Naval Military Training Instructor (NMTI) Evals

EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL: Leading Petty Officer and NMTI at the USS Porter (BEQ 832). FC1 Kase drew from his prior experience as an instructor, providing numerous hours of extra instruction to aspiring FC, GM, and ET students resulting in over 150 Honor Graduates and 13 Distinguished Military Graduates.
COMMUNITY SUPPORT: FC1 served as the Assistant Midwestern Regional Honor Flight Coordinator, organizing and leading 1,400 staff, student, and multi-service volunteers during the 2016 Honor Flight Season giving over 1500 WWII veterans a proper welcome home.

As Department Leading Chief Petty Officer at Training Support Center, Great lakes, Illinois, he led 72 staff members and Navy Military Training Instructors in the professional development of over 4,000 apprentice level Sailors annually. His devoted efforts in their mentorship and care produced motivated and capable Sailors who are prepared to support the fleet.
ENFORCED STANDARDS. He chaired 188 disciplinary review boards, providing mature guidance to Sailors and sound recommendations to the chain of command, leading to a 50 percent decrease in non-judicial punishments.
RESULTS DRIVEN. Master Chief supervised the transition of a 200,000 square foot building from permanent party housing to a fully functioning student housing facility for 848 engineers.

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