Building Manager Eval Examples


- EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMER. As building manager of 130 spaces across three ATG Norfolk buildings, he worked tirelessly to improve material condition and quality of life by submitting 360 NAVFAC work requests and 35 emergency trouble calls. Managed a team of 11 Sailors fulfilling 4,930 hours of maintenance and labor which saved the Navy $690K in outside contract costs.
- IMPACTFUL LEADERSHIP. Served as a role model for 30 Sailors, providing guidance, motivation, and mentorship. His efforts resulted in the qualification of 11 personnel in key areas which bolstered team cohesion and enhanced mission effectiveness by 90%.
PSG RSCA: 3.43.

As a building manager, CS2 has trained over 10 sailors in the barracks day to day operation resulting in 581 rooms being inspected. Consolidated over 40 rooms for TRUMAN return to home port AND spearheaded the renovation of rooms which resulted in $80,000 savings.

DEPENDABLE RELIABILITY: As Building Manager, responsible for the supervision of six personnel, the maintenance, cleanliness and daily operation of NSAB Solace Hall BLDG 61.
COMMAND INVOLVEMENT: Command Fitness Leader; Command Assessment Team; N9 Training Petty Officer.
WATCH: Command Duty Officer; Duty Complex Manager.
PFA: 12-1

RELIABLE OVERSIGHT: As building manager of building 519, he worked tirelessly to improve the building's material condition and improve the quality of life for both staff and students by submitting and tracking the completion of 234 work requests, 34 emergency trouble calls and four major contract building repairs costing over $500,000.
PREEMPTIVE SAFETY: Identified malfunctioning building Fire Alarm system and worked with Facility Management to produce a contract to replace the inoperable system and put a contingency watch in place to replace the faulty fire alarm system. He resolved 46 fire extinguisher and 33 emergency lighting deficiencies. During the winter, he obtained salt and snow removal supplies to keep the buildings clear of snow and ensured they where safe for staff and students at all times.

Building Manager at JBPHH. Managed three civilian personnel and completed over 2,000 inspections, 350 resident check-ins and replaced over 230 SAFLOK devices valued at $96,350 in six buildings. Also inspected, evaluated, and replaced 160 mattresses at a cost of over $30,000. Also arranged the successful replacement of three HVAC units and four hot water heaters valued at over $5 million improving the quality of life for over 200 residents.

Building Manager. Maintained accountability of 105 rooms, 210 beds, and 200 residents in Hammond Hall. Trained over 5,000 sailors during UH INDOC class. Her efforts resulted in new residents having a better understanding of UH programs, policies, and living standards.

Closed out all Class, I, II, IX accounts and completed the turn-in of the facilities in Kuwait.

Advocate for staff and customer safety; diligently monitored inspection programs to exceed Navy and OSHA standards

As Quality Assurance Evaluator for $1,000,000 maintenance contract, ensured timely completion of over 200 work orders

Assisted PACOM with their ARMS evaluation of Navy facilities in Japan, increasing safety and standardization.

Astute resource acumen; accomplished self-help project using on-hand materials and base resources, saved the unit over $30,000 dollars

Completed 38 hour Navy Contracting Office Representative Course and faciliated over $25,000 in building modifications

Conducted daily preemptive inspections; diligent efforts ensured system readiness and reliable mission generation

Conducted environmental evaluations, ensuring optimal conditions for all magazines and buildings

Coordinated with supply and S4 personnel to arrange turn-in to Defense Reutilization Management Office to ensure proper disposal.

Environmentally conscious; scrutinized waste disposal program, identified unmonitored spills and corrected, facility rated Outstanding

Established and maintained outstanding work relationship with other base maintenance agencies; rapport improved mission support

Established the Fleet's first facilities oversight program ensuring over $100 million of projects and renovations were tracked and/or completed IAW contracts; improved project financial efficiency

Facilitated 11 self-help projects; preserved facility appearance for years to come $35,000 under budget

Facilitated and coordinated over $250,000 in building modifications

Her foresight ensured the orderly transition of over 35 million dollars of vital 7th fleet mission readiness equipment to Naval Magazine storage facility.

Her managerial abilities was instrumental in the completion of 166 NAVFAC work orders and an impressive 30% yearly average decrease in overall power consumption

Identified several electrical wiring problems and coordinated repairs, prevented the destruction of $100,000 worth of critical communications equipment

Indispensable foresight; ensured Theater Property Equipment lateral transfers were completed before the drawdown and the Department's redeployment.

Inspected fire extinguishers monthly, ensured visibility and functionality; ensured all exits were functional and unobstructed; facilitated fire safety and readiness

Made effective contributions to building management; initiated engineering assessment for steam reduction which ultimately saved the Navy $100K a year.

Maintained 5 buildings across the installation and identified and corrected 20 major discrepancies; key to passing facility/fire safety inspection

Managed the maintenance, repair, and modification of all CRS-8 Forward's spaces, structures and grounds. He registered and coordinated unit assets with base agencies and served as the liaison between CRS-8, contractors, and supporting and supported units.

Oversaw the logistical standup of facilities to include the Field Ordering Officer (FOO) and Army Direct Ordering (ADO) operations.

Responded to six facility chemical spills and coordinated cleanup to mitigate damage, developed measures to prevent future incidents

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