Command Duty Officer (CDO) Evals

Served as Command Duty Officer at Naval brig Charleston. He successfully lead multiple sections through an arduous schedule with limited personnel.

As Command Duty Officer at Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar, he was the direct representative of the Commanding Officer. He ensured the safety, security and operations for 130 prisoners, 70 multiservice Joint Branches, and 25 civilian staff members. Additionally, he served as the only fleet sentencer for the brig, which in turn ensured the accuracy of over 11,200 rounds of ready use and training ammunition and total weight of 20,000 pounds.

As a Command Duty Officer at Naval Brig Norfolk, she ensured the lawful processing, safety, and security of over 400 prisoners with zero breaches of security while mentoring them for return to duty or civilian life.

Served over 700 hours as command duty officer to ensure the naval base was secured.

As Command Duty Officer, he led Naval Support Facility Deveselu though CART and RTAV, increasing the installation's score by 26% and passing their first certification for the first time ever.

As one of only two Second Class Petty Officers qualified as Command Duty Officer at NSSC, he consistently stands a mature and professional watch that is normally stood by Chief Petty Officers.

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