in $X raised for the command s Children s Holiday Party, enhancing command morale.

- MESS INVOLVED. Elected by his peers as FCPOA Vice President! Led X First Class Petty Officers in coordinating the Children s Holiday Party. Coordinated six command-wide fundraising events resulting in a profit of $X.

- COMMAND FOCUSED. As the FCPOA Vice President, worked with 53 First Class Petty Officers, planning and coordinating 7 functions including the command holiday party, a community Clean the Bay , and 5 fundraisers which raised over $X,XXX.

As the Vice President of the FCPOA, he led 5 Sailors in the planning and execution of the Navy Region Northwest First Class Petty Officer symposium which provided training to 129 First Classes by some of the best leaders the Navy has to offer.

FCPOA Secretary

- COMMAND ORIENTED. As FCPOA Secretary, handled vital administrative requirements in support of association functions, including # fundraising events that raised $# and monthly morale boosting events that supported over # deployed Sailors.

- COMMAND INVOLVED. As FCPOA Secretary, assisted in the organization of # cookouts, raising $# and drastically contributed to # morale boosting events in the command.

- COMMAND IMPACT. As the FCPOA Secretary, he coordinated X merchandise sales culminating in over $X in funds for future Morale, Welfare, and Recreation events.

- ENGAGED LEADER. As FCPOA secretary, she provided detailed information regarding fundraising and training events in addition to meeting minutes and information to her peers.

As Secretary of the FCPOA, led 18 FCPOs in preparing lectures for 9 Sailor 360 evolutions.

As Secretary of FCPOA, was the driving force behind a variety of fundraising efforts and events, positively increasing the morale of all Sailors.

FCPOA Treasurer

- COMMAND FOCUSED. As the FCPOA Treasurer, managed all financial accounts for the FCPOA, totaling over $. Led # FCPOA fundraising events, including food and merchandise sales, totaling $ in profits, which solidified selection as FCPOA President.

- AGGRESSIVE INVOLVEMENT. As FCPOA Treasurer, coordinated and tracked over $X for X food sales and spearheaded the coordination and execution of X major command events which increased overall command morale and cohesion.

FCPOA Educational Officer

As FCPOA Educational Officer, helped train his peers in professional knowledge, accelerating the advancement of 28 of his peers over the last two advancement cycles.

- MESS FOCUSED. Coordinated and led a team of # FCPOs to facilitate # Sailor 360 training sessions that provided knowledge and guidance to # Sailors on personal topics and professional military topics.

- EXTRAORDINARY FACILITATOR. Through the First Class Petty Officer Association, she imparted knowledge to X Sailors on how to master a self-sufficient successful career.

FCPOA Master at Arms

- INFLUENTIAL FCPOA MEMBER. As FCPOA Master at Arms, she revised the by-laws, enhancing camaraderie and esprit-de-corps across a highly diverse group of First Class Petty Officers.

- COMMAND ADVOCATE. As FCPOA Master at Arms, he led X FCPOs in the coordination of X community service events and fundraising of $X.

FCPOA Member

As the Command Sponsorship Program and FCPOA events coordinator, he guaranteed the efficient and safe transfer of 27 incoming personnel and planned six events which brought in a total of $1,200, increasing command morale and camaraderie.

- COMMAND ORIENTED. As an active member in FCPOA, participated in # farewells, # Of the Quarter boards, and # merchandise sales in support of Command sponsored events.

- COMMAND ADVOCATE. An active FCPOA member, she helped raise $1,250. Dedicated five hours to CPO 365 Phase I and four hours to PO2 Leadership course, and six hours to the PO3 Leadership course.

As an Active FCPOA member, she revitalized association minutes and betterment education on building Navy biographies.

- EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS. Volunteered for X fundraisers and raised more than $X for the FCPOA. Also facilitated two training sessions for X Chiefs and X First Class Petty Officers during Sailor 360.


- MESS ORIENTED. As FCPOA Member, participated in # farewells, # of the Quarter boards, and # merchandise sales in support of Command sponsored events.

- MESS ENGAGEMENT. As an active FCPOA member, assisted in # fundraiser events raising $# and supported # command events, increasing morale and esprit de corps.

- MESS IMPACT. An energetic member of the FCPOA, his involvement in # food sales, allowed the association to provide a free meal to the entire command, serving # sailors and significantly boosting morale.

- MESS INVOLVED. Contributed to the successful completion of # fundraising events, yielding $#K in revenue. Was a qualifying board member for # EAWS/ESWS boards and supported # morale boosting meal events while embarked on USS XXXX.

- MESS IMPACT. Assisted in the planning of FCPOA Children's Holiday Party and Toy Drive, fostering a family friendly environment and raising morale throughout the command.

- MESS ORIENTED. As an active FCPOA member, participated in monthly morale boosting events, servicing over # deployed Sailors.

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