Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Evals

Served as crew leader for the $23,000 FOD Shaker project which reduced the debris on the airfield and maintained a safer environment for student pilots and ground crew.

AS CVN-76/CVW-5 FOD LCPO, she led 33 Sailors in the collection of 3,040 foreign objects during 178 FOD walk-down events enabling 5,572 mishap-free sorties. Provided 269 FOD trends and analysis to CTF-70 which was critical in reducing the FOD production rate by 20%.

Petty Officer Kyle discovered that the knob of the T-6 Hydraulic Servicing Unit was missing and promptly notified Flight Deck Control. A FOD walk down was initiated which prevented a mishap from occurring.

During flight deck operations, AD3 identified a potential Foreign Object Debris (FOD) hazard with inbound aircraft rapidly approaching. He immediately notified his superior which resulted in the Air Boss waving off the aircraft and preventing potential damage to its engines.

At AMC Terminal Norfolk, ACAN Rosier spotted a large FOD near a 767 Atlas Air during a Jet Way push back saving the aircraft from serious damage and costs in repairs.

During a flight deck evolution with an inbound aircraft, he was the only person to spot and report hazardous debris during a FOD walkdown.

During a recent deployment, AD2 Keller identified a potential Foreign Object Damage (FOD) hazard during flight operations. His vigilant watch standing and quick actions eliminated the FOD before it damaged any aircraft and saved the Navy inestimable time and money on aircraft repairs and possible injury to pilots and crew.

During daily operations, spotted and reported a potential Foreign Object Debris (FOD), preventing a catastrophic personnel and aircraft casualty. Identified incomplete inventory for consolidated tool kit as cause.

ABF2 Javier contributed significantly to 177 successful aircraft handling evolutions and 121 distinguished visitor visits by redeveloping A/C spotting plans, coordinating FOD walk downs, and reconstructing Assault Landing Zone markers. He qualified 7 personnel in Naval Aviation Safety Center Air terminal representative procedures, elevating the qualification rate by 70% and increasing teamwork flexibility while ensuring zero aviation mishaps.

While serving as Plane Captain during flight operations, Petty Officer Nelson identified a potential FOD hazard while an F/A-18D was on Final Approach. He gave the signal for Foul Deck, alerting the Air Boss to wave off the aircraft and prevented the potential loss of aircraft and crew.

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