VBSS Evals

- Led search and seizure operations during two incidents involving illegal immigrants making landfall on San Clemente Island. He systematically led an undermanned watch section in the seizure of 53 illegal immigrants. In October 2020, he apprehended 10 illegal immigrants with only himself and two other watch standers without any other agency assistance. Through his bilingual abilities he was able to communicate with the illegal immigrants to obtain intelligence as to whether or not there were more immigrants hiding in the Shore Bombardment Area (SHOBA) land. He contacted the United States Coast Guard to coordinate the transfer of the immigrants.

Lead instructor and Safety Officer who oversaw 68 PN Special Operation personnel through multiple high-risk training evolutions over three separate mission sets and Squad's unit level training. Led Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) training on static and underway vessels and Gas and Oil Platforms (GOPLAT) coupled with Close Quarter Combat (CQC) assaults for both air and water insertion. Resulted in completion of 20 separate climbing evolutions for a total of 500 individual climbing iterations. When loss of PN assets and weather affected the training schedule, adjusted mission requirements to develop and implement an alternative plan to continue to meet PN training goals.

As IET VBSS controller, he masterfully oversaw the execution of 1,000 hours of highly tactical operations, two of those hours being CT specific. As the sole action officer for policy change and tactical movements, he ensured 100 percent compliance with low drag policies inherent to COMDEVGRUSOUTH.

Expertly managed weaponry in VBSS mission Operation Sea Dragon. Was an asset to the VBSS team with superior courage, weaponry knowledge, and ability to overcome adverse situations. Effectively managed and aided implementation of the weaponry for the seven man VBSS team.

As CG04 Work Center Supervisor, he led two personnel in the completion of 260 preventative and 11 corrective maintenance actions, earning CG04 an RAR of 99.5 percent. He dedicated over 180 hours to organizing VBSS equipment, issuing procedures, and creating a qualification/training binder. He facilitated training for 15 VBSS personnel that ensured the team's readiness in both day and night defensive tactics, shipboard team close-quarters combat, and insertion/extraction techniques. Troubleshot and restored a complex fault on USS Ingrahm's MK15 CIWS and allowed them to conduct a succesful PACFIRE.

Leading Chief Petty Officer of Deck Division. During two deployments he supervised over 200 deck operations including 35 UREPs, 13 anchorings, three moorings to a buoy, and two tow-and-be-towed exercises. These operations were extremely dangerous and were critical to mission success. Under BMC's watch, the deck evolutions went smoothly with zero casualties. While underway, BMC conducted hundreds of hours of hazardous and complicated helo and small boat operations without incident. Operations included VBSS and a large Iraqi arms interdiction which was critical to the campaign in the Arabian Gulf.

As Leading Petty Officer, mentored over 40 junior sailors, and developed an in-rate study program that resulted in an 85% advancement rate. As DCCT, FPTT, and STT, he trained the ship's company in all aspects of mission related programs to pass all inspections with outstanding scores. As FDO, he qualified 3 LSEs, 6 chalk and chainmen, passing 2 Air-One's and 2 Avcert inspections. He conducted over 200 hours of small boat transfers for VBSS missions with zero mishaps in a hostile area of operation. As a ship's safety officer he supervised over 25 unreps and 6 conreps without incident while training 4 rig Captions and 12 riggers.

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