Mess Deck Master at Arms (MDMAA) Evals

As MDMAA, she ensured S-2 division maintained an extraordinary level of cleanliness and sanitation in all Food Service related spaces, serving over 900 meals every day to more than 300 personnel onboard, including multiple special celebration meals such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Managed the offload of all waste on board in various ports without any problems.

Mentored 19 Food Service Attendants, improving their quality of life, readiness for their rating, and completion of basic Personnel Qualification Standards. Provided outstanding support for the MUSTIN's supply management certification and gained recognition by the Food and Health Inspector as one of the best Mess Decks he has ever inspected, helping to obtain a score of 95%.

During her tenure as Mess Deck Master at Arms, she streamlined the sanitation program and created new standards for future Mess Deck Master at Arms.

As a Mess Deck Master at Arms, he successfully supervised 2 mess decks and 45 Food Service Attendants (FSAs) overall, leading to a Captain Edward F Nay finalist nomination.

As Mess Deck Master at Arms, she collected an average of over four hundred dollars daily and ensured that one hundred percent accountability was sustained during her watch.

While serving as Mess Deck Master-at-Arms, he ensured expert service and readiness on the mess decks through the management of seven food service attendants.

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