Civil Affairs Evals

While serving as a driver during Operation Enduring Freedom, PFC Johnson logged over 1500 miles, throughout the Miribad, Tangay, and Chora Valley, to conduct patrols, re-supply, and enable the Civil Affairs Team to perform key leader engagements, and shuras.

As mission commander, his five Sailor element was instrumental in the success of the APS mission through menticulous preparation and management of a humanitarian project portfolio that spanned seven African nations with a budget $250,000 and a humanitarian goods program valued at over $2 million.

Developed an innovative event tracking matrix which was adopted by NAVAF. Displaying exceptional attention to detail, he tracked, consolidated, and analyzed information from 38 training events, 15 community relations events, six medical engagements and countless key leader engagements. His contribution provided NAVAF analysts with unprecedented information to measure APS effectiveness and respond to patterns and anomalies.

As Africa Plans and Engagement Officer, he refined Maritime Civil Affairs and Security Training Command's Africa Command (AFRICOM) strategy in support of the 24 sailors currently deployed in Africa and developed the command's course of action to support the realigning of AFRICOM priorites, ensuring three Maritime Civil Affairs Teams and one Joint Civil Affairs Team were reassigned with negligible gaps between missions

She was instrumential in synching civil military operations within the Slovenian, Italian, and Army Civil Affairs detachment. Her professionalism and relentless efforts led to a successful women's initiative program throughout PRT Farah.

Led seven members from five commands through nine pre-deployment site surveys in four countries. Coordinated logistics and event execution in preparation for eleven Humanitarian Civil Action Projects and four medical civic action programs (MEDCAP).

Led a six Sailor team through an intensive, six month training pipeline in preparation for Africa Partnership Station (APS) deployment as well as a dual-hatted billet as Naval Forces Africa (NAVAF) Civil-Military Operations Planner. Participated in Bold Alligator and Emerald Warrior.

As advanced echelon officer in charge (OIC) for Africa Partnership Station (APS), he improved multinational cooperation through coordination with seven US Embassy teams, NAVAF, host nation (HN) and non-governmental organizations. His application of civil affairs principles led to the completion of four MEDCAPS, nine medical engagements, 57 US/HN mentorships, five hospital renovations, and seven school renovations.

Leading Chief Petty Officer of the first Maritime Civil Affairs Team to conduct Civil Military Operations in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Provided strategic and operational planning, support, and execution. Contributed to planning and executing 40 civil engagement missions countering anti-US sentiment and Violent Extremist Organizations. Since beginning operations, anti-government protests were reduced from an average of 80 to 20 per month. Provided Support to Civil Administration, developing fire safety and first aid curricula for Capitol Governorate community outreach programs. Supported the first foreign humanitarian assistance distribution in Bahrain, marking the first joint Navy-Marine Corps Civil Affairs Operation.

LT Cage efficiently and effectively executed 14 assessment and eight Key Leader Engagements with leading foreign military personnel, while still maintaining cultural sensitivities and promoting international coorperation to find solutions to Africa's maritime challenges.

Effectively trained inexperienced Sailors to be confident and knowledgeable operators. Completed the team's Final Evaluation Problem with no remediation, the first team to do so in six training cycles. His team continuallly outperforms their peers and is chosen only for the most difficult tasks.

Medical Program Manager for all MCAST Reserve Squadrons. His oversight and customization of the Corpsman training pipeline saved the Navy over $40,000 and facilitated the deployment of seven Maritime Civil Affairs Teams, resulting in the successful execution of thousands of civil affairs missions in austere environments. Produced seven fully deployment-ready MCATs ahead of schedule. Represented the Navy's Maritime Civil Affairs capabilities through lectures and presentations to both the Harvard University School of Medicine and the George Mason University's Peace Operations and Public Policy Program.

Working in a new capacity and while also preparing for the Board Certification Exam in Infectious Diseases, LCDR Yarborough developed a curriculum for an outbreak investigation course, and together with members of the Civil Affairs members of the PAT Team, led a three day course on infectious diseases outbreak investigation in operational settings. He also conducted two educational sessions for the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces on the International Health Regulations and their military relevance.

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