ICRL Program Manager Evals

As 600 division LPO, led 53 Sailorsin completing 3,023 maintenance actions encompassing 44,346 man hours, resulting in a depot level repair cost avoidance of more than $16M with a 95 percent RFI rate and a 96 percent calibration readiness rate. As Individual Component Repair List (IRCL) Program Manager, led 19 Sailors in the completion of two semi-annual ICRL verifications on 1,657 individual repairable items, compared 735 SM&R codes, and corrected 370 discrepancies. His actions facilitated a 25 percent increase in repair capability, zero findings on AIMD's 2022 Aircraft Maintenance Inspection and a Bravo Zulu.

As night shift Joint Aeronautical Screening Unit supervisor, he assisted the Individual Component Repair List (ICRL) Program Manager in correcting 5,781 program errors and screened over 1,000 ICRL assets. His efforts increased the accuracy of the John C. Stennis ICRL inventory by over 22%. During a demanding Docking Phased Incremental Availability, AM3 led five technicians completing 3,033 maintenance actions, assisted in the qualification of six personnel in 3M related maintenance, and led in the documentation and replacement of 848 Emergency Escape Breathing Devices for the Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD).

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