Admin Duties Eval Statements

Through his efforts, he streamlined the command's muster report program, increasing accuracy and accountability amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

MISSION FOCUSED LEADER: LT Lincoln directed a team of three sailors in the production of five Mission Analysis Slide Briefs, two Command and Staff Briefs, two Threat Working Group Briefs, and four Theater Update Briefs. He answered six Requests for Information and updated five Trip Books read by VIPs prior to traveling to designated countries. TDY to the JOC as Team Chief, he managed seven watch standers as the Joint Operations Center Team Chief responsible for the orderly and effective execution of the watch.

BUDGET OFFICER/RESOURCE ADVISOR: LT Lincoln developed financial plans, monitored all travel transactions and reported the status of funds to the Deputy Director. He managed a budget in excess of $500K for Operations, Maintenance and CJ-2 military expenditures. He served as the focal point for unit funds expenditures for over 90 personnel and eight work centers supporting CJTF-HOA, CJ-2 with zero discrepancies.

J-2 TASK MANAGER: In charge of the Task Management Tracker (TMT) for the entire CJ-2 Directorate, reviewed all documentation provided in the TMT for review, completed 18 taskers, created and maintained a comprehensive TMT tracker for the CJ-2 Command Staff.

- PHENOMENAL ADMINISTRATOR. Led X Sailors and supported X command personnel in daily administrative, pay, and travel matters. As Agency Program Coordinator, he expertly processed over $50K of pay allowances and managed a $3M TADTAR budget. Additionally, he managed travel transactions for 355 government charge card holders and ensured zero voucher discrepancies in the mission essential travel for 48 deployed Sailors in support of East Coast carrier operations.

- ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERT. Processed 119 pay corrections and 45 transfers. Managed a $4M travel budget, completing 313 travel authorizations for forward deployed Sailors ensuring accurate and timely payments. Managed pay transactions for three forward deployed detachments, ensuring 155 deployed Sailors received their combat pay entitlements in a timely manner.

- ASTUTE LEADER. Interim LPO for Admin during a critical manning shortage! She answered the call with performance on par with a seasoned PS1. Trained an out of rate LCPO in admin procedures, led 1 FCPO, and 7 junior Sailors in all pay, personnel, and travel matters for 398 Sailors in a dual UIC command. Streamlined the command's check-in process, resulting in 100% accuracy for 53 new check-ins.

Led 2 junior Sailors in routing 472 pieces of correspondence, 58 awards, 45 performance reports, and the execution of a travel budget of $250K. Assisted three deploying detachments in liquidating 84 vouchers, resulting in maintaining worldwide mission readiness.

Directly responsible for leading day-to-day Admin procedures, enabling the command to meet all war-fighting, administrative, and personnel requirements. Led, managed, trained, and groomed 8 personnel through 96 TOPS transactions and processed 27 military pay matters, ensuring accuracy and compliance with zero discrepancies.

- DRIVEN LEADER. Led 5 Sailors across 2 work centers in career counselor and pay & personnel matters for 405 Sailors. Continuously managed administrative programs that tracked all gains/transfers/separations/retirements as the Acting AO and LPO. Assisted in processing 500 command pay entitlements, correspondence, evaluations, awards, and separations with minimal lapse between Blue/Gold Teams. Reconstructed 90 Junk Jackets for A/C Division enabling the focus on maintenance and flight operations to continue seamlessly.

- RELENTLESS EFFORT. He assisted in the execution of over 400 pieces of correspondence, and 73 gain packages. Processed PCS transfers and retirement/separation packages and submitted travel claims leading to the liquidation of $32k in personnel entitlement transactions. His dedication has provided administrative support to ensure admin office has maintained a high level of support across both sea and shore UICs. He managed the implementation and streamlining of 2 awards trackers resulting in a 55 percent increase in the process and presentation of awards.

- SUPERB ADMINISTRATOR. Led the processing of over 800 correspondence, awards, and Evals/Fitreps, and managed the processing of over 300 pay entitlements in a timely manner.

- DECKPLATE LEADER. As Admin Dept LPO, she filled a critically gapped Admin LCPO billet. Led 16 personnel supporting 416 Sailors in all administrative, pay and, travel matters under my dual UIC Command. Leadership and mentorship resulted in 1 JSOY, 2 SOQs, 1 JSOQ, 3 EAWS qualifications, 2 NAMs, 15 college courses completed, the execution of a $4.5M TADTAR budget with zero discrepancies, and a 98 percent retention rate.

- ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERT. As an administrative clerk she supported 416 Sailors in all administrative, pay, and travel matters under my dual UIC Command. Efforts resulted in the processing of 386 pieces of correspondence, the execution of a $4.5M TADTAR budge with zero discrepancies and the production of an admin office training plan. Hand selected to overhaul the EVAL/FITREP system. She revamped the Commands EVAL/FITREP system resulting in the timely processing of 246 periodic, transfer, and separation reports.

- PHENOMENAL LIAISON. As Agency Program Coordinator, he maintained over 375 GOVCC accounts with CITIBANK. As DTS Clerk, he ensured the proper submission of more than $XXK in DTS transactions and worked closely with CWT SATO for short-fused changes to itineraries.

- EFFECTIVE MANAGER. Oversaw the processing of 286 pieces of correspondence, 118 awards, 27 evaluations, 8 directives, 24 receipts, 11 separations, and all pay and personnel related matters for 77 staff personnel and 22 subordinate units. Ensured the proper submission of more than $50K in DTS transactions, liquidation of $80K in travel claim disbursements, and the processing of 800 pay transactions with a 99% accuracy rate.

- DECKPLATE LEADER. Mentored and guided 6 Sailors resulting in 1 MAP, 8 Warfare qualifications, 6 USMAP enrollments and 100% PFA pass rate. Led weekly Yeoman training for 48 Strike Group Sailors on rating topics resulting in an impressive 70% advancement rate! Oversaw the processing of over 350 awards, performance reports, directives, and pieces of correspondence encompassing 17 subordinate units.

- RELIABLE ADMINISTRATOR. He generated, tracked, processed, and routed 127 pieces of correspondence, 90 awards, 46 performance reports, 40 Plans of the Week, and multiple transfer, separation, extension, and reenlistment packages.

- TECHNICAL EXPERT. As the Directives Yeoman, he revamped the command directives program by processing and publishing 32 directives. As the Legal Clerk, he worked closely with the Legal Officer to process one ADSEP. As a JPAS Clerk, he reviewed the security clearances of all incoming and current personnel, ensuring Sailors met mission requirements.

RELIABLE ADMINISTRATOR. He processed all administrative pay and travel correspondence, 32 gain, transfer, and separations, 24 authorizations and vouchers, and assisted with executing a travel budget over $200k.

UNMATCHED SME. Led 19 Sailors across 3 work centers in medical readiness, career counselor, and pay & personnel matters for 368 Sailors. She managed the implementation and streamlining of 4 command trackers resulting in a 75% increase in the processing of 950 command pay entitlements, correspondence, evaluations, awards, and ADSEPs.

- ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERT. Meticulously processed # pieces of correspondence, # awards, # performance reports, # directives, and # Plans of the Week. As CPPA, he processed, managed, and completed over # pay and personnel matters in TOPS transactions, working closely with Personnel Support Department Norfolk.

As Legal Clerk, he assisted the Legal Officer with 3 NJP cases and 6 ADSEPS.

TEAM BUILDER. She trained and groomed multiple Independent Duty Yeomen. Despite high turnover and communication issues, she ensured her team was properly trained and all forward deployed personnel received their pay and entitlements in a timely manner.

- SUPERB ADMINISTRATOR. As Admin Assistant Leading Petty Officer, she led 9 Sailors in Admin Department. She supervised and processed over 125 command pay and personnel transactions, including legal correspondence and dependency data applications via the Transaction Online Processing System, allowing Sailors to spend less time with administrative issues and more time on the command's mission.

- OUTSTANDING LEADER. As night check supervisor, she effectively led 4 Sailors in supporting a command of over 300 personnel in multiple pay and travel matters. Her mentorship directly led to a 25 percent advancement rate, 1 EAWS requal, and 1 selection of Junior Sailor of the Quarter.

- TECHNICAL EXPERT. As the Awards Yeoman, she revamped the command awards program, processed over 130 awards, coordinated 9 awards quarters, and organized 5 awards boards. As the night check supervisor, she oversaw the completion of over 500 pieces of correspondence, 3 SITREPs, 6 Naval messages, and 209 EVALS/FITREPS. As mail manager, her oversight directly contributed to Admin's passing score during the FY-18 mail inspection.

She assisted senior leadership in a memorable 20XX Change of Command Ceremony. She coordinated 4 Change of Command meetings, tracked more than 150 invitations, made arrangements for a 17-member Navy Band, and ensured all timelines were met.

PHENOMENAL STAR! She has become a valuable asset to the Admin office. Displaying dedication to her peers, she can always be counted on to lend a hand.

MULTI-TALENTED- As Command Sponsorship Coordinator, she assisted 15 sponsors in ensuring smooth PCS travel for 55 prospective gains. She also organized a Command-Wide training to ensure every sponsor had up to date information.

Meticulously processed 200 pieces of correspondence, ## End of Tour and transfer awards, ## evaluations and FITREPS, ## transfer, receipt and separation packages, 12 Plans of the Week, and 76 daily Muster Reports in a timely and accurate manner. As Mail Petty Officer, he distributed ### pieces of official and personal mail, significantly contributing to command morale and mission readiness.
He led 10 in-rate and on-the-job training sessions, thereby increasing productivity and general knowledge throughout his department.
As Diversity Committee Member, he facilitated four presentations to increase awareness of diversity and inclusion. As ACFL, he conducted 7 workouts for FEP, assisted 5 Command PTs, Performed BCAs to 30 Personnel, and assist 1 Mock PRT and 2 PRT.

SW2 Robinson successfully monitored the input of over 100 sets of orders for the detachment. His diligence and perserverance were instrumental in ensuring 100% of the detachment members attended the battalion's 2016 training exercise. This contributed to a 30% gain in combat skills and helped prepare the batallion for the upcoming deployment. He spent over 120 hours of personnal time helping members navigate through NROWS and the new Defense Travel System which resulted in all travel claims being liquidated in a timely manner. He also played a vital role in 3 members attending 'A' school to fulfill their contractual obligations and 1 member attending 'C' school to attain an NEC. His efficient leadership and dependability were the driving factors behind a successful training year.

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