Counseling for Performance Failure

Failure to Communicate/Dinq Quals/Performance (Negative):

PS1 XXXX is receiving a counsel chit to help with his duties as a Leading Petty Officer. Your qualifications have fallen into delinquent status. You cannot set a leading example to your Sailors if you can't pull your own weight. You're expected to lead as a First Class Petty Officer and I expect more from you. Until I see improvement you are now being relieved as the Personnel LPO for the following reasons:

1. Qualifications - You can't be an example to the junior Sailors when you are in delinquent status.

2. Communication - Failure to listen and put out information at quarters is UNSAT! If you can't deliver a message to your Sailors, how will they know to begin tasks?

3. Attitude - Negative attitude towards your superiors is unprofessional. RESPECT AND DIGNITY IS A MUST IN MY ADMIN SHOP!

4. Initiative - You're a Petty Officer First Class on your way to get ANCHORS. ACT LIKE IT! LEAD! TAKE CHARGE!

5. Follow up - Not answering emails is one thing, but ignoring or not taking action/following up on it is another. Take ownership of YOUR OFFICE!

Member and Counselor:

I am here to support you not babysit you. I DO NOT want to micromanage. I am past all that. Do better. If you feel overwhelmed or not up for the challenge I'll be glad to let someone step up for you.

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