Beachmaster Evals

During OS1's Seven Years Sea Tour at Beachmasters, he conducted loading and off-loading of over 7,000 personnel and over 3,000 tons of vehicles and cargo. Petty Officer Vickers provided humanitarian support for Hurricane Sandy and disaster relief in Galveston, Texas and Haiti. He trained and qualified over twenty sailors on the Beachmaster Basic Course and contributed to the latest edition of the Beachmaster Handbook. Motivational and inspiring leader who has the absolute trust and confidence of superiors, peers and subordinates.

IT1 served as Beachmaster Unit One Beach Party Team Charlie, Beach Party Team Communication Officer, and Information Technology Officer, Naval Amphibious Base, San Diego in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and the Global War on Terrorism. He provided world class communication relay support for over 250+ craft landings with 100% mission success while participating in three joint evolutions. He became an integral part of the daily functions of Team Charlie, taking multiple collateral duties throughout his tenure, simultaneously holding the titles of Training Petty Officer, Command Fitness Lead, Mustering Petty Officer, and Assistant Administration Petty Officer. As Training Petty Officer, he oversaw the development of 23 sailors, leading to over 50 new qualifications. He also proactively ensured the command met all annual requirements before due date, allowing extra training to hone the abilities of senior Beachmasters as well as development of new Beachmasters.

Served as Beach Party Team Two Officer in Charge for Beachmaster unit two. Chief Knox executed over 300 safe beach operations during the deployment of his unit onboard USS Carter Hall as part of the Kearsarge ARG. BMC's superb leadership and mentorship helped the Chief Mess welcome two Chief Petty Officers and three Petty Officer Second classes. He also helped produce two Sailor of the Year and one Blue Jacket of the Year during his time as BPT2 OIC. BMC's initiative and can-do attitude was vital as he efficiently managed the Command Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention program and provided counseling to junior personnel and which resulted in a 60% decrease in alcohol related incidents for the command.

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