Quality Assurance Rep (QAR) Evals

ENFORCES STANDARDS. As Quality Assurance Inspector (QAI), GM2 Rodriguez supervised 28 Sailors and Master Labor Contractors (MLC) during the fleet return inspection, maintenance, repair, and storage of surface missiles, light weight torpedoes, gas management, support equipment, and non-4T assets in support of mission requirements for 16 Forward-Deployed Warships. She was responsible for tracking qualification and certifications of 47 Navy Munitions Personnel across two commands, generating and reporting qualification status to East Asia Division. As Assistant Watch Bill Coordinator, she was responsible for the management, training, and qualification process for the Command's Duty Sections.
COMMAND PRESENCE. As the Sexual Assault Prevention Response Unit Victim Advocate (SAPR UVA), she was charged with developing and implementing the command's prevention and response program and volunteering as a Regional Victim Advocate for Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka (CFAY) and tenant commands. Elected as MWR Vice President, she was responsible for the budget, overseeing daily activities, and program growth for NMCPAC EAD UNIT Yokosuka.

Exceptional maintenance expert and Full Systems QAR. Routinely called on by Maintenance Control and workcenter technicians to troubleshoot the most complex aircraft discrepancies. His/Her extensive technical ability and thorough understanding of NAMP programs and processes was instrumental in the remarkable completion of more than XXX Safe-For-Flight Quality Assurance inspections with zero repeat discrepancies.

- DECKPLATE POWERHOUSE. Trained and qualified 1 FSQAR, 2 QARs, 9 CDQARs, 8 CDIs, 5 LPTs, 6 APU Operators, 2 LPT Instructors, 8 Plane Captains, and 23 SE Operators. Her drive and dedication resulted in a grade of "PASS" during the pre- and mid-deployment Material Condition Inspections. As DCC, her astute leadership contributed to 5 advancements, 2 Bachelor's Degrees, 20 reenlistments, 3 SOQs, 14 NAMs, and 8 FLOCs. As ACFL, she sought out every opportunity to develop a culture of fitness.

-DYNAMIC LEADERSHIP. Led six Full Systems QARs, three CTPLs, four CDQARs, and 42 CDIs during an arduous work up cycle. Qualified five QARs, leading QA through 38 program assessments, and 14,333 maintenance actions, enabling 2,051 completed sorties and 2,996 flight hours.

-VERATILE SME. As acting QAS guided 163 Sailors during two detachments in completing 843 maintenance actions. As Phase Coordinator led 177 Sailors in 12 work centers, completing five phase and 27 special inspections, 631 maintenance actions, and 41 technical directives.

-EXCEPTIONAL LEADER AND TEAM BUILDER. As one of only two full systems QAR s, he conducted XX audits, XX Safety of Flight inspections, and XX monitors resulting in the qualification of four QARs, three CDQARs, and four Release and Control Team Leaders. His efforts played a vital role in the completion of 1,041 sorties encompassing 1,242 flight hours during the 2021 Western Pacific deployment onboard the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71).

-SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT. As a Full System Quality Assurance Representative, he conducted 24 Safe for Flight inspections, 48 Program Audits, and 37 Spot Checks. As the Plane Captain Program Monitor, he conducted all command monitors and Plane Captain Boards resulting in the qualification of 63 Plane Captains. His efforts were instrumental in the safe execution of 1048 flight hours over 695 sorties during the 2020 Western Pacific Deployment.

-ENGAGED PROFESSIONAL. As QAR, he executed 39 drills and practicals, 46 spot checks, and 77 audits of eight Naval Aviation Maintenance Programs. Actions ensured zero critical/major discrepancies in those programs during 2019 CSFWP Maintenance Program Assist and CNAF Aviation Maintenance Inspection.

-DISTINGUISHED SME. Enforces NAMP compliance as a Full Systems Quality Assurance Representative; he performed 121 flight critical inspections encompassing 513 maintenance hours in support of 635 mishap-free flight hours. Conducted six program audits, 15 QA spot checks, and 18 drills/practicals contributing to the squadron's success during MCI, MPA, and AMI earning the 2018 CVW-11 Golden Wrench Award.

-Superb quality assurance representative. Aggressive monitoring of the maintenance effort was instrumental in the completion of 105 audits, 81 monitors, 76 drills and practical, 305 scheduled/ unscheduled maintenance actions, and 211 FOD/final inspections in the preparation for the CHSMWP 2020 Maintenance Program Assist preparation.

As lead Quality Assurance inspector, Petty Officer Sanchez served as the eyes and ears of the commanding officer during Phased Maintenance Availability (PMA) with zero discrepencies. He oversaw and ensured the safe and efficient completion of over 1,000 jobs which ultimately aided in the success of the MAKIN ISLAND's critical mission.

As Quality Assurance Evaluator, Facilities Management Department, Petty Officer Sullivan lead 7 sailors and 7 civilians across six Divisions in providing Quality Assurance and contractor liaison support for over 100 construction projects costing more than 20 million dollars. His vigilant oversight ensured the timely completion of 9,200 work requests and 110 construction projects while maintaining 100% mission readiness and causing minimal to no impact to operations.

As a Quality Assurance Representative, Fleet Air Forward Detachment Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department, Guam, she monitored, trained and maintained six inspection-ready programs for eight Divisions ensuring compliance with standards throughout the command. Her commitment to providing training contributed to 30 of 30 programs graded 'on track' during the Commander, Naval Air Forces Pacific Aviation Maintenance Inspection.

Petty Officer Case lead the Quality Assurance Division in supporting the successful execution of over 2,000 sorties, 2,500 mishap-free flight hours, and the advanced combat training of 39 aircrew members. His meticulous attention to detail and unsurpassed leadership were a key factor in the Command receiving a grade of "on track" with laudatory comments during the Commander, Naval Air Forces Aviation Maintenance Inspection.

Served as Quality Assurance Representative in Fleet Readiness Center Northwest. He ensured the availability of xx Quality Assurance Representatives supporting xx workcenters, the qualification of 5 Quality Assurance Representatives, xx Collateral Duty Inspectors, and 2 Collateral Duty Quality Assurance Representatives (CDQARs).

As Quality Assurance Representative, Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron Four detachment, he efficiently orchestrated and meticulously managed 6 NAMP programs within the maintenance department, ensuring the aggressive implementation of and strict adherence to all maintenance regulations. His invaluable experience and direction in the inspection of over 100 tire changes and 300 aircraft inspections led to the completion of more than 300 launches and an impressive 98 percent sortie completion rate.

As Quality Assurance Representative, she expanded the Quality Assurance Department capabilities by qualifying 6 additional Quality Assurance Representatives and 6 Collateral Duty Inspectors thus increasing overall detachment capabilities and reducing inspection delays by 50 percent. She also developed a detailed training plan that led to the qualification of 5 Maintenance Control supervisors, increasing the quality of maintenance at the source.

His managerial ability immediately improved the FMA's Quality Assurance Program. In the first six weeks, he conducted over 100 reviews and audits which developed and shaped the direction of process improvement. As Quality Assurance Chief, he led eight Quality Assurance Representatives in the performance of audits for 38 Naval Aviation Maintenance Programs and 27 work centers, resulting in the Command's best Aviation Maintenance Inspection (AMI) in 9 years. He was recognized by the inspection team for revising the QA and Safety programs, which significantly increased audit accuracy and safety documentation.

Working as one of two qualified personnel with Quality Assurance stamps, he verified the readiness of over 200 weapons during 10 mine warfare exercises. His relentless attention to detail ensured a supply inventory accuracy of 98% for the recent Mine Readiness certification inspection and his focus on safety formed the foundation for efficient and effective operations and mission accomplishment.

Petty Officer Velasco's leadership led to the completion of 37 Quality Assurance audits, 177 Special Inspections, and the resolution of 878 maintenance discrepancies contributing to a 100 percent mission completion rate and 24/7 SAR availability. Her technical expertise assisted in the MH-60 "safe-to-operate" title and one Commander, Naval Air Forces Aviation Maintenance Inspection.

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