Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)

As a member of NCIS Great Lakes, MA2 Hutchins performed over 2400 hours of duty, handling 22 cases, clearing 11 cases for a 50% clearance rate. He also trained and mentored two new NCIS agents, increasing NCIS's ability to respond to cases.

While serving as the Command Investigator, Petty Officer Chow investigated four Spice cases which resulted in 26 confessions and those personnel being discharged from the Navy. Petty Officer Chow assisted NCIS with the processing of five death cases, 23 felony drug cases, and numerous child porn and sexual assault cases.

As the Command Investigator, Petty Officer Chow conducted over 50 investigations and 500 interrogations and interviews resulting in a 99% conviction rate. Petty Officer Chow assisted NCIS in the processing of four death scenes, multiple child porn cases, and numerous narcotics and sexual assault cases. He also aided the Kings County Narcotics Task Force in the tracking and surveillance of a high profile methamphetamine dealer which resulted in the individual's arrest and prosectution.

Petty Officer Davis conducted numerous security operations with distinction. He was often sought out for the most challenging and high profile assignments such as Air Force One detail during the 2016 NATO Summit, NAVSTA Great Lakes Centennial 4th of July Celebration, and NCIS sexual assault reduction operations.

Served as the NCIS Liaison, Special Agent Afloat aboard the USS Cole (DDG-67). Her outstanding initiative, motivation, and one-team, one-fight mentality were paramount to the Cole's success as set forth in the following citation: PO3/SPAGT Clark showed outstanding personal initiative by volunteering to fill an important position above her pay grade when she was orginally assisting agents at Naval Station Rota, Spain.

While serving as the Leading Petty Officer, he routinely served his gaining command at CFA Sasebo as a criminal investigator and sustained a unit readiness level of 90 percent or above. As a civilian law enforcement investigator and instructor for the state of New Mexico, he provided his expertise to the Criminal Investigative Division and NCIS RA in CFA Sasebo, accounting for 234 days of operational support over the last 3 years.

Managed and coordinated four Counter Intelligence Missions with the NCIS Southwest Field Office: North Island Speedfest, Coronodo Bridge Run, Point Mugu Airshow, and the Miramar Airshow which were attended by over 400,000 spectators. As a result, the Master at Arms Reserve NCIS Program gained experence in working with other Government Agencies in couter intelligence missions.

Served as leading Operational Representative on numerous high profile events such as NYC Fleet Week and International Sea Power Symposium, Newport RI, and was the main point of contact for the FBI's Joint Terrorist Task Force, New York City Police Department, and Port Authority Police Department of New York and New Jersey.

As a Military Investigator, he conducted numerous Investigations, Protective Service Details, Counterterrorism, and Counter-intelligence operations which led to over 30 apprehensions, recovery of government property, and the identification of foreign intelligence entities and known threats at military events and bases. In addition, adhering to strict NCIS protocol, MA1 provided personal security for the Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, Commandant of the Marine Corps and others while assigned to Protective Service Details.

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