Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)

Primary Joint Terminal Attack Controller for the Deploy for Purpose task unit. As Platoon Communications Representative, he maintained accountability of more than $1.1M worth of sensitive equipment for a 20-man platoon with zero discrepancies or losses. As Joint Terminal Attack Controller and communications representative, he worked diligently to innovate and integrate cutting edge technology into the strategic and tactical landscape.

Served as 3d ANGLICO Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) in four exercises over 90 days, with 65 days of training under arduous field conditions. LT Bravo efficiently embedded with NATO and joint partners, leading his Firepower Control Team through complex tactical insertions to provide accurate and effective terminal controls.

- As Joint Terminal Attack Controller with Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command - Iraq, conducted 63 successful close air support (CAS) missions utilizing 13 American and coalition aviation platforms to disrupt and degrade Daesh forces. In the conduct of duty, controlled the delivery of more than 30,500 pounds of ordnance resulting in 39 enemy killed in action, the destruction of two anti-air weapons, one BMP, one APC, two armored VBIEDs, nine technical vehicles, 15 buildings, four FEL, two weapons storage facilities, four weapon caches, one MQ-1B, one bridge, two tunnel entrances, and numerous IDF and direct fire capabilities in order to degrade Daesh's ability to threaten the government of Iraq, disrupt enemy attacks and support offensive ground operations in Iraq to defeat Deash.

- Overhauled the SECFOR-BAGHDAD Close Air Support Standard Operating Procedures, resulting in a 44-page document detailing the execution of CAS in support of compound defense.

- Served over 400 hours as the Tactical Operations Center SECFOR-I Liaison Officer. Responsible for maintaining situational awareness, anti-terrorism, and force protection in order to defend against natural, manmade and technological disasters, assessing potential threats and making decisions on notifications and responses.

- Observed, controlled, and assisted with the integration of multiple fire artillery, mortars, and close air support during Integrated Training Exercise (ITX) 3-16 in order to allow all joint fires assets and successful completion of training objectives for 3d Battalion 7th Marines and the supported maneuver unit.

- Served as an infantry platoon sergeant, executing all duties and responsibilities including accountability, training, safety and the supervision of 22 infantry Marines and Sailors and associated gear.

- Supervised, mentored, counseled, and evaluated the Fire Support Team (FiST) members as the FiST chief in the proper execution of their duties in order to prepare the FiST for attachment to 3d Battalion 7th Marines during live fire exercises and within the garrison environment.

- Developed, presented, executed and evaluated over 50 hours of training events and classes including career progression, combat and operational stress control, close order drill, TACP and JFO integration, close air support capabilities and limitations, call for fire, talk-on procedures, and physical fitness for 112 Marines and soldiers from C Company, 1-26 Infantry BN, 101st Airborne Division.

- Integrated with the Baghdad Embassy Community Liaison Office and successfully assisted in the planning, preparation and execution of social events for over 3,000 DoD and DoS personnel.

- Carried out all tasks related to the SECFOR-BAGHDAD JTAC billet aboard the US Embassy Baghdad in support of OPERATION INHERENT RESOLVE 17.1.

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