Brag Sheet Example


A. References:

1. BUPERSINST 1610.10F (series), Navy Performance Evaluation and Counseling System,

B. Assignment: Develop this brag sheet of your performance.

1. Administrative data.

b. Full name: Reynolds, Kendrick, E.

c. Rate and warfare/qualification designator(s): FMF/ESWS/AW

d. DoD ID: 1234567890

e. Evaluation Report Period: 14MAR2023

f. Date of rate: 01JUL2016

2. Duties assigned and number of months assigned during this report period

a. Primary duties:

Repair Parts Petty Officer of Medical (RPPO) (12 Months) As RPPO, Directly responsible for all medical supplies as Medical Materials Manager reports directly to the Medical Administration Officer and DLCPO. Communicating directly with CNAL, TYCOM, and TYCOM force surgeon on guidance, publication, and conducting 00 Medical Readiness Inspections (MRI). Managed 13 Non-Emergent Authorized Medical Allowance Lists (AMAL) which consist of 000 line items valued over $100K while providing oversight/supervision for 8 Emergency AMALs guided 35 AMAL Captains with inventory and DMLSS input leading to maintaining 000% readiness as instructed in COMNAVAIRINST 6000.1C per TYCOM. Aided in replenishment of $317K worth of requisitions ensuring consistent operational readiness in accordance with TYCOM.

- Instrumental in the implementation of using the new TEWLS system to order supplies that led to a decrease in time awaiting.
- Facilitated/proctored 00 hours of training in DMLSS familiarization for to allow us to remain incompliance with TYCOM.

Medical Ward Corpsman (12 Months). As a Senior Ward Corpsman, Reports directly to Ship's Nurse, managed 2 Junior Corpsman.

b. Secondary duties:

301 Maintenance Person (MH01) (12 Months). As a Maintenance Person Completed over 12 hours of maintenance, conducted 00 spot checks, and 00 spotlight spot checks with 3MTT.

Damage Control Petty Officer (DCPO) (MH40) (12 Months). As a DCPO Completed over 12 hours of maintenance.

Forward BDS Captain (5 Months) As FWD BDS Captain guided and directed 10 non-HM rates led those Sailors in 35 life-saving exercises and conducted 27 hours of medical training in effort to prepare to provide life-saving treatment during an emergency.

c. Collateral duties:

i. Department

BLS Administrator (12 Months) 00 CPR/AED Instructors, direct and managed 24 instructors in the completion of 00 CPR/BLS courses allowing us to be in compliance with the Navy's COMNAVAIRFORINST 6000.1C, individually instructed 00 courses for the medical department.

DMLSS MARTIME Administrator (10 Months) Managed 92 DMLSS accounts total, authorizing access for 00 Sailors, resetting 00 accounts.

Expanded Operational Stress Control (E-OSC) (12 Months) Conducted 12 trainings having 300 RADM entries for 40 Sailors in effort to increase morale.

ii. Command

Command CPR/AED Program Administrator (12Months) One of One Provided guidance and supervision to 35 CPR/AED Instructors, conducted oversight in the completion of 125 CPR/BLS courses allowing us to be in compliance with the Navy's COMNAVAIRFORINST 6000.1C, individually instructed 112 courses and created 13 instructors.
-implemented an all hands CPR course for 1.6k Sailors onboard having 100% of Sailors qualified in CPR to increase the lifesaving capabilities within the command.

Sailor-360, Boat Team Captain (10 Months) As Boat Team Captain responsible for 8 Sailors within the team directly, participated in 12 community dedicated events, conducted 7 trainings in efforts to bring awareness of leadership skills and overall Naval knowledge to create a better Navy.

Second Class Petty Officer Association (SCPOA), Master-At-Arms (10 Months) Fully trusted by peers as SCPOA Master-At-Arms, led 280 SCPOs in the execution of XX events that generated xx volunteer hours and raised $5K in funds.

-Mentorship Rodeo Chief Mess aboard The GRF, assisted with the JEA for 2 hours. (20MAR23).
-March Madness in the hangar bay (18MAR23) Collaborated with the FCPOA for a 5-hour event catering to 50 participants serving popcorn, snow cones, fundraised $000 by selling 00 SCPOA T-shirts.
-Created a Power Point for the SCPOA to create an organized transparent setting.
-Took the initiative and re-writing the SCPOA By-laws coordinated between 5 cabinet members.

Medical Training Team (MTT) (12 Months) As MTT, Led nine MTT members, 11 Stretcher Bearers in medical training for 300 personnel during 5 GQs that improved ship's force emergency response.

Damage Control Training Team (DCTT) Member (12 Months)

Expanded Operational Stress Control (E-OSC); Public Affairs Team (12 Months) Assist the team by creating 00 PowerPoints and communicating directly with strike ops getting 00 events on the green sheet and POD via email.

d. Watch standing duties:

Duty Section Three Leader (12 Months) As Section Leader for duty section Charlie directly managed and supervised 13 sailors in the completion of 17 daily duty taskers as well as overseeing the training of 800 ships personnel in TCCC.

Medical Response Team Leader (MRT) (12 Months) As MRT Team Leader, directed and led 12 corpsman in responses to 23 medical emergencies providing life sustaining care, actively participant in 14 MEDEVAC leading to ZERO fatalities.

e. TEMADD/TEMDU: (where, when, and why) N/A

f. Significant periods not available for duty, if any

If first report at this command, include any delay or TEMDU prior to reporting. Do not include brief illness or normal leave.

3. Supervision and Leadership

a. Number personnel directly supervised: - 150 Enlisted Sailors

b. Equipment and material for which responsible: (if applicable) - 1.2K line Items

c. Size of Budget managed: - $27.1M valued Medical Supplies

d. Leadership activities and accomplishments: (Include team and subordinate accomplishments that reflect your leadership)

e. Performance as instructor:

TCCC Tier I-II Instructor (12 Months) Instrumental in the implementation of TCCC onboard, the FIRST ship to transition from Shipboard First Aid and Rescue 11(SFAR-11). Devoted 20 hours and facilitated medical training to 50 Sailors. His efforts within newly implementing TCCC I onboard the USS Gerald R. Ford led to increasing the overall percentage from 0% to 95%, establishing compliancy in accordance to U.S. Fleet Forces (USFF), U.S. Pacific Fleet (PACFLT), through the type commanders (TYCOM).

Command CPR/AED Program Administrator (12Months). Individually instructed and facilitated 27 courses, created and guided 00 instructors. -implemented an all hands CPR course for 1.6k Sailors onboard having 000% of Sailors qualified in CPR to increase the lifesaving capabilities within the command.

Enlisted Advancement Program (EAP) Instructor and Coordinator (2 Months) Planned and coordinated 5 EAP classes and instructed a total of 25 Sailors leading to 00 advancements and increase for in-rate knowledge.

f. Retention Efforts and Results:

2 Accepted C-Schools
1 Re-enlistment

5. Special achievements

a. Qualifications achieved during period: (or during prior period if not mention in previous report):

(1) Sea/Shore General Qualifications Watch Standing Qualification

DC 307 Advanced Damage Control (DC)
DC 308 Team Leader
DC 309 Advanced Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Defense Person
DC 311 Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)/Transfer Station Operator
DC 312 Repair Party Investigator
DC 320 Damage Control Training Team (DCTT) Member
DC 322 Medical Training Team (MTT) Trainer/Evaluator
DC 323 Stretcher Bearer
DC 324 Triage Officer
Messenger of the Watch (MOOW)
Petty Officer of the Watch (POOW)
Flight Deck Observer (required for AW qualification)
Rifle Qualification
Pistol Certification

(2) Warfare Qualification Programs

Enlisted Air Warfare Specialist
Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist

(3) Rate Specific/Department Qualifications

Radiology PQS
Pharmacy PQS

b. Educational courses completed and diplomas or certificates awarded:

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) And Paramedics (US MAP) (28MAY23)

Intermediate Leadership Development Course (ILDC) (21MAY-23MAY23)

c. Personal awards and letters of commendation or appreciation received:

Sailor of The Quarter Nominee FY23, 2ndQuarter
Sailor of The Quarter Recipient FY23, 4th Quarter
Sailor of The Year FY23 Recipient
Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Metal

6. Off-duty activities

a. Educational courses attended:

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) And Paramedics (US MAP) (28MAY23)
Intermediate Leadership Development Course (ILDC) (21MAY-23MAY23)

b. Civic activities:

7. Future duties/schools desired:

College to complete associates, apply to IPAP, and commission to become a PA.

8. Other items for consideration:


Develop this brag sheet of your performance over the past three months.

Administrative Data:

Full Name: Caic Ramalho de Lima

Rate: HA

Social Security Number: XXX-XX-XXXX


Date Reported to Present Command: 28DEC2020

Ending Date of Last Regular Report:

Date of Rate: 18DEC2020

Duties assigned and number of months assigned during this report period. Listed by duty title:

Hospital Corpsman MICC/DNS

Primary Duties:

Hospital Corpsman responsible for screening first and second dose patients for COVID-19 vaccination (Pfizer and Moderna), draw vaccines, immunization, distribution of vaccines, proper disposal of patient private information, educate patients for adverse reactions and common side effects, assessing patients with suspected adverse reactions, recording vitals, escorting patients to DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic, daily restock of medical supplies, documenting procedures and oversee the accuracy and proper storage of documentations.

Collateral Duties:

Watch Standing Duties:




Significant Periods Not Available for Duty, if any: N/A

Job Information

Principal Activities and Responsibilities

Include Equipment Operated or Qualified to Operate and "Customers" served, if applicable.

Managed supplies for COVID-19 Vaccination such as, needles, vaccination cards, masks, hand sanitizers, chux pads, normal saline (for vaccine reconstitution), alcohol pads, gloves, Cavi whips and sharps containers for approximately 35,000 patients between 02FEB2021 and 11MAY2021.

Conducted daily supply reports for LPO and OIC.

Individual Accomplishments, Including Experience Gained and Contributions to Team Achievements.

Provided assistance in assessing Out-patients with suspected adverse reaction to COVID-19 Vaccine obtaining vital signs and patient information in accordance with provider's orders. Assisted with 7 patients between 02FEB2021 and 11MAY2021.

Managed documentation station in the absence of team lead to ensure proper documentation, handling and storage of sensitive information for approximately 4,200 documents between 02FEB2021 and 11MAY2021.

Responsibilities for Classified Material.

Provided assistance in documenting vaccination forms, screening and immunizing approximately 35,000 patients between 02FEB2021 and 11MAY2021.

Supervision and Leadership

Personnel Directly Supervised

Personnel Supervised Through Subordinates

Equipment and Material for Which Responsible

Size of Budget Managed

Leadership Activities and Accomplishments

Performance as Instructor (Classroom or On-the-Job)

Counseling Given (Formal or Informal)

Retention Efforts and Results

Special Achievements

Qualifications Achieved During Period or During Prior Period if Not Mention in Previous Report.

Educational Courses Completed and Diplomas or Certificates Awarded.

Primary Professional Military Education (Enlisted)- Block 1- 23APR2021

Hospital Corpsman Personnel Qualification Standards- 07APR2021

Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine- 29APR2021

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting- 29APR2021

You Call the Shots: Vaccine Administration- 29APR2021

You Call the Shots: Storage and Handling- 29APR2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Training General Overview of Immunization Best practices for Health Care Providers- 29APR2021

Adverse Events Following Immunization- 29APR2021

Hospital Corpsman (HM) - NAVEDTRA 14295B- 22MAR2021

Personal Awards and Letters of Commendation or Appreciation Received.

Off-Duty Activities

Education Courses Attended

Civic Activities

Voluntary Public Relations on Behalf of the Navy

Reservist's Civilian Employment (Note Promotions or Special Accomplishments during Period.)

Future Duties/Schools Desired

Planning to submit a C-School package for Reconnaissance Independent Duty corpsman.

Other Items for Consideration

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