Class Leader Evals

SUPERIOR CLASS LEADER: As ALPO, he directly mentored 25 AVT students resulting in a class grade point average of 93%. His leadership facilitated the academic success and graduation of 22 students while two other students were rolled back resulting in zero failures. His effort earned him an honor graduate at AVT school with a grade point average of 96.3%.
IMPACT LEADER: Fostered a professional learning environment by assisting and tutoring sailors who struggled or lacked understanding of a topic or concept taught in class. He encouraged students to stay on top of their academics and taught them about health promotion techniques to reduce academic stress resulting in a class grade point average of 93%.
ASTUTE MANAGER: Led 22 students executing a successful Health Record Project, resulting in an average grade point of 98% passing score towards students' finals.
ADMIN/MEDICAL CLASS ALPO: Ensured students reported to class on time, assisted them with leave requests, and coordinated the watch bill for the class. Ensured students reported to sick call or medical on time and reported back to class promptly.

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