Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)

Enlisted Processing Specialist

Executed all daily operations of Charlotte MEPS with accuracy and efficiency. Scheduled and performed testing, interviewing and processing 7,273 enlisted and officer applicants, including all necessary paperwork and background investigations. Maintained all records and prepared all documents and travel reservations for 3,132 candidates traveling to Great Lakes. Handled all medical prescreens and medical review documents, identifying any missing medical documentation and ensuring accurate medial reviews and timely turnarounds.

Enlisted Processing Assistant

As the enlisted processing assistant and shipping clerk, MEPS San Juan, Navy Recruiting District Miami, she flawlessly screened, processed, and counseled more than 240 applicants and 236 shippers with zero discrepancies. Her innovative actions in a variety of areas contributed to the enhancement of customer service and the processing environment.

Recruiter and Accessor

As a Recruiter, Accessor and Shipping Clerk in NTAG Pittsburgh, he personally launched the careers of 34 Future Sailors, of which 13 were in the highly sought after upper mental group category and two were in the Nuclear Field category. He single handedly performed duties as MEPS Buffalo Shipping Clerk when they were short of personnel. He processed all shipping documents for 288 Future Sailors, ensuring a smooth transition during their journey from civilian status to Sailors with zero discrepancies.

Human Resources Technician

Executed mid-tour transition and selflessly shouldered cumbersome administrative burdens for MEPS Buffalo's liaison office in order to bolster production success of the team, greatly increasing productivity.

Service Counselor

PO1's superior ability to foster strategic partnerships with DoD counterparts and lead diverse teams to pursue recruiting objectives resulted in improved performance of those he led. As the Military Entrance Processing Station service counselor, he expertly guided more than xxx applicants through the testing and physical process. His efforts were critical in assisting xx area recruiting offices exceeding assigned missions independent from direct supervision and support; he drastically reduced confusion with complex shipping procedures by creating service-specific check-lists that helped recruiters prepare 90 recruits for basic training.

Information Systems Technician

Initiated and coordinated access to the USMEPCOM East 8th Battalion HQ (Montgomery MEPS) network and Integrated Resource System for nine personnel, decreasing the time required for network access by an average of one week and improving operating efficiency from 75% to 85%, allowing more applicants to be processed for military entrance.

Maintained up-to-date IT system access for cyber security and readiness records (DD-2875, Information Awareness Training Records and Acceptable Use Policy) for 87 Montgomery MEPS personnel and Service Liaison personnel, increasing readiness from 70% to 90% which exceeds satisfactory rating from Risk Management and J-6 Compliance Office.

Coordinated and managed the upgrade of 65 new computer workstations, installed three new finger print workstations and one Customer Service Survey station for USMEPCOM East 8th Battalion HQ (Montgomery MEPS) and Navy Liaison office, resulting in monetary savings of $40,000 in contractor services.

Initiated and resolved over 100 IT Service Request Tickets within the local MEPS. The result was quick response and problem solving of chronic issues, decreasing workstation down time by an average of two to four hours.

MEPS Processor, Classifier, and Shipping Clerk

Despite a hectic, high pressure work environment, provided efficient and accurate service at the nation's largest volume Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). His invaluable experience in processing over 345 applicants for Naval service was key to NTAG Jacksonville shipping more recruits to boot camp than any other district in the nation.

He processed, classified, and enlisted over 700 qualified applicants for Naval service. Streamlined the enlistment process by increasing training and enforcing quality assurance of applications, minimizing applicant processing time. Provided exceptional support in a busy, fast-paced work environment at the highest Navy-volume Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) in the nation.

Generated consistently accurate documentation while processing applicants. Hard work, determination, and pride ensured mastery of a billet outside the reaches of his formal training. Attention to detail produced near-zero discrepancy record for a station that processes nearly thirty members per month.

Team leader in processing 106 applicants for Naval service and ensured recruits who shipped to boot camp were still qualified. Motivated subordinates through his sterling example and ensured over 122 enlistment packages were properly screened for accuracy. Identified and resolved critical discrepancies, facilitating a smooth, continuous applicant flow and resulting in savings of more than 40 man-hours per day.

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