Special Security Representative (SSR) Evals

VIGILANCE DEFINED. As the sole intelligence analyst for the Marine Corps' largest and most active helicopter squadron, Staff Sergeant Vandenberg produced more than 150 intelligence briefings and provided up-to-date force protection and intelligence information to squadron detachments traveling overseas in support of Presidential missions in 36 countries.
METICULOUS PROTECTION. Served as the squadron's Special Security Representative and managed all aspects of the program related to Special Compartmented Information. He established and fostered relationships with multiple agencies in the National Intelligence Community to ensure the squadron received the most timely and accurate intelligence to successfully accomplish its unique mission.

TECHNICAL EXPERT. Electronic Warfare lead and Special Security Represenitive onboard USS ANCHORAGE (LPD 23). CTT2 Conway dedicated countless hours of personal and professional time to ensure the installation of GALE, ICOP, and the Navy's first AN/SLQ-32 V6 on the LPD platform were successful and fully mission capable.
SECURE OVERSIGHT. As Special Security Representive and Assistant Special Security Officer, overhauled ANCHORAGE's Physical Security program, ensuring there was proper protection of classifed information and the ANCHORAGE crews' security clearances were up to date and properly assigned, leading to ANCHORAGE's continued certification in handling and holding classified information necessary for mission prosecution.

INTEL LORD - Led 16 Sailors and 7 Marines through an arduous Fifth and Sixth Fleet deployment with 22 MEU entities combining collection efforts and consistently earning recognition as the premier cryptologic platform in the Fifth and Sixth Fleet AORs supporting operation Odyssey Resolve and Zircon Storm. As the command assistant Special Security Representative, managed the joint clearance and access verification for over 350 Sailors and officers accessing the most sensitive national security programs, resulting in a trustworthy and reliable ship's company ready for mission excellence.

As Special Security Representative, contributed to and established a security posture in building 465C. Assigned and created security badges for over 9,000 members who were gained or attended exercises or classes. Trained and qualified 134 members on Open/Close procedures for three SCIFS and helped six Sailors acquire the A19A Special Security Representative NEC.

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