Absent from Place of Duty Counseling


Missing from Place of Duty

You are being counseled for frequently being absent from your place of duty.


Your primary place of duty is: room 125 and the XXXXX office. You are also permitted to visit any other office in this building IF you have business in that office. If you don't have a business-related reason to be away from your desk, you must stay at your primary place of duty which is the XXXXX office.

Your chronic absense affects OUR workcenter

Your primary duties are to XXXXXXXXXXXXXX and to process those requirements. If there are no pending assignments to process, you should either work on training qualification or ancillary training. If training is up to date, see me and I will give you something to do.

When you're not at your desk, it puts a burden on every other member of the office. Every time your phone rings, they have to interrupt their work and either take a message for you or go find you. They should not have to do this.

In addition, when I cannot find you, I have to either task another Soldier with work that should have been performed by you or find you myself. I should not have to do this. You should have respect for your coworkers and me by meeting your responsibility and staying at your desk.

Your chronic absense affects OTHER workcenters

This is a place of business and every office in this building has work that must be done. The people who work here need a quiet office environment where they can concentrate on their tasks and get their work done without errors or interruptions.

The other office chiefs don't appreciate Sailors from other sections loitering in their office, running their mouth, joking, and generally making it impossible for their team to concentrate or do their job.

When you loiter in other offices, it is disrespectful to the members of that office. One of your pals may not mind listening to your stories but these offices are small and the other people in them cannot get their work done.

When you loiter in other offices, it gives the unmistakable impression that you, and by extension us, don't have anything to do. And that makes US look bad. And you know we always have something to do.


This is your primary place of work. You are to remain here in your primary place of work unless you have a work-related reason to leave.

You must respect your coworkers, pull your share of the load and answer your own phone.

You must respect the work environment of the other work centers and stop interrupting them.

If your behavior continues to be a problem, it will negatively affect your Evaluation and your chances for advancement. In addition, you may be reassigned to another workcenter.


I will ensure that any order I give is lawful, morally sound, and does not risk a Sailor's health. I will monitor P03 Sullivan's actions and ensure he is always at his place of duty.

I will provide corrective training if PO3 XXXXX's performance continues to fail to meet standards.

I will recommend XXXXXXXX for UCMJ action and separation from the Navy if his performance does not improve.


PO3 Sullivan has changed his habit and is fast becoming our subject matter expert on almost every aspect of our workcenter. He continues to be a valued member of our team.

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